Game Chat – Collingwood vs GWS

Written by Thommo on April 10 2021

Where and when: MCG, Saturday 10th April at 7:25pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 4, 2020: GWS 10.6 (66) def Collingwood 9.10 (64) at Giants Stadium

This was a war of attrition as both teams suffered early injuries and fought out a tight tussle as the Giants consistently edged ahead only the have the Pies grind back into the game. Davis and Williams suffered hamstring strains for the Giants while Jeremy Howe copped his season-ending knee injury. Greene (3 goals) and Green were best for the Giants as were Pendlebury and Moore for the Pies, with Moore holding Cameron to two goals.

Match Preview: The Giants are barely going at the moment so this is a poor time for them to visit the MCG. The Pies have been competitive every week and unlucky to have recorded just the single win and they will be keen to put the wounded Giants to the sword. With both teams struggling to kick goals, this may come down to which team can shut down the other team the best.

My money is on the strong Pies defence to shut down the Giants’ tall forwards, forcing GWS to rely on Toby to try and win this match off his own boot.

Thommo Watch:

Forget Supercoach, I’m planning to have my eyes on one match-up: Toby Greene versus Brayden Maynard. If this is not a niggly, entertaining battle, I’ll be shocked and disappointed!

Thommo’s Tip: Collingwood by 20 points


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29 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood vs GWS”

  1. Highmore, Koschitzke, Lachie Young all not playing means I’ve got to bring someone in to avoid a doughnut in defense. Looking at Bowes?


    1. Hey Mutley, there is actually a difference between a possession and a disposal.

      It’s hard to find the definition of this but I have read it a couple times and I think a possession is how you win the ball and a disposal is how you get rid of it.

      In the Mummy case he may have won the ball in a contested situation, received a free kick and and another player took the advantage, meaning he won the ball in a contested situation, but never actually disposed of it.


  2. 1/4 time – Giants lead 2.2.14 to Pies 1.2.8

    Jack Crisp 30
    Josh Daicos 29
    Darcy Moore 29
    Chris Mayne 24
    Jack Madgen 24
    Steele Sidebottom 24
    Taylor Adams 22
    Jordan Roughead 21
    Jeremy Howe 21
    Callum Brown 18
    Beau McCreery 18
    Brayden Sier 18
    Scott Pendlebury 17
    Mason Cox 17
    John Noble 16
    Josh Thomas 14
    Brodie Grundy 10
    Brayden Maynard 9
    Isaac Quaynor 8
    Jordan De Goey 6
    Brody Mihocek 2
    Levi Greenwood 1
    W. Hoskin-Elliott -2

    Lachlan Ash 45
    Sam Taylor 45
    Brent Daniels 38
    Tim Taranto 36
    Matthew Buntine 35
    Ian Hill* 33
    Lachlan Keeffe 31
    Jeremy Finlayson 31
    Jacob Hopper 30
    Isaac Cumming 24
    Tom Green 23
    Jake Riccardi 23
    Shane Mumford 23
    Toby Greene 18
    Connor Idun 16
    Josh Kelly 16
    Xavier O’Halloran 14
    Callan Ward 14
    Conor Stone 12
    H. Himmelberg 11
    Nick Haynes 9
    Jack Buckley 2
    Nicholas Shipley 1


  3. There must be something up with Josh Kelly. Not playing on the ball, has 9 hb & no kicks so far. Looking like another false premium this year.


  4. Grundy copping a bath from The Mummy.

    Seems to be only going are half rat power.

    Josh Kelly seems to be lost out on the field.
    Maybe requires a change of scenery at the end of the year.


  5. Mumford at 100% DE, no clangers, no free kicks against AND topscoring?!?

    What is this sorcery!?!


      1. I think you missed a “d” in your name Adam.

        Just between the”I”and the “z”



  6. 3/4 Time – Giants by 15 points in the wet. Sier out of the game, medical sub Greenwood into the game in the 3rd qtr, and Taylor Adams knee injury and out of the game also

    Scott Pendlebury 76
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 74
    Steele Sidebottom 66
    Jeremy Howe 66
    John Noble 63
    Brodie Grundy 61
    Jack Madgen 60
    Taylor Adams 60
    Josh Daicos 60
    Darcy Moore 59
    Beau McCreery 52
    Jack Crisp 52
    Mason Cox 49
    Chris Mayne 47
    Isaac Quaynor 46
    Callum Brown 45
    Jordan De Goey 45
    Brody Mihocek 40
    Josh Thomas 40
    Jordan Roughead 37
    Brayden Sier 31
    Brayden Maynard 19
    Levi Greenwood 7

    Callan Ward 104
    Lachlan Ash 102
    Toby Greene 95
    Jacob Hopper 84
    Shane Mumford 83
    Tim Taranto 81
    Jeremy Finlayson 76
    Sam Taylor 73
    Isaac Cumming 71
    Connor Idun 68
    Lachlan Keeffe 64
    Ian Hill* 58
    Brent Daniels 57
    Josh Kelly 50
    Tom Green 46
    H. Himmelberg 43
    Jack Buckley 43
    Jake Riccardi 37
    Nick Haynes 35
    Xavier O’Halloran 32
    Conor Stone 31
    Matthew Buntine 31
    Nicholas Shipley 1


  7. Just home – not watching – WTF with Grundy score?? 34 HO’s, 10 contested possies but only 59 points?? I see 4 frees against, but WTF?? Anyone watching?


    1. Forget Grundy, what about Taranto! Robbed. I’m switching to AFL Fantasy next year I think. CD giving me the irrits!


      1. Ever think that maybe just don’t pick Taranto in SC if he’s not a good SC player? We knew it before the season started.


        1. All I’m saying Daisy, is that there’s not too many 34 possession, 8 mark, 6 tackle and 6 score involvement games in a winning team that end up with a score of only 90. I just checked the stats again – his DE wasn’t completely terrible (64.7) and he had 8 intercepts as well. I’m not a genius like you obviously, but that adds up to more than 90 in my book…


          1. 11 clangers is very high. What’s the penalty for a clanger something like -4 points? Without them he’d have had a good score.


            1. 9 “clangers” five of which are frees against. And he was awarded 3 for.

              It’s how his hitouts that are scored which are the issue and the subjectiveness of the scoring for or against him.

              Didn’t see most of the match, but he’s been scored harshly in other matches by CD thus far. He’s either being deliberately scored harshly, or the pies midfield is just that bad that his winning such a high level of taps means they are, in the majority, being stolen …

              Also, again, the stats as recorded will always provide an answer equating to the score – if you watch the live games and scoring, you will often see a player receive a stat or lose a stat – but the score doesn’t change.

              As always its the subjectivity of the scoring that becomes the issue.


              1. Tommy on Trapanto.

                64% DE is terrible.

                He had 34 touches.

                36% wont score ( *or will score negative for clangers) so lets minus 11 touches.

                23 touches. 8 marks
                6 clangers takes care of any points he scores from tackles.

                So he now has a 23 touch game with most of theses being handballs. he butchered more kicks than handballs.

                So lets say ..

                10 kicks
                13 HB
                8 marks

                Even with a few score involvements.

                90 actually seems quite generous.


  8. CD scoring this year is sooooo confusing and frustrating in same time. I’m a bit over it to be honest…. and not only for this game


  9. Greene finished with 120. It should have been 220. Incredible effort – and this is coming from someone who can’t stand the bloke.


  10. Wonderful theatre with elite athlete/actors
    The umps supporting role can’t be ignored
    Also a shout out to the media stooges


  11. In the press conference Buckley said Sier got subbed because of the effects of gastro.

    Very strange usage of the sub rule.



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