Game Chat – EF1 – Sydney v GWS

Written by Motts on August 28 2021

Where and when: UTAS Stadium (where else?) at 3:20pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 18, 2021: GWS 11.6 (72) DEF BY Sydney 15.8 (98) at Carrara.

The Swans trailed by 35 points early but ran out 26 point winners after nine unanswered goals in the second and third quarter. GWS had the better of the opening half but dropped away badly after half-time. The Swans won contested possessions (79-56) and uncontested possessions (127-93) after the main break. Lance Franklin was well held by Sam Taylor in the opening half, but kicked four second-half goals to win the contest between the two. Franklin and Papley combined for 10 of Sydney’s 15 goals.

Time before that: Round 5, 2021: Sydney 10.9 (69) DEF BY GWS 9.17 (71) at the SCG.

After trailing since the first quarter, the Giants controlled possession in the final quarter to get over the line in a thriller. In the last quarter, GWS lead the count for disposals (37), contested possessions (11), intercept possessions (5), and contested marks (4). Josh Kelly kicked the winning goal at 30:39 in the final quarter.

Last five: Sydney 4-1, GWS 4-1

Match Preview: Both sides have had a picnic over the last fortnight with easy wins over Bottom 10 teams so it’s hard to draw any conclusions from recent form. They’re down in Launnie so there’s no home crowd so that won’t be a factor. There’s no significant injuries or suspensions affecting either team. The two sides finished in 6th and 7th on the ladder.

Hmmm on the face of it, this is a tough one to tip! So why is Sydney the clear favourite with the bookies?

It’s because Sydney won 15 matches this season to GWS’s 11 and they have a bloke up front who on his day is one of the most potent forwards in the game (from any era) who has a history of performing in Tasmania. Thirteen!

Mottsy Watch: 

I was born in Sydney and live in South Melbourne so whenever Carlton gets knocked out of the finals (every year) and the Swans are still in it, I usually start cheer, cheering the red and the white. My eyes today will be firmly fixed on Buddy, Heeney and Papley (fear the smear!). I respect GWS and particularly the games of Greene, Kelly, Taranto and Whitfield but today I’m hoping it’s a good game and that the Bloods come out on top.
Mottsy’s Tip: Sydney by 20 (tipping record 44.5/64).

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11 thoughts on “Game Chat – EF1 – Sydney v GWS”

    1. Hey, GP.

      Yeah, Swans looking good but I’ve got the Giants in this one. Tough without Mills or Kennedy.

      Rooting for the Swans though.


  1. Swannies couldn’t go full mortal kombat and ‘Finish Him!’
    Whether Greene plays next week might decide it.


    1. don’t think greene will be playing next week . Commentators all seem to defend because he is a good player. He just keeps breaking the rules, dickhead.


  2. Toby Greene should get 6 weeks for fainting and bringing (further) the game into disrepute.
    ……..there needs to be a rule incorporating a free kick against players for being PIA….
    oh wait …..isn’t that what some 50m penalties are for…….LOL


      1. Bruce p,
        Being a swanneez i was joking about his whinging and sooking when things don’t go his way, and commenting on the free kick when he had the ball, and then the end of quarter whinging and umpire bump.
        ps PIA is pain in ass, what 50s should be paid for…….



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