10 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Brisbane”

    1. I started with Dawson and Zorko debuts for my team tonight. They’re both good options. Dawson by a nose.


      1. Hey Flynny and Roo Bloke..

        I wrote up both in Rare Gems this week.

        Zorko has more scoring potential. Dawson probably safer.

        If your flush with trades maybe Zorko.

        I’m not, so went Dawson.


  1. Still tossing up the captaincy and Neale is looking good here. Tossing up between him, Oliver and Miller, sure I’ll end up going with the worst of the three lol.


  2. My opponent has Neale as captain tonight so in a sneaky double play I’ve put money on Neale getting most disposals tonight so if he flops I’ll win the league and if he fires then I win money lol


  3. Rookie Soligo is actually having a decent game. Played rounds 1 and 2 for a 29 and 7 due to being a sub.
    Hitting the 50s with still almost the whole last quarter to play. Also getting solid TOG being 80% currently, so hopefully he holds his spot and continues this.
    He might be a slow burn to start, but then really burst once those 2 scores drop



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