Game Chat – Collingwood v St Kilda

Written by Thommo on June 20 2020

Where and when: Saturday 20th June at 4:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 9, 2019: Collingwood 17.10 (112) def St Kilda 10.11 (71)

What it means for the Pies: After a fast start last week, the Pies couldn’t find the scoreboard and they were lucky to hold on for a draw. Not only will they want to prove they can kick a winning score this week, the Pies will also want to show they can defeat the newest graduate of the school of Clarko.

What it means for the Saints: Despite capitulating to North in Round 1, the Saints have displayed improved effort and determination this season. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to push the Pies and show that Ratten’s Saints are for real.

Thommo’s Watch: Like most Supercoaches, I’ll be closely watching Brodie Grundy to see just how sore he is!!

Thommo’s Tip: Pies by 6 points.


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44 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood v St Kilda”

  1. Should I field Pittonet over Grundy?

    Bear with me, Grundy is apparently sore and coming up against Marshall & Ryder – whereas Pittonet scored 134 v Gawn and managed 23 hitouts to Gawn’s 34 last week.

    T.U: Yes, compelling case. Field Pittonet.

    T.D: No, you fool. Stick with Grundy.


  2. Key points from Gill :

    Bombers Demons suspended – tested positive this morning, all players Bombers tested last night- no other Bombers tested positive at this stage – health dept notified – other matches will proceed as normal – bombers club will be closed and cleaned – working on close contact info now for all players and further testing to come

    Suns game now at 3:05pm tomorrow ,… other matches also moving


  3. So with the Melb-Ess game now postponed tomorrow, due to a positive COVID19 player reading, wondering how will that effect Supercoach and coaches with players (inc Captain Gawn) in their teams? It was always going to happen, but such a shame its in the 2nd round back from the break.


    1. Donut in my mids, held Kelly but I can’t cove Oliver

      Running with Grundy VC and I can cover Gawn with Pittonet who I brought in just for cash on the bench


    1. Gill says its been postponed so will be played I think at a later date – ramifications will be huge for games going forward.


    2. unknown at this stage – I think they now have to undergo tests over a few days … you would think it wont be played this week now?? Not sure though … think they have to wait more than a week for incubation period …

      Based on what Gill said, McKenna’s had 5 previous tests, and one Friday which showed irregularity … tested again today and now positive …

      I think you have to leave out any players from those clubs to be safe … and sucks that Noths game just happened as I could have moved Cameron in for Comben if not for that


      1. Something about that sequence of events doesn’t make sense to me.

        I hope McKenna is being tested again today.


          1. No, I mean a second test today. Yesterday’s test wasn’t positive, it was indeterminate, which is weird. Especially when no-one else in the group he’s been in for the past month has tested positive. And he has no symptoms.


            1. lots of people without symptoms mate – WHO reckons it’s as much as 40% across the world – the numbers in the US were apparently 56% didn’t have symptoms, but passed it on and look at their numbers and the death rate …

              Things like the protest marches, and easing off of the lockdowns, even in this country are far too soon … I know its not great for economy, people’s jobs etc … but what price do we place on a life??


  4. Should get rid of the 50k, just do highest round score gets the 1k.
    Give 2-3 trades every round and everyone focus on leagues.


  5. I’ve got gawn, petracca, viney, McGrath, Smith,townsend, rivers all on ground. Kelly late out.
    I think I’m just going to not care too much for fantasy this season


  6. I’m not sure of the protocols in the AFL around testing etc … but my understanding of the virus is that it has a 7 to 10 day incubation period before people may show positive tests …

    As I understand it, in other instances in the real world, before people can be ‘çleared’ they have to have at least three negative tests … several days apart … it would be good to know the AFL protocols now …

    If that is the case this match surely can’t be played later this week??


    1. You are right . It makes no sense to test everyday for a positive. Even the negative people who got in contact with him have up to 10days. They shouldn’t have opened international travel. Almost all new cases are related to overseas import


  7. Is it worth using a trade to replace an ess or Melb player or do we think SC might have a plan?


  8. QTR time scores

    Pies 5.3.33 lead Saints 2.1.13

    Brayden Maynard 47
    Jamie Elliott 40
    Steele Sidebottom 37
    Jaidyn Stephenson 36
    Darcy Moore 35
    Jack Crisp 34
    Jordan De Goey 32
    Rupert Wills 32
    Scott Pendlebury 30
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 29
    John Noble 27
    Josh Daicos 25
    Taylor Adams 23
    Jordan Roughead 20
    Jeremy Howe 17
    Tyler Brown 14
    Callum Brown 14
    Brodie Grundy 13
    Tom Phillips 13
    Darcy Cameron 13
    Chris Mayne 7
    Brody Mihocek 3

    Daniel Butler 43
    Jake Carlisle 35
    Ben Paton 25
    Rowan Marshall 25
    Jade Gresham 22
    Jack Billings 21
    Zak Jones 19
    Hunter Clark 17
    Patrick Ryder 17
    Bradley Hill 16
    Callum Wilkie 13
    Jack Steele 11
    Tim Membrey 10
    Jack Lonie 10
    Ben Long 10
    Nicholas Coffield 9
    Seb Ross 8
    Jonathon Marsh 4
    Dan Hannebery 3
    Dougal Howard 2
    Nick Hind 1
    Max King 1


  9. I feel sorry for the SC administration. No matter what they do they will cop it from somewhere. Wisdom of solomon needed.


  10. Half time scores –
    Pies 10.4.64 lead Saints 4.2.26

    Steele Sidebottom 75
    Brody Mihocek 64
    Brodie Grundy 62
    Brayden Maynard 61
    Taylor Adams 59
    Jack Crisp 59
    Jaidyn Stephenson 55
    Jordan De Goey 53
    Jamie Elliott 51
    Darcy Moore 51
    Rupert Wills 48
    Josh Daicos 47
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 47
    Scott Pendlebury 45
    Tyler Brown 43
    Jeremy Howe 37
    John Noble 33
    Callum Brown 29
    Jordan Roughead 24
    Darcy Cameron 21
    Chris Mayne 16
    Tom Phillips 15

    Daniel Butler 76
    Ben Paton 58
    Jade Gresham 52
    Jake Carlisle 42
    Bradley Hill 42
    Hunter Clark 41
    Jack Steele 40
    Rowan Marshall 36
    Callum Wilkie 33
    Zak Jones 31
    Dougal Howard 29
    Jack Billings 28
    Patrick Ryder 25
    Max King 24
    Ben Long 24
    Seb Ross 21
    Nicholas Coffield 20
    Tim Membrey 19
    Jack Lonie 18
    Dan Hannebery 15
    Jonathon Marsh 15
    Nick Hind 11

    Howe and Cameron not rewarding owners – Grundy with a 50 point quarter more like it!!


  11. I’ve sent a query to the SC official site – doubt we’ll get an answer quickly … but it’s going to be interesting to see what happens …


    1. Your thoughts Macca, (and others) please,

      What do you think of a best 18 this week,

      …..and 5 trades next week if no game(s) – bit like a bye round format?????


      1. Some won’t have 18, I’d say best 18 but give the non playing players the score they are priced to average.

        This way it covers all the subs people have/haven’t made


      2. absolutely no idea mate – i’ve been trying to find something, but just cant find anything. How do you allow scores for people missing a Max Gawn score? (average sounds good Mutley!) … but they may just say “bad luck” … those that didn’t have maxxie and have Jacobs … good luck to you?? … who knows …

        I’ve moved as many out as I could as well and playing the likes of Brown, King, Cameron etc on field now too … it looks ugly …


        1. …..really bad on mine too, that’s why I’m worried if they do the averages, will they do the bench????


  12. Howe not really performing like the last 2 rounds. Could this be a reminder of what happens when chasing points?


    1. he’s playing a lock down role on Marsh I think … which is limiting his intercepts etc … also, Saints not really testing them … but yes, disappointing …. mind you 11 kicks, 2 marks, 1 handball at 91% and only 51????


  13. 3QTR time
    Pies 11.7.73 leading Saints 5.6.36

    Steele Sidebottom 111
    Jack Crisp 80
    Brodie Grundy 77
    Brayden Maynard 77
    Brody Mihocek 77
    Taylor Adams 68
    Jamie Elliott 65
    Josh Daicos 64
    Darcy Moore 63
    Jordan De Goey 60
    Rupert Wills 60
    Scott Pendlebury 57
    Jaidyn Stephenson 57
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 56
    Callum Brown 54
    Tyler Brown 52
    Jeremy Howe 51
    John Noble 41
    Chris Mayne 32
    Jordan Roughead 31
    Darcy Cameron 23
    Tom Phillips 15

    Daniel Butler 100
    Ben Paton 66
    Jake Carlisle 65
    Jade Gresham 60
    Rowan Marshall 57
    Jack Steele 54
    Bradley Hill 53
    Hunter Clark 50
    Jack Billings 49
    Callum Wilkie 46
    Zak Jones 43
    Dougal Howard 43
    Patrick Ryder 40
    Jonathon Marsh 36
    Nicholas Coffield 35
    Max King 32
    Ben Long 32
    Seb Ross 31
    Jack Lonie 29
    Dan Hannebery 26
    Tim Membrey 20
    Nick Hind 14

    Grundy pretty much did nothing that quarter … Max King continues to be afraid of leather poisoning and so too D Cameron …


  14. Full time scores – pre-scaling
    Pies 12.9.81 give Saints a good touch up 5.7.37

    Steele Sidebottom 136
    Brayden Maynard 115
    Jack Crisp 101
    Taylor Adams 98
    Brodie Grundy 94
    Jamie Elliott 87
    Brody Mihocek 87
    Jeremy Howe 81
    Darcy Moore 81
    Josh Daicos 79
    Jordan De Goey 78
    Scott Pendlebury 77
    Tyler Brown 73
    Rupert Wills 72
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 70
    Callum Brown 67
    Jaidyn Stephenson 62
    John Noble 60
    Jordan Roughead 47
    Chris Mayne 40
    Tom Phillips 34
    Darcy Cameron 26

    Daniel Butler 113
    Ben Paton 91
    Jake Carlisle 83
    Bradley Hill 81
    Rowan Marshall 72
    Jade Gresham 71
    Dougal Howard 69
    Jack Steele 68
    Hunter Clark 64
    Zak Jones 61
    Nicholas Coffield 58
    Jack Billings 58
    Patrick Ryder 57
    Callum Wilkie 57
    Ben Long 52
    Max King 48
    Seb Ross 45
    Jonathon Marsh 40
    Dan Hannebery 38
    Jack Lonie 37
    Tim Membrey 28
    Nick Hind 14

    There’s still 330 points to be awarded so some serious scaling to come!!

    Shift your C away from Grundy folks and go to a Neale or Fyfe or someone if you have them!!


  15. There’s something wrong with that scoring – I saw Cameron make some more kicks / possessions than that – he basically hasn’t moved in the second half???


    1. Stats only stating he made 2 possies for the game. 5 tackles and 2 marks however. I didn’t watch it so I wouldn’t know if he had more involvement



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