Captaincy Candidates – Round 2

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 23 2023

No glaring Steer Clear this week and found myself with a bunch of good options, so have laid out 4x VCs, 4x Cs and a double Smoky this round. Hopefully it’s still concise and distilled as I only like to present you all with the best!

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

SATAN v Lions

  • L3 v Lions: 118, 140, 94 (117 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 118, 87, 137 (114 av.)

A perfectly fine start from Satan last week against with 33 and 15 contested. Relishes a contest, so a little tuning on last week’s use and he’ll be back to 130.

LAIRD v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 120, 92, 108 (107 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 133, 97, 144 (125 av.)

Let’s not even relitigate last week’s 50. Who knows what that was. A real litmus test this week. The Tigers at home should be a great match up for him on paper – at home where he’s got a great ceiling and the Tigers a historically soft match up. If balance is restored he goes 125+ comfortably.


  • L3 v Saints: 181, 159, 94 (145 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 100, 100, 161 (120 av.)

The Saints will be a source of many a steer clear this season given their zest for negating roles but hard to see how they can go to Bont. Big bull, burst scoring stream and would they really commit Windhager to full time CBAs to go with him? Probably mismatched anyway and better case for Libba post-CB or cutting off their outside or HB supply. Tell me seeing that 145 average doesn’t get you juiced!

MACRAE v Saints

  • L3 v Saints: 128, 149, 93 (123 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 114, 102, 95 (104 av.)

The Saints are, ultimately, a weak side and perfect for Macrae to crash into. Won’t get a look, solid for 120.

Captaincy Candidates

DARCY v Roos:

  • L3 v Roos: 178, 120, 101 (133 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 155, 92, 94 (114 av.)

Did Goldy for 178 last year and currently in a better than expected split of 75:25 with Jackson. Dockers to really get on top, with Darcy providing silver service, a minimum of 120 and a dice roll for something monstrous.


  • L3 v Dons: 110, 103, 65 (93 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 104, 110, 107 (107 av.)

A really under the radar but classy performance from Miller in a thumping last week. Still a god and the Dons use of Setterfield at the moment seems to be a higher priority than tagging. While he does much better at the G than Marvel when in Melbourne, he should still be solid for 125

WITTS v Dons

  • L3 v Dons: 78, 95, 148 (107 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 90, 78, 119 (96 av.)

Feasted on Ladhams exactly as expected last week and will do the same against Draper and Phillips. A lock for 120, going 140 again if the Dons midfield has no answers.

GREEN v Eagles

  • L3 v Eagles: 102, 123 (113 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: N/A

Off to exactly the start owners wanted, with many (myself included) enjoying the C on him last week. He and Cogs will rock the Eagles for 120 this week. Cogs also equally viable if you’ve missed the boat.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Crows: 97, 139, 69 (102 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 109, 97, 139 (115 av.)

Still a butcher but the moment he goes at fractionally decent DE, gets his bomb kicks marked and hits the scoreboard instead of spraying it, Taranto will be capable of some very high, stars aligning type scoring. Crows perhaps his best shot to go 130~.

GULDEN v Hawks

  • L3 v Hawks: 83 (83 av.)
  • L3 @ SGC: 72, 131, 78 (94 av.)

We all know he’s going to have some god tier scores this year – just need to pick when. The Hawks in Sydney could be as good a shot as he’s going to get. Let off the chain in a Swans massacre, he could easily go 150. The problem is Maginness, who likely opens on Warner, could easily switch to him and stop him in his tracks. A really nice flyer if you’re short on C options and like a little spice.


At the moment it’s Rory “Last Chance” Laird into Green for me, with Witts and even one of the smokies bubbling away in the background.


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50 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 2”

    1. I’d probably go with one of the above options this week tbh but Sicily’s all class and if you’ve got a feeling for him this week, here are his numbers:

      SICILY v Swans

      L3 v Swans: 113, 164, 40
      L3 @ SCG: 164, 40, 60


  1. Running with Cripps especially with Hewett missing, went 127.9 without Hewett last year, into Green.


    1. Yeah, froff. Love Cripps, hard to squeeze him in this week. Obviously if you’ve got him he’s always a consideration.

      If Laird is ass this week I’ll be grabbing Cripps myself, who then has GWS, North, Crows, Saints, West Coast.


  2. Witts 100% backed as captain, but very indecisive on who to back as my VC.
    Would have probably backed Gulden as VC if he wasn’t playing on Sunday


    1. Since they brought Durdin in as a small forward, I am not thinking Doc will get full mid time. He may get more, but I’d may expect Fisher to be into the midfield a bit more from his 10% CBA last round.


    2. Hey, wtn.

      Yep, love that call. Doch to see some OB time, whether via a 4th MID CBA load or as first up to the stoppage. Will cover that sweeper/receiver role better than Kennedy or Cerra.

      Solid VC this week. Absolutely.


    3. Love that you included Gulden in your equations GD. Totally agree that Gulden will go massive at times and this week could be the week

      For me I’m going Oliver into Gulden.


  3. Dunkley or Oliver VC, thinking Dunkley currently
    Bont, or if feeling brave Brayshaw v Roos


  4. Oliver into Macrae for me at the moment. Would love to back in Laird or Taranto but not as a C option


    1. Have Neale myself but numbers aren’t great v Dees and they’ve previously flicked the switch and tagged him with Harmes to great effect.

      NEALE v Dees

      L3 v Dees: 104, 111, 84
      L3 @ G: 104, 138, 123


  5. Just wondering with our friend Mr Laird.
    Was it a one off- or is he carrying something more sinister?
    So out of character- just wondering if he’s going to have a year like Neale did a few years ago, where he was playing obviously injured.
    Hope it’s a one off- otherwise will bleed big cash!


    1. It’s was whack, Mick.

      He wasn’t tagged, just sat at off the back of the contest and watched the game go by. Crows have since said it was an off day for him and the heat got to him. Super weird.

      I usually don’t care about price maintenance with starting premos but another bum outing will see him lose mass cash and call him into question as a pick.

      Just needs to go 130 this week.


      1. Also need to remember that that year with Neale he didn’t have a good preseason but cause he started everyone was all over him anyway. Laird did have two very good practice matches so it’s less likely that he’s been managing something through the preseason.


    1. Just hard to squeeze into the write up, Massimo, but yeah he’s great.

      Looked phenomenal last week and Big O and the Lions talls are a bit of a walkover. Also played at the Gabba a fair bit during hubs.

      GAWN v Lions

      L3 v Lions: 74, 138, 157
      L3 @ G: 74, 150, 87


    1. Playing back at home in front of friends and family he’ll probably have a blinder against our mids. Be interesting to check his record in Perth.


  6. Probably Clarry into Bont for me,but geez I’m tempted to go Fyfe into Cogs. Fyfe couldn’t possibly go that bad again and may even kick a bag against the Roos. Cogs against the undermanned Eagles is also tempting.


    1. Cogs a great fall-back.

      Fyfe, on paper, I get but Freo’s connection going FWD and Fyfe’s flat ass performance last week almost put a line through him as a pick – let alone a captaincy candidate.

      North at home the perfect opportunity for him to bounce back and ton (fixture going forward is also great) but the VC is a big call.

      Up to you, J. You’re a braver man than I am. Good luck!


    1. My TU is for the VC/C (coz same as mine ), not for the crazy.
      I don’t mind crazy, I’ve gone Kelly to sexy Rioli, ignoring Daicos (for now anyway), to improve my structure, needed an extra premo down back and Kelly concussion created the opportunity.
      But Bont isn’t a problem to solve and you’re not changing your structure with those trades, maybe next week you’ll have a problem needing solving and you can grab those 2 premos you like.
      I’m giving hopper another week. It’s “look” good against Adelaide or bust for him for mine.


  7. Great work GD.
    Madden loophole coming up trumps with last game of round.
    It’s so reliable, it probably stops me from trading in Rat for the cash generation.
    Bont to Green here.


  8. Bit up in the air at the moment..
    But It is looking to be bont/S.Darcy into Tom Green for me.

    Just can’t lock in the VC feel either should go okay though.
    Darcy mostered Goldy last season in Rd8 & scored 178 with no xerri in the team then to.



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