Game Chat – Collingwood vs Sydney

Written by Thommo on August 6 2020

Where and When: GABBA, Thursday 6 August at 5:40pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Collingwood 11.14 (80) def Sydney 11.7 (73) at the SCG

What it means for Collingwood: After two losses in WA, the Pies are looking a bit shakey in tenth position at 4.5 wins, 4.5 losses. Losing today means losing touch with the top 8, something they will want to avoid in a shortened season.

What it means for Sydney: Not much really. Although they are technically in the hunt for a top 8 spot, the Swans are a young side and have few external expectations on them so only pride will push them to win this one.

Supercoach Watch: Pies: Few people own him, but Adam Treloar is getting it done as is Taylor Adams. Grundy has had a quietish patch but loves playing Sydney.

Swans: For the Swans, Lloyd should be in your backline but otherwise there is not a lot of SC relevance in Sydney unless you’re getting creative with Parker, Dawson or perhaps Rampe.

Thommo Watch: It’s boring, my eye is on Grundy who will be my captain this week in the hopes he can pump out a monster score.

Thommo’s Tip: Pies by 24 points.


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34 thoughts on “Game Chat – Collingwood vs Sydney”

  1. Let’s see how much I end up regretting choosing Gawn over Grundy as Captain – I changed it about 10 times before last nights game. Should have just thrown it on Clarrie – hindsight is a wonderful thing! Hoping my boys (Magpies) can turn around their lackluster form of the past couple of games and enjoy a BIG win!


  2. What’s everyone’s scores at the moment?
    I’m 1705 from 14 with Neale as captain
    Trying to gauge what might be average scores this week


    1. I’m on 1567 from 16 – Neale as Capt after VC Macrae (post above re. Grundy/Gawn was for my Tech Team). Still have Grundy, Treloar, Noble, D Smith, Whitfield, Ridley to come. 3 scores to drop off will be the donut in the backline with McPherson not being named, plus at this stage, Close 31 & Starc 45.

      Hoping for a few more 100’s…..a double ton from Treloar would be awesome.

      Will do half time & end of game scores.


  3. Alex Neal-Bullen, Melbourne, has been charged with Rough Conduct (Dangerous Tackle) against Will Hamill, Adelaide Crows.
    He has been referred directly to the Tribunal and cannot accept an early plea.


    1. Apologies to Huttabito who had already posted this in MRO Rd10.
      I wasn’t concentrating, watching game.


    1. how the heck does he get 42 points out of 4 kicks, 4 handballs, 1 tackle and 6 CP’s then??? 12% DE means only 1 possession was accurate … scoring is just rubbish


      1. Psst, hey Macca, what’s your secret????
        You actually get to “talk” to the Missus!?!?
        Some poor bastards just get to listen!!!!! LOL


      2. Hey Macca.

        I just reread the SC “Points Scoring”

        They score 4 point’s for both a Hard ball get , and a loose ball get.

        If you touch it, and it doesn’t go directly to the oppo.

        You score 4 points.

        Eg. A defender gathers the ball near the line. He is forced over for a ball in.
        4 points.

        No kick, No hand ball.

        Hard / loose ball get.

        The most underrated stat in SuperCoach.


        1. yeah, there’s some stats that we just dont see but its not these scores (maybe something else) … it’s still “iffy” often with scoring. And also I’ve noted this year that the scoring system is hyped up in the first quarter … and if players get awarded at high DE early, their scores get scaled up well and they maintain that (unless absolute clangers etc later) and conversely if they go poor early, they struggle to get rewarded higher later as the scaling has eaten away the scoring already … it much bigger this year with the shorter quarters … the key for us, you want players that have high DE history of getting the ball well in contested possies AND using it well early in matches … more so than other years … another dimension to this year …


  4. Half Time – Swans 5.0.30 lead Pies 2.10.22 – I have no words. 12 scoring shots to 5 in a frustrating first half, and easily leading the contested possessions but just can’t get the ball through the big sticks. Hoskin-Elliott looks done for the night with a leg injury and Maynard with a sore shoulder as well. Both 1st gamers in Ruscoe & Wicks with a goal each. Hoping for a more productive 2nd half.

    Adam Treloar 66
    Brayden Sier 60
    Taylor Adams 59
    Brodie Grundy 55
    Brody Mihocek 49
    Josh Daicos 47
    Josh Thomas 47
    Jack Madgen 46
    Steele Sidebottom 42
    Jamie Elliott 39
    Jack Crisp 38
    Tom Phillips 37
    Callum Brown 36
    Trey Ruscoe 36
    Jordan Roughead 33
    Brayden Maynard 33
    John Noble 27
    Jaidyn Stephenson 23
    Isaac Quaynor 21
    Darcy Moore 15
    Ben Reid 12
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 1

    Jake Lloyd 80
    Dylan Stephens 66
    Jordan Dawson 54
    Callum Sinclair 53
    Sam Reid 52
    Callum Mills 51
    Sam Wicks 50
    Harry Cunningham 45
    Robbie Fox 43
    James Rowbottom 43
    Jackson Thurlow* 40
    Luke Parker 38
    Dane Rampe 36
    Tom Papley 36
    Lewis Melican 33
    James Bell 32
    Will Hayward 29
    Oliver Florent 23
    Elijah Taylor 22
    Tom McCartin 16
    Aliir Aliir 16
    Matthew Ling 7


  5. Lloyd is being sat on the bench a lot this game – only 75% TOG ATM … after killing it first quarter … Swannies need to keep him out there

    Coaches maybe trying to manage their squads like Cats last night managing Duncan TOG as well … and Dangermouse up forward a lot …


  6. Treloar down into the rooms with the physio. Was jogging ok, so hope nothing arises from this


  7. 3/4 Time – Magpies lead by 9 points
    Top scorers for each side :

    Adams 113
    Grundy 113
    Treloar 102 (spent the last 6+ mins down in the rooms – unsure of injury concern)
    Sidebottom 86
    Sier 75
    Mihocek 70

    Lloyd 102
    Sinclair 83
    Rowbottom 78
    Dawson 77
    Stephens 73
    Wicks 63


  8. Full Time – Rippa goal from DAICOS at the death sees the Pies win a brave game by 9 points, with only one fit player left on the bench. Quaynor off on a stretcher in the final term with a leg injury, Treloar possibly pinged a hammy in in the 3rd tem and Hoskin-Elliott with a bruised bone in the first qtr.

    Brodie Grundy 146
    Taylor Adams 142
    Jack Madgen 121
    Josh Daicos 115
    Brayden Maynard 105
    Brayden Sier 97
    Brody Mihocek 96
    Steele Sidebottom 95
    Adam Treloar 93
    Tom Phillips 88
    Jack Crisp 85
    Darcy Moore 82
    Jordan Roughead 78
    Jamie Elliott 76
    Josh Thomas 76
    Callum Brown 75
    Jaidyn Stephenson 68
    John Noble 62
    Ben Reid 46
    Trey Ruscoe 43
    Isaac Quaynor 27
    W. Hoskin-Elliott

    Jake Lloyd 129
    Jordan Dawson 128
    Jackson Thurlow* 114
    James Rowbottom 94
    Callum Sinclair 85
    Sam Wicks 79
    Luke Parker 76
    Will Hayward 72
    Callum Mills 70
    Oliver Florent 70
    Dylan Stephens 69
    Sam Reid 67
    Tom McCartin 65
    Dane Rampe 64
    Robbie Fox 62
    Tom Papley 54
    Harry Cunningham 53
    James Bell 44
    Lewis Melican 28
    Elijah Taylor 26
    Aliir Aliir 14
    Matthew Ling 11


    1. You mean he isn’t on it already ? He’s a member of my NA club along with T Greene, Fyfe, Jelly. I know I will miss some big scores, but I’ll sleep well.


  9. Adam Treloar injured his hamstring tonight.
    Nathan Buckley said it “is a minor hamstring at this stage. You’d be looking at 3-4 weeks. We’ll await further information from our medical team.”



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