28 thoughts on “Game Chat – Fremantle v Melbourne”

  1. Big Friday night again.

    At home this week so I hope the crowd can help us get over the line.

    Ryan . Darcy . Brodie . Oliver and Petracca for me here tonight.

    My only loop is Hamilton so I need a VC tonight. I few must win finals make this a pretty difficult choice . Head says Oliver . Heart says Petracca can go big.

    Petracca gets the nod, he’s usually 85 or 140 plus. I feel Oliver might get a 120 ish score and I really need a big Captains score this week. Laird . Neale or Touk seem like pretty solid back up if Trac fails.

    Best of luck to everyone for their finals match ups this week.

    Go Freo !


    1. I’ve gone Oliver as vc ,I know he doesn’t go great at Optus,I know he’s coming off a96 ,but I still think he could go big in west, good luck all


      1. Longmuir just said Aish will go to Oliver.

        Gus Brayshaw looks like he’s going in the middle.

        Petracca could be playing more forward.

        Tempted to go Ryan as a Pod VC

        I think the nerves are getting to me.


  2. “We’re going to send Gawny there (forward line) a little bit more throughout the night”

    “Angus Brayshaw will play through the midfield tonight”

    Melbourne senior coach Simon Goodwin via Fox Footy


    1. “We’ll go (James) Aish to (Clayton) Oliver”

      Fremantle senior coach Justin Longmuir via Fox Footy


  3. The lockout clock on my SC site malfunctioning. Its displaying “invalid date” Anyone else with this issue?


  4. Pav commentating on ground mentioned Oliver just ran straight down to the rooms! Something to be aware of! Hopefully nothing!


    1. Hi Gunboat.
      Same as you in this game except for Sean Darcy and Steven May.

      Will be an interesting match up over the weekend with plenty of pods between our sides.

      Good luck


  5. That trade of Oliver to Laird 2 weeks ago because of his injury is continuing to look better.
    Oliver only on 36 at half



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