Game Chat – Geelong v Essendon

Written by Motts on September 6 2020

Where and when: Gabba, 3:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: 2019, Geelong DEF Essendon

What it means for The Cats: Must win game to stay in the Top 4.

What it means for The Bombers: Need to win to stay in the hunt for finals footy.

Motts Watch: Danger. 
Mottsy’s Tip: Cats by 25.

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27 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v Essendon”

  1. Settling back to watch my bombers inflict the first of three painful losses to finals aspirants over the last three rds.

    Just opened a fine 4 litre cask of chateau cardboard which should get me through the game…..well, to half time at least !!


  2. Who does C Guthrie tag – Sheil or Merrett? Suspect will shut Merrett down.
    Predict Danger & Stewart go big today.


  3. Why is Hawkins the only player I see that’s allowed to use two hands to push a player out then take a mark. Does it nearly every contest. By the way not a Bomber and good luck to him he’s a beast.


  4. Cats with DOUBLE the total SC points of the Dons, damn. This is a massacre.

    Time to bust open the scotch, Wighty.


  5. Wighty, feel like I said this last time we played, but I’m feeling your pain.

    Left work early today with a big of excitement to watch my bombers and enjoy Father’s Day and now I’m almost a bottle of wine in and the pain won’t subside…..

    Thinking about going back to work….

    Only good thing is I have Danger, Duncan and Stewart in my team. Draper and Ridley not doing as well



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