Cow Growth Reference Tables

Written by Father Dougal on March 20 2017

Answering a request; here is a set of tables you can use to see how differently priced cows grow for different averages. While a long run of good or bad scores will skew the price in practice, the numbers should work out over the medium and long terms.

If you look at the profit numbers below, it is probably clear why I do not really like high priced cows. They have to score a lot more to make the same money as cheaper cows. I generally would go for a high priced cow when there are not cheap cows available. If I have reason to believe the cow is going to score highly that might do it, but probably not unless there is also a shortage, like say this season.

To give a real life example, was Jacob Weitering a good rookie selection last season? Let’s take a look at his numbers from last season.

At the last point where we would have wanted to trade him, the week of his bye, he had averaged 72.6 and had risen in value by $103,900 over ten weeks of growth.ย  A cow who cost 117,300 would have made $108,600 over just seven weeks growth with a 50 average. If you had to have one on the pitch, there is something to be said for the extra 158 points over those seven weeks. But not very useful money wise. It might well be that even the 50 scoring cow, who most likely would not be on the pitch, could generate more points overall if his profit went into buying a premium sooner.

Anyway, now you have some tools you can use to figure things like that our yourself!








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