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  1. Hated it it’s really cooked me this year. Traded in every player getting injured in their debut game under the sun. The ‘Normal’ premiums scoring absolute crap this years and byes without planning it’s all fun and games part of SC but looking forward to next year haha


  2. Mentioned it a while ago, but I have enjoyed trading every week. Would be happy to see unlimited trades (2 per week) introduced.

    I also liked the option to use five trades before prices changed (in Round 2). Yes everyone would end up with the same rookies, but I think it throws up some interesting choices as well. For example, Dev Smith scored back-to-back hundreds in rounds 1-2, and those that missed out were trading him in, while Andrew Brayshaw was heavily traded out. People were going Gawn down to Naismith etc.

    I think it added an interesting dimension


  3. Been a really interesting year. Got as high as 128th after Round 3, captaining Gawn in R2 plus decent rookie scores pushed me up quite high!. Usually I play for league, but since then have made a few bad calls and ended up missing finals for the first time in a few years, currently ranked about 5k.

    The good:
    – The extra trades have made for a really interesting dynamic. Usually, conserving the 30 trades is important but this year was fun to experiment a bit.
    – Best 18 remains a fun strategy. You get value for your premos and you don’t get penalised for the rooks having stinkers / late outs.

    The bad:
    – Not naming teams for the whole weekend. Has thrown a spanner in the works for trades multiple times.
    (Pickett for Hosie instead of Woodcock being a notable example for me).
    – Price changes after 2 rounds. Understand the rationale, but making the decision between a good/bad rookie has been harder.

    The lessons:
    – React less to a single game. The law of averages usually wins out.
    (Examples: Boak going 129, 97 and 148 after 67 in R10, Simpkin going for 3 tons in the last 4 weeks after 57, 35 and 56)
    – Sideways trading largely doesn’t help.
    (Traded Boak in R11 for Oliver after his 205 and since then Boak has outscored Oliver!)
    – Resist the urge to dump an under-performing premo and prioritise getting rookies off the field.
    (A 70 from an under-performing premo is better than a 30 from a rookie. I had 5 rookies on field in Round 9 and still had 5 rookies on field in R12 due to some sideways trading and it hurt.)

    I think so many games in a row has meant that I’ve reacted to single games more than usual and things have felt more urgent than they actually are. Usually, you rage-trade on Sunday and you have the whole week to reverse trades and we haven’t had that luxury this year.

    In any case, having the footy and SuperCoach has been an absolute blessing as a distraction this year particularly living in Melbourne. Massive cheers to the SC Talk team for the amazing content and positivity always!


  4. I like the 30 trades over 23 trades, it really encourages you to value each trade. Supercoach is not dream team. Two trades per week devalues the comp from the sacred entity is has become.


  5. I’ve had fun defending my comments re r3 robbery for having 6 dons/dees onfield, then again when everyone got the chance to trade to their hearts content when dons/dees had no byes in the later part of the season.
    On the other hand, Houston being suspended meant I won my $100 per head cash league prize for most pts pre-finals….I managed to get Lloyd finally, and won by 19 pts.
    The best bit is seeing tigers now officially the biggest cheats (divers) in the game. Thymosin what ??


  6. My “Learnings”

    Start upgrading round 6 and do what ever it takes to get rookies off the ground.
    Don’t sideways trade. Don’t be afraid to trade in a cheaper premo that can be M8 or F6 if it keeps the upgrade momentum going.

    But what happens if you get an injury between round six and full premo?
    You’re STUFF!!!
    Feel bad for all the Issac Heeney owners and anyone that got a premo injury in the middle part of the season.

    I had 6 injuries in the first 5 rounds and forced me to do correction then was injury free until round 12, by then I only had 2 rookies left on ground.

    The timing of injuries make a big difference. I’m not sure what the best play is if you get a season ending injury to a premo during upgrade season. I suspect the best you can do is to try and bring in two mid pricers and hope

    If anyone has a good plan of attack of what to do in that situation I’m all ears


  7. People have already spoken of all this so it is probably a repeat. This year has been mostly fun:

    You could do things you never did in SC : Trade the same players in and out multiple time (Gawn), Side trade galore, Midpricers…, no good rookies..

    Adapt or die: I held too many Bombers/Dees, got punished twice: the bye caught me after I traded out in the round and couldnt reverse. Then I held onto the players for the carrot of best of 2 rounds too long… and then D. Smith for Fyfe….

    -Special season or not, the rules of SuperCoach dont change:
    -Dont read too much into NAB/Marsh Series (D. MacPherson, Bont)
    -Trust your guts when you start a player and dont just jump off early (Brayshaw, Simpkin )
    -This year , it is not worth holding into an injured player even a premium. I got burned 3 times: (Dunkley, Fyfe, Gawn) and still didnt learn
    -Some players are on never again list…there is a reason why…

    Overall I am grateful that we played SC during the confinement, It helped keeping me sane. Thank you community.


  8. Lot of good points made above, echo majority of those.

    Biggest takeaway from previous years that I think I almost mastered this season was not cashing rookies in too early. E.g A lot of coaches traded Marlion Pickett after his first sub 50 score when he was approx $280k. He ended up scoring 105 a fortnight later, going on to make an extra $80k. Similar story with John Noble.

    One thing I’d like SuperCoach to implement in 2021 would be to give coaches the ability to alter structure each week.
    For example, rather than the classic 6-8-2-6 every week, give coaches the option to start Rnd 1 with 3 ruckmen on field and only 5 forwards.
    This would allow far more strategy and result in a far greater variety of teams come season’s end.


  9. Best move: Starting Kelly,Whitfield (and not trading them when they fell) Oliver, Greenwood.

    Worst move: Trading premo’s like my team’s captain Bontempelli, who has gone BANG over the last month. Not having patience with Fyfe & Dusty. Also taking risky players like Petrevski-Seton instead of a rookie+cash.

    Terrible cash league effort this year, already have the hunger to do better next year.


  10. Well i did like the comment about the alternative and we were told to be agile, but for the life of me i cannot distinguish the difference between milking a free or 50 metres, and taking a banned substance ( drugs )so lets not compare the two!!!


  11. looking through my Trade History…

    It’s pretty obvious where it went wrong for me this season.

    Firstly I started Naismith / Ceglar F4 instead of Gawn.

    Then in R2 when we had 5 trades..




    D Smith
    S Jacobs
    Townsend.. wtf?

    It’s been a very hard road back from there.

    My biggest regret, after not starting Gawn and Neale, is trading Lukosius.
    I started him, realising his potential and just didn’t have the nerve to see out a few of his early average scores.He reads the ball so well and with his elite kicking skills, he will be a Premium SC player for years to come.

    A couple of my sneaky wins were, starting Petracca, Oliver, J Kelly and Macrea. Getting in Neale ( For Dunkley) early.

    The other “sort of” win, was starting Short @ $349K He has averaged 96.8. Not too bad for a mid pricer.Although with Houli back, he may yet turn into a liability.

    Lessons for next year are pretty simple.

    Set and Forget Rucks.

    And start Neale and that bloody Bondi Seagull!


  12. Have enjoyed this season immensely, being able to trade every round has helped.
    Made some errors along the way, but got most right.

    One thing that slightly changed my strategy this year compared to previous years was reading FD’s article about players ‘Returning to their Norm’ (Can’t remember the actual article but think it was in pre-season sometime)

    Meant I made better decisions this year based on holding under-performing premiums or picking up underpriced premiums. Thanks for all the content guys, Magnificent effort once again!



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