Fallen Premiums – Round 8, 2024

Written by Abs on May 1 2024

Firstly, Tom Powell, ******* ****. With that out of the way, hope everyone had a good round and enjoyed the footy. Plenty of options both readily available and on the horizon. R2 Jordy Sweet anyone?

For those that care, I’ve moved up to 339 overall, and the great man Nat Fyfe definitely deserves some credit for rewinding the clock with a monster performance! Averaging 149.2 points from my captaincy calls also helps!

He’s back, in F1 form!


Jack Sinclair (STK, $529.1k, (-$67.2k), 94.3 AVG, 117 BE) Bailey Dale covered last week, and he’s definitely one to consider considering price, output and breakeven. Just be slightly wary of Libba returning and Ed Richards most likely shifting back to defence. As for Sinclair, there’s zero doubt Wanganeen-Milera has significantly impacted his scoring output, and the kick-ins being shared between NWM, Sinc & Bonner certainly doesn’t help. But at such a discounted price, with North, Hawks in their next two, and 11/16 of their remaining games at Marvel stadium, there’s something here. This is looking like a season where running a discounted premium or two off the bench is looking likely, and having Sinclair as a D6 with loop potential is something I personally really like. The caveat comes from Tom Stewart being at an even cheaper price (you can only hope) in a couple weeks, and who I’d definitely prefer to wait for.

Backing it up…
Luke Ryan, 628k, 165 BE
Harry Sheezel, 648k, 153 BE
Tom Stewart, 538k, 138 BE*
Hayden Young, 537k, 134 BE


Tom Green (GWS, $579.5k, (-$42k), 120.4 AVG, 91 BE) after a sub-par three weeks, Green showcased that ceiling with a monstrous 159 points against a restrictive Brisbane midfield. I did quickly note in Trade Talk that for those of us trading Green in, that he does have a bye in 4 weeks. But I personally can’t look past the value here. You’re grabbing a top 8 midfielder for sub 600k, and his bye round while being first clip, isn’t exactly a popular one for premium selections. He’s #1 for mine as a trade priority for non-owners this week. Which for myself that tries to force outside the box manoeuvres can’t justify skipping him this week and grabbing him fresh off the bye.

Clayton Oliver (MEK, $466.2k, (-$207.9k), 82.6 AVG, 120 BE) Oliver at a 200k+ discount and coaches aren’t automatically bringing him in, what’s the go? Firstly, a delayed pre-season, in conjunction with a finger issue, rib issue and foot issue all picked up during the season has definitely hindered his ability significantly. Jon Ralph reported prior to the Tigers game the Foot & Rib issues had been resolved, and the finger had come up well after surgery. How did Clarry track v the Tigers? Well in a low-stoppage game, he had 22 touches, 13 contested @77% DE, 3 tackles, 1 goal assist and 4 score-involvements, resulting in 82 Supercoach points. His CBA percentage significantly improved from the Lions game (42%) where he was nursing the trifecta of injuries listed above, to 81% which was only second to big Maxy Gawn. A high breakeven, a cut-price, he’s one to closely monitor, and I feel all it will take is a ton for everyone to hop on (myself included). Could do much worse then Clarry as a M9…

Limbo land…
Jack Steele, 601k, 190 BE
Christian Petracca, 594k, 188 BE
Connor Rozee, 576k, 174 BE*
Lachie Neale, 590k, 158 BE
Zak Butters, 634k, 154 BE


If you don’t have him, grab him!

Tim English (WBD, $591.3k, (-$123.8k), 114.9 AVG, 90 BE) for those with Gawn, the question really becomes “sideways to English or downgrade to Sweet.” And it’s 50/50 calls such as this that can define your season. English at a 100k+ discount from his starting price is an absolute steal, the issue lies that outside of Max Gawn, and Sweet (as a R2 or R3, you decide) there really is no urgency with the ruck-line. Big Timmy has definitely been scoring consistently if you exclude the spanking Goldy gave him in Round 5, and the CBA’s have been 84% plus since Round 4. I’ll personally be eyeing one of English or RoMo up at Sweet’s bye, but I also completely understand those wanting to hop on at a cut-price this week.

Rowan Marshall, 545k, 198 BE
Sean Darcy, 589k, 128 BE


Wouldn’t we all…

Dylan Moore (HAW, $462.4k, (-$46.2k), 87.6 AVG, 13 BE) a three round average of 102.7 points has put Dyl on my radar as a potential POD. The Hawks Vice-Captain missed the latter periods of pre-season due to suffering from Glandular Fever, which definitely affected his output in the first few games of his 2024 season. However the last couple weeks has seen Moore moving up the ground looking as fit as us Hawk fans remember. With that came a score of 116 points v North and 136 points v Swans this past Sunday. Moore has also been given minutes as an on-baller (albeit scarcely), but as noted earlier, the main green flag comes from him pushing up to stoppages and covering the ground. I’ve attached the heat map from Sundays game against the Swans just below, have a look for yourself. Personally, I think he’s solid for an 85-95 average from here-on, and if the Hawks can find a semblance of form, it’ll only further aid Moore’s SuperCoach potential. A strong POD, and one I’d have a lot more fun owning than Jack Macrae

Courtesy of DFSAustralia.com

Forward thinking…
Isaac Heeney, 662k, 161 BE
Dustin Martin, 438k, 135 BE
Dayne Zorko, 542k, 124 BE
Luke Jackson, 501k, 120 BE


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18 thoughts on “Fallen Premiums – Round 8, 2024”

  1. The call of English or Green comes down to Sweet’s score tomorrow night for me. High enough, Sweet to R2 and Green in. Too low English in and Sweet R3
    Would just have to target Green round 13


    1. So Nato who’s your out for Sweet tonight?

      Current R3, a maxed out rookie, or other (Sharp/Powell)?


      1. Well I have Grundy, Lazzaro and Campbell all out.
        Currently Sweet is R3 with Livingstone R2. Green and Garcia/Rogers are in
        If Sweet scores 80+ he stays.

        Less than 80 English goes to R2, Livingstone to F8 and Rogers is chosen.

        Unsure if I still want to boost as I have enough cash anyway, its just leaking cash, but new rookies aren’t solid


    1. I dont expect him to be the uber premo of previous years. Dons are sharing the midfield load alot more and actually look a better team with parish sharing cbas with durham/caldwell/perkins etc. If he got fwd dpp it would be worth a look


    2. I feel there’s too many going through the Dons midfield, Perkins and Setters also due back.

      I’d pay up for Merrett or just continue monitoring Parish tbh.


  2. What are your thoughts on caldwell? I know perkins is coming back and maybe setterfield but i think hes a more natural mid than perkins and bombers probably need to come to terms that setterfield is injury prone.
    I also thought even when he is more forward he would play similar role to moore of pushing up to stoppages


    1. I’ve had him on my watch list but am waiting for Perkins to return. Forwards haven’t been a priority so I’ve felt I can wait to see how he gels with returning players.

      Stringer was also thrown into the midfield last week and had Caldwell down to 7 CBA the lowest of the team, and 72% TOG. That midfield could be shuffled every week.


  3. I thought I was getting RoMo at a good price at $600k and then two stinkers 🙁 Not sure if this is the right place, but anyone have thoughts on what has happened to him the last two weeks?

    I’m tempted to trade to Sweet at R2 and spread the money, but surely RoMo bounces back soon? I haven’t seen his games so not sure what’s going on.


    1. He hurt his knee against port and spent alot of time on bench getting checked, then looked like Frankenstein when he came back.
      I think lyon really drives his star players into the ground and doesnt trust the depth, steele was same last year with the shoulder issue.


  4. Please Abs keep it quiet about Dylan Moore lol. I like him too and think he’s a solid pick and wish I could bring him in now but need to concentrate elsewhere for now. I did vote for him in Tuesday’s pole by Jimmy Dee of forwards and downgrades .


    1. If I didn’t bring Macrae in last week, I’d be bringing him in this week. Misstep by me.

      Who’s your trade-in this week?


        1. Thanks Tiger for your other comment.

          I’d prefer Serong, but depends entirely on how many R12 bye players you have. If you have a Whitfield type that many aren’t running, grabbing Serong this week, and then Green fresh-off the bye sounds the go.


          1. Yes was thinking of going that way as believe Serong might go really big against my Tiges. Just hoping Green doesn’t go to big against the Swans and happy to pick him up next week as only really have Sheezel with Grundy and Robert’s who are both tradable depending upon output.



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