Tech Leagues Review

Written by JimmyDee on September 4 2020

The Tech Leagues are not immune to the carnage of a round 15 bye it seems. That is, with exception from the usual suspects who came in with scores of more than a thousand points above some of their competitors.

The reliable Alza’s Assassins topped the round with 1953, followed closely by the Burger King with 1950 just to show she’s not going away. The Phat Side 1943, Technicoolz 1937 and JB Bombers 1902 all topped 1900 with the consistent 2Ezy a point under.

Your’s truly wife played with 14 due to saving the trades for this week’s knockout, but still managed a creditable 1593 although the overall has
long gone. Trading out Neale for his bye with a Jelly replacement didn’t work so well, but now how to get him back in, along with Big Max?

This week’s SCCTL 1 match ups should be rippers with Alza up against The Jumper Punchers who only finished 14 points under Alza, and the Fixed Interest mob up against the wiley MBuzz. Both of these could go either way.

SCCTL 2 pits the unlucky Ninius and Terangatangs as foes, and on form should go the way of Grace. Lisa’s alter ego Kelvinators and Daniels Riches Tech Team battle in what will be really close and the final outcome could depend on what trades create the best PODs .

Good luck to all eight teams and all the best that the SC Gods can provide be with you. (Maybe PBuzz, you could give the missus a trip away or a couple
of days in the day spa, OR something) !!!


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3 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Review”

  1. Shocker week for the Tech team with only 6 scores getting above 100. Backline had 5 scores under 70 with 4 of them under 50. Forward line had only 3 playing with 4 premos out with Whitfield being the top scorer.
    Score of 1678, hopefully the last few weeks I can come home strong


  2. The Nuns took both this and next week off, since no playoffs. Went all in on the league title since the group title is hopelessly out of reach.


    1. Did the same FD, kept six trades to try and qualify for a league title as well. Hope to see you there with a little bit (lot) of SC luck.



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