Game Chat – Geelong v North

Written by Motts on August 5 2020

Where and when: Gabba, 5:40pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Round 21, 2019. Geelong 9.15 (69) ABSOLUTELY FLOGGED North 1.8 (14)

What it means for The Cats: Sitting 6th on 5 and 4 and coming off a loss out West, Geelong need to make a statement against a lower placed team.

What it means for The Roos: North did what they needed to against The Crows last week. Knocking off The Cats would send a message that they’re not going to be the comp’s whipping boys any longer.

Motts Watch: Jy Simpkin. I’ve been filthy on him for 3 weeks. If he had the bye this round he’d be walking around with the imprint of my boot on his backside. Lift, son!

Mottsy’s Tip: Cats by 30


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55 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v North”

  1. Taylor Rankine hill out
    in Stewart & Duncan
    & skinner unfortunately .
    Backline finished
    400k in the war chest
    Rookie to Simpkin next week
    What to do with smith & smith ?


    1. Jo , Just checking you have Lloyd, Sicily, Ridley and at least any of Maynard/Haynes/Williams/, a POD and now Stewart? that would be the template in my opinion.


      1. Ha ha
        Not even close
        Ryan Ridley docharty Stewart Doedee Hurn
        Starcevich Zac-thatcher
        I said finished not perfect


  2. question for tech team – if you can trade out Simpkin for Stewart via duals, should you??

    Trades running low, and will leave no cash … but is it a sign?

    Edit – not Stewart, Doedee!! Back to accounting school for me!!

    T/U – yes do it
    T/D – hold Simpkin


    1. i’ll show myself the door on that one folks – lack of sleep and not leaving much time tonight – gee, work has a lot of explaining to do for itself!!
      But thanks for the responses regardless!!


  3. Whos the best rookie for to trade in before this game?
    Don’t mind if they have played one game or debuting this week and can be any line


      1. Whoops sorry brain fade as I should have clarified that. I’ll rephrase. Getting Draper already need another rookie to afford Duncan. Whos next best?


      2. I’ve already spent 2 trades this round, and I’ve spent max trades this season. Is it worth using another to bring in Draper? Or is he not that important?
        T/U: You gotta get him in
        T/D: Save the trade, you’ll need it later


  4. Need a captain since Macrae as VC didn’t work out and don’t have Neale

    TU : Gawn – under injury cloud but playing bottom side
    TD : Grundy – not looking 100% either as with D Cameron in, may be rested a bit


    1. Those two first quarter goals and injuries to Taylor and now Ben Brown make his JS solid. Comes in next week for many, including myself.


    1. they said at the start he’ll be rested a fair bit forward … concerns over the back to back to back games…


  5. Mr Stewart…I didn’t recruit you to serve up this garbage. Maybe with Brown out there is no matchup ?


  6. If you haven’t checked the other threads yet, legend Chaos has posted the teams for tomorrow – those banking on D Cameron – bad news … again, omitted

    Buckley = new FURL!!!


  7. Half Time – Geelong in front 5.8.38 to Nth Melb 3.2.20

    Gryan Miers 71
    Jack Steven 67
    Sam Menegola 58
    Tom Hawkins 58
    Cameron Guthrie 57
    Mark Blicavs 55
    P. Dangerfield 46
    Mark O’Connor 46
    Tom Stewart 45
    Mitch Duncan 41
    Jack Henry 41
    Tom Atkins 40
    Harry Taylor 37
    Rhys Stanley 36
    Zach Guthrie 35
    Lachie Henderson 30
    Lachlan Fogarty 30
    Jed Bews 30
    Sam Simpson 28
    Zach Tuohy 25
    Joel Selwood 24
    Bradley Close 16

    Todd Goldstein 76
    Shaun Higgins 59
    Shaun Atley 54
    Luke McDonald 53
    Robbie Tarrant 52
    Jy Simpkin 44
    Jed Anderson 43
    Lachlan Hosie 39
    Jamie Macmillan 39
    Bailey Scott 38
    Josh Walker 34
    Trent Dumont 32
    Jasper Pittard 32
    Aaron Hall 28
    Jared Polec 28
    Jack Mahony* 26
    Ben McKay 25
    Cameron Zurhaar 21
    Aiden Bonar 20
    Majak Daw 19
    Will Walker 11
    Ben Brown 1


  8. Message to my 3 Cats players, Danger, Duncan and Stewart, so you think you could actually outscore Simpson who I traded out this week please….??

    If you 3 could get together and sort that out this last quarter it would be much appreciated.



    1. Danger is a big game player
      Duncan probably still gaining fitness &
      Stewart is trying to stay awake with not much to do back there


  9. Full Time – Cats win by 33 points and coaches who brought in Stewart will be disappointed with his score, especially if they traded out Simpkin.

    Geelong Cats: 13.12.90
    Mark Blicavs 127
    Cameron Guthrie 124
    Gryan Miers 119
    Tom Hawkins 115
    Sam Menegola 109
    Jack Steven 105
    Lachlan Fogarty 102
    Mitch Duncan 101
    P. Dangerfield 89
    Rhys Stanley 78
    Sam Simpson 72
    Mark O’Connor 69
    Jack Henry 69
    Tom Stewart 68
    Zach Guthrie 59
    Zach Tuohy 58
    Joel Selwood 57
    Jed Bews 56
    Lachie Henderson 55
    Tom Atkins 54
    Harry Taylor 49
    Bradley Close 31

    North Melb
    Trent Dumont 110
    Shaun Higgins 109
    Jy Simpkin 103
    Todd Goldstein 102
    Jed Anderson 100
    Luke McDonald 95
    Robbie Tarrant 90
    Josh Walker 80
    Bailey Scott 74
    Jared Polec 71
    Will Walker 67
    Jamie Macmillan 67
    Shaun Atley 62
    Jasper Pittard 62
    Aaron Hall 60
    Ben McKay 58
    Lachlan Hosie 54
    Cameron Zurhaar 49
    Majak Daw 48
    Jack Mahony* 46
    Aiden Bonar 26
    Ben Brown


  10. Fml was supposed to bring in both Duncan and Stewart but missed the start of game! Thought it was a 7.10pm start like the other games earlier in the week! 2020 sucks. Oh well, my bad. At least I can bring in Cripps, Simpkin next week. And I guess Stewart/Duncan are still cheap enough if I still want them….



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