Game Chat – Adelaide vs Geelong

Written by Thommo on August 23 2020

Where and When: Adelaide Oval, Sunday 23 August at 1:05pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Geelong 14.12 (96) def Adelaide 10.9 (69) at GMHBA

What it means to Adelaide: Do they have any pride? If they do, they will want to chalk up a win at some stage this season. For now, the fans of the Crows will accept some signs of improvement against the Cats.

What it means to Geelong: This is one of those annoying games where the Cats should win easily so they will receive no credit if they win but they will suffer condemnation if they lose. Geelong just need to chalk up a comfortable win, and avoid injuries.

Supercoach Watch: Laird, Crouch and Brodie Smith are the more popular Crows while for Geelong, Dangerfield, Duncan, Stewart, Menegola and Tom Hawkins are in plenty of sides (or soon will be).

Thommo Watch: I will be glued to Rory Laird, whose mid-season resurgence has helped my SC squad.

Thommo’s Tip: Do I need to tell you?


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16 thoughts on “Game Chat – Adelaide vs Geelong”

  1. Hey coaches,
    Thoughts on Duncan as captain ? Can’t decide between him as a Smokey or just rolling with Neale.
    TU – Slam Dunks
    TD – Neale


  2. Who to field?

    THU : Close
    TD: D Cameron

    Thinking Close as no guarantee that Cameron is in the final for tomorrow yet?


  3. HALF TIME – Cats lead the Crows by 7 points – 4.5.29 to 3.4.22

    Matt Crouch 66
    Rory Laird 60
    Reilly O’Brien 51
    Rory Sloane 46
    Chayce Jones 45
    Harry Schoenberg 43
    David Mackay 36
    E. Himmelberg 35
    Lachlan Murphy 34
    Ben Keays 33
    Myles Poholke 31
    Brodie Smith 31
    Taylor Walker 31
    Luke Brown 30
    Darcy Fogarty 29
    Tyson Stengle* 27
    Kyle Hartigan 27
    Shane McAdam 23
    Jordon Butts 19
    Lachlan Sholl 15
    Ben Crocker 15
    Jake Kelly 13

    Rhys Stanley 78
    Jack Steven 72
    Mark Blicavs 69
    Brandan Parfitt 66
    Cameron Guthrie 63
    Mitch Duncan 55
    Tom Stewart 52
    P. Dangerfield 46
    Jordan Clark 42
    Gryan Miers 39
    Tom Hawkins 38
    Sam Menegola 36
    Jake Kolodjashnij 35
    Jack Henry 35
    Esava Ratugolea 33
    Bradley Close 32
    Mark O’Connor 30
    Tom Atkins 30
    Jed Bews 29
    Lachie Henderson 26
    Luke Dahlhaus 24
    Gary Rohan 18


  4. Is umpiring that hard? FFS
    You take on a tackler, you get caught and don’t dispose of it properly – FREE

    It’s getting beyond a joke. What happened to the days where you didn’t notice them? They are deciding games more than ever before.


  5. 3/4 Time – could we be in for the upset of the season – Cats by 9 points

    Matt Crouch 109
    Rory Laird 92
    Reilly O’Brien 69
    Lachlan Murphy 69
    Rory Sloane 68
    Kyle Hartigan 65
    David Mackay 59
    Ben Keays 56
    Chayce Jones 52
    Harry Schoenberg 51
    Darcy Fogarty 50
    Brodie Smith 48
    Myles Poholke 48
    E. Himmelberg 48
    Shane McAdam 40
    Taylor Walker 36
    Tyson Stengle* 36
    Luke Brown 31
    Jordon Butts 30
    Ben Crocker 27
    Lachlan Sholl 27
    Jake Kelly 20

    Rhys Stanley 95
    Mark Blicavs 93
    Jack Steven 91
    Brandan Parfitt 89
    Cameron Guthrie 88
    Mitch Duncan 88
    Tom Stewart 85
    Sam Menegola 77
    Tom Hawkins 76
    P. Dangerfield 66
    Gryan Miers 61
    Lachie Henderson 58
    Jake Kolodjashnij 50
    Esava Ratugolea 47
    Tom Atkins 46
    Jordan Clark 45
    Bradley Close 45
    Jack Henry 44
    Luke Dahlhaus 40
    Mark O’Connor 37
    Jed Bews 36
    Gary Rohan 32


      1. Thanks Stu! I haven’t seen many Crows games, but Keays interests me. Trying to gauge him as a starting mid-price for next year.

        Do you think he’d be able to develop his disposals and decision-making in the off-season to get sort of mid-way between where he is and a J.Steele-type?

        Resilient, defensive midfielder with good endurance, hit that 85+ per game (and occasional breakout)?

        With a rebuild, you’d think one or two of the senior mids will move out to make way for the youth, but Keays could hold that mid spot while the draft picks or big trades come through. I think he’d compliment someone like Will Phillips from the draft.



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