Game Chat – Fremantle v Geelong

Written by Father Dougal on July 27 2020

Where and when: Monday 27th July at Optus Stadium

What it means for the Dockers: A win moves them into the “just good enough to dodge the wooden spoon” group. A loss leaves them in the “Serious wooden spoon contender” group. It could be the Crows have locked up the spoon, but still. Any sort of run will need a win here though. 

What it means for the Cats: A win puts them comfortably in the eight. A loss leaves them in the pack of top eight hopefuls. Also, it would be embarrassing. The Cats are dealing with injuries and might struggle, but still, embarrassing. 

Supercoach Watch:

Fremantle: Ryan and Bewley for some. Sarong and Banfield for others. No Fyfe.

Geelong: Dangerfield has lifted with so many mids out. Duncan is back and sure to be of interest to owners and possible owners.  


Father Dougal’s Watch: Brayshaw! Is he real or is he…well, still real but less premo. I’m kidding, It’s all about Simpson this week!

Father Dougal’s Tip: I expect the Cats to win handily, say 20 or so. 


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27 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Geelong”

    1. Tobe Watson D $123,900.

      Keep an eye on his performance tonight for a possible future target.


  1. Honestly concerned with Watson getting his debut this week. If he plays next week then he rises in price, but he has his bye the week after. That would leave a lot of doubt whether he is still in the team after his bye


    1. The other challenge is not knowing if he gets selected for game 2 with game not scheduled till Sunday and games commencing next round on Wednesday .
      Amy one know if Hill is likely to play this Sunday


      1. I just got rid off him. With the staggered release of teamsheets and packed rounds, it would have been a nightmare just hoping he’d be named.


        1. Might do the same GB but other players can also be traded Eg Brander , Mcinerney, D Smith , Taylor


  2. CD will be hard pressed to dish out 3300 tonight lol. Scaling will be VERY generous.


    1. After saying that he hit a target, but seeing Simpson is spending a lot of time on the bench


    2. Dw, Nato. He just kicked one and rocketed up to 50+.

      Goals worth heaps in such a low scoring, dirty game.

      Fancy one, Simpson?


      1. Real glad on that, as after my comment he was all over the ball hitting player after player.

        Time for Simpson is killing me so far, just not getting his hands on the ball!

        Hope that works!


  3. I need 98 from Danger to win my cash league round. He has 22 at halftime. What do you think ?
    TU: still time
    TD: forget it


  4. Far out this is a hard game to watch.
    I stopped watching at the start of the second quarter and put Ninja Warrior I was struggling so much…..


  5. Brayshaw has come of age. Brilliant wet weather footballer and is playing with great confidence.


  6. 3/4 Time in the wet and it’s the Cats by 18 points in a real low scoring game
    3.9.27 to 1.3.9

    Andrew Brayshaw 108
    Adam Cerra 104
    Luke Ryan 89
    Michael Walters 88
    Sean Darcy 84
    Caleb Serong 79
    David Mundy 77
    Reece Conca 58
    Nathan Wilson 57
    Taylin Duman 52
    Ethan Hughes 48
    Brett Bewley 46
    Bailey Banfield 44
    James Aish 41
    Matt Taberner 39
    Lachlan Schulz 37
    Tobe Watson 35
    Rory Lobb 27
    Brandon Matera 27
    Blake Acres 17
    Minairo Frederick 14
    Darcy Tucker 1

    Mitch Duncan 128
    Harry Taylor 110
    Mark Blicavs 95
    Sam Menegola 82
    Zach Tuohy 81
    Brandan Parfitt 72
    Gary Rohan 65
    Tom Stewart 63
    P. Dangerfield 61
    Mark O’Connor 61
    Charlie Constable 59
    Lachlan Fogarty 58
    Cameron Guthrie 54
    Bradley Close* 53
    Tom Hawkins 45
    Lachie Henderson 42
    Esava Ratugolea 41
    Jack Henry 38
    Jake Kolodjashnij 36
    Sam Simpson 34
    Jed Bews 31
    Gryan Miers 25


  7. Walters with bit of a hammy issue right at the end of the game. Hoping they are playing him somewhat safe and it isn’t too serious


  8. Serong with a whopping 116! Wish I played him instead of simpson but hey cant be mad about how much extra cash he is going to generate now


  9. Full Time – Cats by 32 points in a wet low scoring affair. Cats rookie B Close on 74 points will be a popular downgrade target next week, & for the Dockers, the late in of T Watson finished up on 47 points.

    Andrew Brayshaw 128
    Caleb Serong 116
    Luke Ryan 116
    Adam Cerra 113
    Michael Walters 112
    David Mundy 99
    Sean Darcy 95
    Reece Conca 81
    Nathan Wilson 71
    Ethan Hughes 69
    Brett Bewley 62
    Bailey Banfield 60
    Taylin Duman 53
    Lachlan Schulz 47
    Tobe Watson 47
    James Aish 44
    Matt Taberner 39
    Rory Lobb 33
    Brandon Matera 31
    Blake Acres 28
    Minairo Frederick 13
    Darcy Tucker

    Mitch Duncan 144
    Harry Taylor 121
    Mark Blicavs 119
    Sam Menegola 113
    Zach Tuohy 102
    Brandan Parfitt 97
    Cameron Guthrie 95
    Tom Hawkins 89
    P. Dangerfield 87
    Tom Stewart 86
    Mark O’Connor 85
    Gary Rohan 80
    Lachlan Fogarty 76
    Bradley Close* 74
    Charlie Constable 65
    Lachie Henderson 65
    Jack Henry 52
    Sam Simpson 50
    Jake Kolodjashnij 49
    Esava Ratugolea 48
    Jed Bews 42
    Gryan Miers 29



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