Game Chat – Fremantle v Geelong

Written by Motts on July 15 2021

Where and when: Perth Stadium at 8.10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 8, 2020: Fremantle 2.4 (16) DEF BY Geelong 6.12 (48) at Perth Stadium. NB Of the 5 games they’ve played at Perth Stadium, this has been their only win.

Last five: Fremantle 3-2, Geelong 4-1

Match Preview: I may be a one-eyed Blues supporter but I reckon last Saturday’s result flattered the Cats. The Blues defence was more than serviceable. Had they been able to kick straight, us supporters might be celebrating 3 on the trot. Now I’ve got that out of my system, let me get to my point. If the Cats bring the game they’ve brought to the table the last couple of weeks, they could be in a spot of bother against Freo at home. The Dockers dominated the Hawks down in Tassie and in the last 5 have knocked off Collingwood and Gold Coast (who’s wins on the weekend franked Freo’s form).

Mottsy Watch: 

Fyfe, Cerra, Serong
Dangerfield, Hawkins, Selwood
Mottsy’s Tip: Fremantle by 10 points (tipping record 34/48).

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29 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Geelong”

  1. Canned get a weather report please, gents?
    Is it wet over there

    Considering wacking brayshaw on the pine with the E. If he cops O’Conor he may spud it right up and bramble if playing off the half back may just provide a serviceable score again .


      1. Hi GD, busy day with all the venue changes and your captains updates.

        No players for me tonight. I give the Dockers a chance.


    1. Early weather report : 9-18 Showers (1-3mm, 95% chance of rainfall)

      15 and light showers at 5 pm Perth time.


  2. Evening all.

    I’m proud to welcome Nat Fyfe to my team.

    I have always wanted to own you, but durability or price have kept me away.

    With just 6 rounds left I thought what the heck!


    I just couldn’t add Guthrie to Stewart, Hawkins and Danger in tonights side.

    Finals on the line, Fyfes time to shine. If Fyfe gets some attention, at least Brayshaw may get off the chain.

    Excited about Darcy, he is auditioning for a heap of 2022 side. I’m cheering him on for ya Abs.

    Go Freo and Go Fyfe.


    1. Ooof! That is f*ckin’ ballsy, FT! Good luck, will be a great pick if he makes it through unscathed.

      Yeah, VC Darcy for Abs a big watch for me as well lol.


    2. After the schlacking last week and of course VC Darcy it guarantees one thing, I want a Freo win!

      Love the Fyfe pick, if I could flip Crippled to him I would have!

      Would love to see O’Connor try and Stop Fyfe. Can’t remember the last time that worked lol


  3. Evening all! Coming to you from recovery room in Brissy hospital – had a couple of “fun” procedures this arvo so hopefully I’ve got my players in field!!

    Hoping for a big one from Danger and hopefully home to watch second half!

    Nice write up above Freo and hope Fyfe goes well for you … but not enough to deny the Cats a win!!


        1. The profile pic change lmao!

          He’s had 8 CPs, what the actual f*ck lol.

          Starting him next year. Lock it in, Eddie.


          1. If he had slotted one of those, would have locked in an awkward 4+ hours and a call to the doctor.


  4. I had the choice a few weeks ago of NicNat or Darcy.

    No prizes for guessing which way I went! ‍♂️


  5. Just imagine how many fantasy points extra danger would score if he could kick straight. Has kicked 1.2 in this first quarter with 3 very fettable shots.


  6. Darcy an arrow to the knee!

    Damn. Sorry, Abs and others. Should get some generous scaling, still a large score.


  7. There’s no way Fyfe can play out the year with this shoulder injury. He’s basically playing one armed out there.



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