Game Chat – Adelaide v Geelong

Written by Motts on June 28 2019

Where and when: The Cattery, Friday, June 28, 7.50pm AEST

What it means for Geelong: Top spot. After their post-bye record plunged to new lows last week, a win for the Cats would allow them to stay one game clear of Collingwood. Since 2012, they hold a 7-0 record in games that fall two weeks after a mid-season bye, in stark contrast to their 0-8 record games in immediately following the bye.

What it means for Adelaide: A big scalp on the road. The Crows have beaten Greater Western Sydney, Richmond, Fremantle and Port Adelaide at home this season but are yet to knock off a contender on the road.

The stat: The Crows lost the contested possession count by 33 in the round three loss to Geelong. Their count of 115 in that game was the lowest they’ve recorded this season.

The match-up: Tom Hawkins v Daniel Talia

Hawkins failed to take a mark for the first time in his career last week and meets Daniel Talia, who has enjoyed a strong month of form. Hawkins’ below-par performance saw him fall from the 29th overall ranked player to 34th in the Official AFL Player Ratings. Hawkins assumes the No.2 key forward ranking with Talia currently the ninth best key defender in the competition.

It’s a big week for: Rhys Stanley

After being upstaged by Scott Lycett last week, Stanley has the chance to redeem himself against inexperienced Crows big man Reilly O’Brien. Stanley was put on notice throughout 2018 before confirming his status as the Cats’ No.1 and will be out to prove he should hold that mantle for the rest of this season.

Big call: Having kicked just four goals from four outings in Geelong, Crows skipper Taylor will boot a bag against the Cats and then get on Twitter to let Kane Cornes know all about it.

Mottsy’s Tip: Geelong by 25 points

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81 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide v Geelong”

  1. Completed my MID line by bringing him in last week, he’s got a juicy run home and is in terrific form. Let the Game of Sloanes begin.


    1. Brought him in this week. Hope he has a good game but not enough so Adelaide win. Go cats!!


  2. does cripps play again this year
    or is it wrap him up in cotton wool time & get him right for next year
    foot bones can be career ending



    Geelong: Brandan Parfitt, Lachie Fogarty, Cam Guthrie, Mark O’Connor
    Adelaide: Hugh Greenwood, Bryce Gibbs, Jake Kelly, Ben Davis


  4. Predictions for tonight!

    Matt Crouch 52 disposals

    Danger BOG

    Sloane quiet

    Crows to almost win but a Dangerfield strike from 55 wins it for the cats.

    Laird tagged by Bews


  5. Cats pissed off by losing last week, blow the crows off the park, cats by 35.
    Danger 130
    Sloane 120
    M crouch 105


  6. ROB is going large again!!!!! He is on my bench wasting away, will pull the trigger this week or next to go straight to a fwd premo to finish off my team….!
    On 48SC points at quarter time!!!


      1. He feels like someone to keep, but hard to justify that amount of cash sitting on my bench when I have Grundy Gawn. Glad I hung onto him through bye rounds anyway.


        1. That’s what I’m planning with my TECHTeam, unless every premo I’ve got goes down in the next two weeks!!
          Let the carnage begin!


  7. Ugh hate the constant reminder of trading O’Brien out early. Who would have thought Sauce couldn’t break his way back into the side. I wonder how many people went with ROB as R2 and strengthened other lines?


    1. Me too Mick. Me too 🙁

      I wanted to be aggressive and upgrade when I made the boneheaded mistake of trading ROB to the R.Young (STK). Super bummer trade that was!

      At least watching him play on tv is inspiring.
      He waited a long time to get a decent run at it.
      The Crows are back in the finals hunt and he has a big part in that. And he keeps building.

      I hope he continues his good run of form as he is a joy to watch. His match fitness is amazing!

      So, in summary, I guess I’ll say…

      Go ROB! Smash this game!
      But!!! Get ROBbed by the score counters of SC!


      1. At least you had him in for some cash… I had Z Clarke at the start and the two were both on 2 games at the same time. I thought I was doing the smart thing by conserving trades… cost me 350k in cash and 180 points (I think that was his score over Gawndy’s bye).


  8. Starting to think crazy ROB ideas. He’s at R3. Could ditch Goldy, swing Bines fwd, finish my fwd line with Lcyett at F6, take ROBs score and move him to R2 until Sauce returns (if Sauce returns?!) at which point Lycett moves into R2. It’s stupid, it’s crazy. Hmmm….


      1. I was so close to bringing in Lycett this week for ROB, but decided on a double downgrade instead….
        Your proposal actually makes a lot of sense.
        I’m sure a lot of coaches are, like me, concerned about Gawn or Grundy missing a game later in the year. Lycett gives you great fwd points or loophole emg, as well as awesome ruck cover…..


  9. Guess what guys Tom Bellchambers is out injured for like 6 weeks or something. His top replacement is Zac Clarke for ruck but i traded him out when he didn’t get recalled for Fort goddammit.


  10. FFS Brodie Smith has turned into the biggest spud ever … should have traded him to lgue this week … aaarrrgggghhhh


        1. He’s now walking… but looks sore. If he does play it will probably be deep forward.


  11. T. Kelly 78
    R. O’Brien 67
    J. Selwood 69
    R. Sloane 60
    T. Hawkins 58
    M. Crouch 59
    M. Blicavs 58
    R. Atkins 52
    R. Stanley 54
    P. Seedsman 48
    P. Dangerfield 49
    J. Kelly 45
    H. Taylor 47
    H. Greenwood 45
    J. Clark 47
    B. Crouch 41
    J. Bews 45
    E. Himmelberg 37
    L. Dahlhaus 41
    K. Hartigan 35
    J. Kolodjashnij 40
    T. Walker 33
    Z. Tuohy 37
    L. Murphy 32
    T. Stewart 35
    A. Keath 31
    L. Fogarty 34
    B. Gibbs 31
    G. Ablett 34
    J. Gallucci 26
    M. Duncan 32
    L. Brown 25
    C. Guthrie 30
    R. Laird 24
    G. Miers 30
    B. Smith 16
    B. Parfitt 22
    B. Davis 16
    T. Atkins 19
    E. Betts 13
    J. Henry 17
    R. Douglas 12
    M. O’Connor 13
    D. Talia 5


  12. Need T. Kelly to not smash his B.E of 130 so I can bring him in next week, will only be able to muster 570k~.


      1. was tempted btw him grey but held off ,
        only the 1 trade this week ( sloane )
        only made 5 trades through the byes set me up ok


    1. Hip Pointer injuries are incredibly painful PJ. The man literally nearly killed himself going back into the contest. Is also an all time great. Have some respect please.


      1. players do the painful stuff every game & just get on with it mate ,
        they dont turn every big hit into a big song & dance
        & as for all time great ?
        there’s a few very good career players that might take issue with that statement
        he’s more of a very good player imo , that’s had a good 4 – 5 years & scores well in fantasy , but all time great ?


        1. Name one ‘very good career player’ who would not acknowledge Dangerfield as in the top 50 players of all time? Also if you haven’t noticed, Dangerfield has gotten on with it. The same injury kept a tough bloke in Matt Crouch out for 3 weeks…


          1. looks like we just have very different definitions of the term
            ” all time great ”
            i am seeing 1 maybe 2 current players in the AFL , that could hold that title ,
            if you see danger in that mode , you might be seeing 10 current players as all time greats


            1. For me currently in the AFL all time greats if they retired today?

              Franklin, Dangerfield, Ablett, Fyfe, Hodge.


            2. Brownlow medallist, 6 times all Australian, 3 times player of the year, Malcolm Blight medal, Lou Richards medal, etc, etc. Shit player. Lol.


        2. I didn’t see a song and dance over that hit. I saw a gutsy effort to turn back into the play regardless of his wellbeing. It was a big hit. He is sore. I’d like to see you take that hit and keep going!!!


  13. Seeeeeedsman. That was gold!

    On another, more SC-relevant point. At HT there was just a point in the game yet GEE had 20% bigger share of the SC pts.

    I didn’t see the first half so can’t comment on that, but GEE and GWS kill EVERYONE for share of SC pts. COL not far behind. All three have cushy runs home. Definitely worth considering for your final upgrades if you don’t have 3/4 from each. Just need the right ones!!


    1. They had a crap load more inside 50’s in the first half. Just didn’t convert them to scores. Might have something to do with it.


  14. G. Miers 95
    M. Crouch 94
    T. Kelly 90
    R. Sloane 94
    M. Blicavs 90
    R. O’Brien 91
    J. Selwood 81
    P. Seedsman 75
    J. Clark 71
    B. Crouch 74
    L. Dahlhaus 67
    J. Kelly 72
    J. Bews 67
    R. Laird 58
    C. Guthrie 64
    H. Greenwood 57
    R. Stanley 64
    B. Gibbs 55
    M. Duncan 62
    L. Brown 54
    T. Hawkins 62
    B. Smith 50
    T. Stewart 58
    R. Atkins 50
    P. Dangerfield 58
    T. Walker 47
    J. Kolodjashnij 54
    L. Murphy 46
    H. Taylor 53
    K. Hartigan 45
    Z. Tuohy 49
    A. Keath 36
    J. Henry 48
    R. Douglas 35
    L. Fogarty 41
    E. Himmelberg 33
    G. Ablett 36
    J. Gallucci 30
    T. Atkins 34
    E. Betts 30
    M. O’Connor 32
    D. Talia 19
    B. Parfitt 32
    B. Davis 17


  15. Reckon this is the third time ive hurt danger, 3 times vc or c for me, never worked. At least it’s vc this week.


    1. I can only blame myself for following the herd. Didn’t particularly like it and now annoyed with myself.
      Has ruined going Lycett (pod VC) into Fyfe with Cripps not playing. Ah well. Am sure I’ll do it again before season’s out 😉


    1. Down a tad this week. But will make significantly more over the next two weeks. Especially if as Jelwood said after the game, we are managing his (Clark’s) increased minutes through the middle!
      Long gone for me, but could be worth holding for a while if you still have him.


  16. before scaling

    T. Kelly 127
    R. Sloane 129
    M. Blicavs 115
    R. O’Brien 122
    G. Miers 110
    M. Crouch 109
    J. Selwood 105
    B. Crouch 95
    J. Bews 96
    P. Seedsman 93
    L. Dahlhaus 88
    R. Laird 85
    T. Stewart 87
    H. Greenwood 82
    M. Duncan 87
    J. Kelly 81
    J. Clark 87
    R. Atkins 76
    R. Stanley 86
    L. Brown 70
    J. Kolodjashnij 84
    A. Keath 67
    P. Dangerfield 83
    B. Smith 66
    C. Guthrie 82
    B. Gibbs 61
    H. Taylor 79
    L. Murphy 58
    J. Henry 74
    T. Walker 57
    T. Hawkins 70
    K. Hartigan 53
    Z. Tuohy 68
    R. Douglas 49
    G. Ablett 56
    J. Gallucci 48
    L. Fogarty 52
    E. Himmelberg 41
    B. Parfitt 48
    D. Talia 33
    M. O’Connor 45
    E. Betts 33
    T. Atkins 41
    B. Davis 22


      1. hey Bruce – is that you V me in SCT3?? … Should be close match up … i’ve run the risk to go for cash over upgrade to premo … maybe should have taken Sloane – but haave been looking at Yeo … hmmmm



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