Game Chat – Carlton v Western Bulldogs

Written by Thommo on June 15 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Saturday, June 15, 7.25pm AEST

What it means for Carlton: After a morale-boosting victory last week, the Blues will be hoping to show it was no flash in the pan. Another win here could be massive for caretaker David Teague’s hopes of keeping the job full-time.

What it means for Western Bulldogs: The bye came at the perfect time for the Bulldogs, who had lost three straight games going into it. Refreshed and reenergised, they simply have to snap that streak against the Blues. 

The stat: Due to a quirk in the fixture, this will be the third time the Western Bulldogs have met Carlton in its last 14 games.

The match-up: Patrick Cripps v Marcus Bontempelli

Two of the best young midfielders in the competition, this pair loves playing against each other and are frequently matched at stoppages. Cripps got the better of the dual in round five, winning 37 disposals and 11 clearances.

It’s a big week for: Harry McKay

The imposing Carlton forward was best on ground when these two sides last met. Simply unstoppable in the air, he finished with four goals, 20 disposals, 11 marks and five contested marks. Another performance like that could lift the Blues to victory.

Thommo’s Tip: Western Bulldogs by 10 points.

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90 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Western Bulldogs”


    Carlton: Paddy Dow, Marc Murphy, Nic Newman, David Cuningham
    Western Bulldogs: Hayden Crozier, Toby McLean, Patrick Lipsinki, Tory Dickson


  2. Formative game for my score this week.

    Got VC Cripps, Walsh, Setterfield, Dunkley, Gardner and Macrae.


  3. Petrevski-Seton crapped himself in the contest n just watched the dogs walk it out of the back line ,
    that wont help the blues confidence


    1. Hey Wighty
      Took Fyfe’s score but still wouldn’t mind good score from Cripps.
      Can you believe 38% of coaches still don’t own Cripps


  4. My Bulldogs supporter friend always raved about Lipinski… and how he should be in the side.

    Beginning to see why


  5. na
    blues dropped their bundle as soon as Petrevski-Seton stepped out the way of the contested ball & let the dogs take the footy


    1. To anyone watching teh game, is Toby Mclean playing midfield?

      He apparently had a promise he’d play more mid in the second half of the year


      1. I reckon he’ll be dropped before he gets MID-time. That shoulder pre-byes last year has been his undoing!
        Surely nobody owns him?
        As for you PJ … you are so contentious. 🙂


    1. I didn’t based on the rest of the draw but… if he goes for 200 tonight that’s going to cover alot of sub par games against the better teams.


    2. Actually not bothered where my C is. He’ll cover it against those who don’t have him 🙂


    1. totally. Last week they had 3 guys run amok. Sherrif Dunkley is in town and order has been restored.



    Q time
    blues 1.2.13 – 5.2.32

    L. Casboult 29
    J. Dunkley 72
    C. Curnow 25
    P. Lipinski 45
    M. Kreuzer 23
    M. Bontempelli 44
    D. Thomas 21
    T. English 37
    L. O’Brien 20
    S. Lloyd 33
    W. Setterfield 17
    J. Macrae 33
    M. Murphy 17
    L. Hunter 29
    N. Newman 16
    E. Wood 29
    M. McGovern 15
    J. Johannisen 29
    P. Cripps 13
    A. Naughton 22
    K. Simpson 12
    T. Liberatore 21
    P. Dow 12
    T. McLean 21
    L. Plowman 11
    C. Daniel 20
    S. Petrevski-Seton 11
    M. Suckling 19
    E. Curnow 10
    H. Crozier 17
    H. McKay 10
    B. Williams 15
    D. Cuningham 9
    T. Dickson 14
    C. Marchbank 8
    J. Trengove 14
    S. Walsh 8
    Z. Cordy 10
    M. Gibbons 6
    B. Smith 8
    Z. Fisher 3
    R. Gardner 3
    J. Weitering -6
    B. Dale 0


  7. Annoyed that I picked C Daniel over J Dunkley after planning on J Dunkley replacing L Baker for a while. But the positive is the Daniel trade allowed me to grab D Clarke instead of B Bewley.


  8. geez , blues players are kidding themselves if they think they’re fooling any one ,
    just because Petrevski-Seton ran & hid under the stairs when the heat was on ,
    doesn’t mean the rest of the team can go on holiday ,
    if i was a supporter i would be absolutely livid with their effort ,
    no crunching tackles , no crashing packs , no head down hard ball gets ,
    just waiting for the easy balls ,
    yes they are young , but there is a very soft element about this team


    1. Im going to say this Carlton should target Jarryd Roughead from Hawthorn for his leadership role and his skills on the field that can help Carlton alot


      1. Yep…def a great pickup for a team looking to rebuild. I hear he’s getting 10 poss each week at box Hill.


    2. Still early. Felt the same way about the Saints a quarter and a half in. Last quarter pressure was enormous.
      Still on


  9. Was on track for a great score until “please don’t tag me”Cripps showed up to totally f&$k things over and good ol Libba going down!ffs!!!!!!


    1. Yeah same ill just enjoy the game you can see the blue improving wish it was with Bolts but Teague doing good


  10. C. Curnow 116
    J. Dunkley 141
    M. Kreuzer 89
    J. Macrae 108
    M. Murphy 76
    M. Suckling 105
    S. Petrevski-Seton 74
    P. Lipinski 94
    K. Simpson 73
    T. English 83
    L. Casboult 66
    M. Bontempelli 79
    D. Thomas 63
    L. Hunter 77
    P. Cripps 56
    C. Daniel 65
    N. Newman 53
    J. Johannisen 65
    W. Setterfield 52
    T. Dickson 63
    L. O’Brien 48
    E. Wood 59
    C. Marchbank 45
    H. Crozier 58
    S. Walsh 39
    S. Lloyd 54
    Z. Fisher 39
    A. Naughton 44
    D. Cuningham 38
    B. Smith 42
    L. Plowman 35
    Z. Cordy 37
    P. Dow 35
    T. McLean 37
    J. Weitering 34
    J. Trengove 36
    E. Curnow 34
    B. Williams 31
    H. McKay 29
    T. Liberatore 30
    M. McGovern 24
    R. Gardner 22
    M. Gibbons 20
    B. Dale 5


        1. i’m playing Father in the Contribs league and he did the same to me – put the VC on Dunkley – great call and going to make our match up very close! .. bugger him!!


  11. caleb daniel given 50 points in that last quarter and a 14 point scaling upgrade just then is ab-so-lute effing BS!


  12. Western Bulldogs : 15.13.103
    Josh Dunkley 176
    Jack Macrae 151
    Patrick Lipinski 129
    Caleb Daniel 115
    Tim English* 121
    Matt Suckling 106
    M. Bontempelli 113
    Lachie Hunter 102
    Aaron Naughton 80
    Jason Johannisen 90
    Sam Lloyd 70
    Hayden Crozier 63
    Easton Wood 70
    Toby McLean 44
    Tory Dickson 77
    Jackson Trengove 59
    Bailey Smith 77
    Bailey Williams 44
    Zaine Cordy 47
    Tom Liberatore 30
    Ryan Gardner 22
    Bailey Dale 23

    Carlton Blues: 15.10.100
    Charlie Curnow 141
    Marc Murphy 100
    Matthew Kreuzer 118
    David Cuningham 59
    S. Petrevski-Seton 114
    Levi Casboult 104
    Dale Thomas 74
    Sam Walsh 50
    Lochie O’Brien 76
    Will Setterfield 62
    Kade Simpson 79
    Nic Newman 64
    Patrick Cripps 81
    Zac Fisher 46
    Paddy Dow 40
    Harry McKay 37
    Caleb Marchbank 65
    Michael Gibbons 34
    Lachlan Plowman 49
    Ed Curnow 40
    Mitch McGovern 29
    Jacob Weitering 28


  13. 5 players for me vc Cripps don’t care Libba 30 don’t care fisher 46 don’t care Gardner 22 don’t care brought in Dunkley and Macrae this week don’t care projected 1550 (14 on field) don’t care Blues lose by 3 points SHATTERED.



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