Carlton Intraclub Match Updates

Written by Motts on February 17 2012

Quarter time. NAVY BLUES – 3.4.22 LIGHT BLUES – 1.0.6

Scrappy encounter being played in greasy conditions.

Carrazzo (2 goals) and Murphy best afield so far. Kreuzer and Thornton with a couple of strong grabs each which have impressed the crowd. Garlett and Betts lively up front.

McLean the best of the Light Blues. He’s moving well and driving the ball inside his team’s forward 50. Ed Curnow has also started well.


Half time. NAVY BLUES – 9.8.62 LIGHT BLUES 1.0.6

The story of the day so far is the form of Carlton big man Matthew Kreuzer. He’s dominating in the ruck and seems to be moving around the ground as freely as he did before his knee injury in 2010.

Marc Murphy is also showing everyone why he was last year’s John Nicholls Medal winner. Speed, class and composure, the Light Blues are struggling to contain his zip through the middle.

Curnow still performing well for Light Blue team, while Shaun Hampson has been moved to full-forward after starting the game in the ruck.


3 quarter time. NAVY BLUES – 11.8.74 LIGHT BLUES – 3.0.18

Better skills on show now that the ground has dried-up.

Murphy, Simpson, Robinson, Kreuzer and Thornton all moved over to the Light Blues at the main break, and the move seemed to have paid off when T-Bird drilled the first two majors of the term.

Bryce Gibbs and Heath Scotland settled the Navy side, supplying good delivery inside-50. Gibbs provided the highlight of the day with a soccer-style volley goal from the point post.


Full time. NAVY BLUES – 12.8.80 LIGHT BLUES – 4.1.25

Although the Lights were impressive in the second half, they couldn’t reel in the Navy Blues’ lead.

Best Carlton players on the day were Kreuzer, Murphy, Lucas, Carrazzo and Thornton. T-Bird looked at home in the forward-50, marking everything and kicking with great accuracy.

Brock McLean and Ed Curnow enjoyed strong first halves, while Ellard, Russell and Armfield also performed solidly.

Most importantly, there were no injuries.


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26 thoughts on “Carlton Intraclub Match Updates”

  1. Motts wasn’t at the game today (Juddy wanted a leg rub). Consequently I can’t answer specific questions as to who played where.


  2. Mott’s please tell us that the CFC has shelved the M & M light blue jumper, never to be seen again! I got all gitty when I watched them last time they wore that jumper!


  3. Lucas is the current favorite for the rising star… Should we all squeeze him in?

    Signs ate looking promising… Reckon he will play consistently.


  4. John Nicholls medal!

    Wasn’t he some bloke that played in a local suburban Melbourne league about 80 odd years ago???



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