Cow Growth Reference Tables 2021

Written by Father Dougal on March 3 2021


Time to put up the Cow Growth Reference Tables. Top row is the starting price of the cow, second row is their score each week, and then their prices. As with real Supercoach, prices do not change until after a player has played three games. Price changes do take deflation into effect. Well, past deflation it changes some every year.  They will be more than close enough for growth estimation. Obviously, no real cows will score the same thing every week, but the basic growth patterns and amounts are still useful when you want to get an idea of what you can expect for growth at various points in the season.

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I managed to mistype 80 as 82 in the header of the 80 Column.  The calculations are for 80, not 82, it is just the column header that is off, not the numbers. Too much else to do to go back and change it. (Sorry.)

I was thinking of doing a new version with the 2020 deflation but since 2020 was a 17 game season, that wouldn’t work so well.  These are just a guideline but should give an idea of how long it takes for a cow to grow, assuming a very consistent set of scores. In Practice, a big score early will help a cow get to their plateau quickly, while a big score late can push them over their natural plateau.  Also the first round’s score only counts once and the second Round’s score only counts twice.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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4 thoughts on “Cow Growth Reference Tables 2021”

  1. Here,s a task for somebody with the skills.

    1. Determine an ave for each group.
    2. Go to Rd12 [start of byes]
    3. Calculate profit

    My guess would be Impey, Daniher , Dow & Ziebel are the best cash cows.
    Dont know you can factor in JS & injuries.


    1. An average would come down to each player.

      I assume that say Daniher will average in the 75-85 range, so by round 12 would be $367-390k, just barely at the point where he’s got the $150k mark we normally aim for.

      If you assume Waterman is going to average 50-60, he’s on for $241-289k, once again that’s just barely going to scrape into the $150k range.

      Impey I have for pretty much a solid 75 average, which brings him to $365k and smack on a $150k rise.

      Dow I expect if he’s playing the role we think should be in the 80-85 range and will gain more than these numbers, probably around the $390k mark and a $190k gain.

      It isn’t really the price they start at that decides the big wins, it’s how much they exceed expectations.

      Remember these are average figures too, “winning” also involves taking advantage of high points and selling before low points. Daniher will get great prices if he gets a purple patch but then flatten out quickly if he has two lean games.



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