Game Chat – Gold Coast v St Kilda

Written by Motts on June 15 2019

Where and when: Riverway Stadium (Townsville), Saturday June 15, 1.45pm AEST 

What it means for Gold Coast: The Suns are desperate to win. They’ve lost eight matches straight and need some impetus heading into the bye. Their encouraging first month seems so long ago now and a victory in front of their North Queensland fans would do wonders for the remainder of the year.

What it means for St Kilda: Like the Suns, the Saints’ feel-good start to the season feels an age ago. Fresh off the bye, a win would well-and-truly extricate them from the bottom four teams and keep their finals hope flickering.

The stat: One Sun flying under the radar this season is small forward-turn-midfielder Darcy MacPherson. He is ranked fourth in the competition for average pressure acts (25.6 a game) and fifth for tackles (6.6).

The match-up: Tim Membrey v Jack Hombsch

With a backline in constant flux through injury, it’s hard to know the Suns’ specific matchups, but Hombsch (360 on the Official AFL Player Ratings) is a good fit for the athletic Membrey (No. 185). The Saint has kicked two goals in each of his past four outings against Gold Coast and again looms as a dangerman in a versatile forward set-up.

It’s a big week for: Will Brodie. The young Gold Coast midfielder is in his third season and played just 14 games. Brodie was recalled to play North Melbourne last start and had a good outing with 30 disposals, but needs to back it up to solidify his position.

Big call: Both teams to top 90 points in the warm, dry conditions.

Mottsy’s Tip: Suns by 12 points.


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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v St Kilda”


    Gold Coast: Anthony Miles, Alex Sexton, Brayden Fiorini, Corey Ellis
    St Kilda: Blake Acres, Hunter Clark, Brandon White, Matt Parker


  2. Show me why it was worth taking a punt on you Macpherson!
    Named as a follower to start! What I like to see!


  3. I’d love to know what the lowest amount of players is that coaches have playing this week – I think I saw some poor coach with 9 mentioned on this site during the week. Burgess, Corbett, Steele & R Young as out didn’t help the R13 debacle.


        1. no available players that fit my team structure this week besides clarke yesterday for atkins
          100-200 pts for 1 week isn’t worth pay’n overs or a risky trade
          rooks still got money to make
          having said that ,
          if drew doesn’t play , i’ll probably bring in bewley


  4. look’n fwd to watch’n Corey Ellis today
    233k for a DP ex tiger that couldn’t break in to their side @ their peak ,
    was tempted to bring him in on his 1st game this week


      1. Up until a few minutes ago I was thinking it was even-money odds he’d be gone by lunchtime Monday, but they’ve since lifted.



    Q time
    suns 3.5.23 – 0.2.2

    A. Miles 35
    L. Dunstan 33
    J. Martin 29
    J. Billings 32
    J. Joyce 28
    J. Sinclair 27
    P. Wright 28
    R. Marshall 27
    D. MacPherson 28
    J. Newnes 26
    B. Fiorini 28
    S. Savage 25
    D. Swallow 27
    J. Gresham 24
    L. Weller 25
    B. White 22
    W. Brodie 23
    B. Acres 21
    J. Lukosius 21
    S. Ross 20
    B. King 21
    T. Membrey 19
    W. Powell 19
    D. Kent 19
    J. Harbrow 17
    J. Marsh 13
    J. Hombsch 17
    J. Battle 10
    C. Ballard 16
    N. Brown 10
    N. Holman 16
    C. Wilkie 9
    C. Ah Chee 15
    N. Hind 7
    J. Witts 15
    D. Armitage 7
    A. Sexton 11
    J. Bruce 6
    S. Day 9
    D. McKenzie 5
    C. Ellis 7
    H. Clark 5
    G. Horlin-Smith 7
    M. Parker -1


  6. MacPherson hit a bit of a brick wall in the 2nd half of that quarter. Seeing him around the play but inaccurate disposals from both teams not helping him. Glad to see his DE% up, needs the disposals to go with it. Still on a decent score at half and I’ll take it.


      1. For sure, it will all depend on where he is placed on the field and how the team is travelling as he has the potential. I’m hoping i haven’t gone too early on him but a 5rd average of 100 is promising signs


        1. i checked him out 2-3 weeks ago but was put off by his price @ 445k ,
          if i spotted him the week before , might have taken him too


  7. GCS
    Head to Head
    Team Stats
    Player Stats

    1/2 time
    suns 5.3.36 – 2.5.13

    A. Miles 61
    J. Billings 67
    J. Joyce 60
    L. Dunstan 52
    J. Martin 60
    R. Marshall 51
    L. Weller 57
    S. Ross 50
    W. Brodie 54
    J. Newnes 44
    J. Hombsch 53
    J. Sinclair 43
    C. Ah Chee 48
    B. Acres 39
    D. Swallow 48
    S. Savage 38
    B. King 43
    D. Kent 34
    J. Witts 43
    D. Armitage 33
    J. Harbrow 42
    T. Membrey 31
    D. MacPherson 42
    J. Gresham 31
    B. Fiorini 41
    C. Wilkie 27
    P. Wright 39
    N. Brown 27
    J. Lukosius 36
    B. White 26
    S. Day 35
    N. Hind 25
    W. Powell 33
    H. Clark 24
    C. Ellis 33
    J. Marsh 23
    C. Ballard 30
    J. Battle 18
    N. Holman 28
    D. McKenzie 14
    A. Sexton 15
    M. Parker 13
    G. Horlin-Smith 11
    J. Bruce 9


  8. Saints looking good 🙁

    Seriously, this is an embarrassing spectacle. At least my #18 on field Parker is flying again!

    Weller looking better every week, post-injury



  9. WooHoo Parker – you’ve just made it past your BE of 23 – so glad I held you for this week, your contribution is going to be enormous. Almost makes me think a donut would have been better….


    1. He and balta were going to be my first outs this week, but no young and cumming injured got them both a reprieve, no chance they survive next week whatever the circumstances.



    3/4 time
    suns 8.9.57 – 7.8.50

    A. Miles 84
    J. Billings 93
    J. Joyce 82
    T. Membrey 87
    W. Brodie 81
    L. Dunstan 72
    J. Martin 78
    J. Gresham 68
    J. Witts 74
    S. Ross 68
    S. Day 73
    R. Marshall 68
    L. Weller 73
    B. Acres 67
    J. Hombsch 67
    J. Newnes 67
    C. Ah Chee 67
    J. Sinclair 58
    D. MacPherson 63
    D. Kent 51
    C. Ellis 60
    J. Battle 50
    P. Wright 59
    C. Wilkie 50
    D. Swallow 58
    D. Armitage 50
    B. Fiorini 58
    N. Hind 42
    J. Harbrow 52
    S. Savage 40
    J. Lukosius 50
    B. White 39
    N. Holman 46
    D. McKenzie 39
    B. King 43
    N. Brown 35
    C. Ballard 42
    H. Clark 35
    W. Powell 41
    J. Marsh 33
    A. Sexton 33
    J. Bruce 29
    G. Horlin-Smith 18
    M. Parker 23


    1. had weller, wilke and hind
      Pretty happy with that.

      only got 15 on the field, not so happy with that 😛


  11. 12 disposal game from Macpherson!!! Thankful that 10 were contested as he was just getting none of the ball today. His worse performance all year in terms of stats but was still quite influential in his plays. I really hope this is a one off, as i can’t be affording this later in the season



    full time
    suns 11.10.76 – 11.14.80

    before scaling

    A. Miles 108
    J. Billings 163
    L. Weller 104
    R. Marshall 126
    J. Witts 90
    T. Membrey 115
    W. Brodie 89
    S. Ross 108
    D. Swallow 89
    L. Dunstan 97
    J. Harbrow 84
    C. Wilkie 93
    B. Fiorini 82
    J. Sinclair 92
    S. Day 81
    J. Gresham 86
    C. Ah Chee 81
    S. Savage 81
    J. Joyce 76
    B. Acres 77
    J. Martin 76
    J. Newnes 73
    D. MacPherson 76
    B. White 66
    P. Wright 74
    D. Armitage 65
    J. Hombsch 73
    D. Kent 62
    C. Ellis 66
    H. Clark 58
    C. Ballard 65
    J. Marsh 56
    A. Sexton 64
    J. Battle 54
    W. Powell 64
    M. Parker 46
    N. Holman 59
    D. McKenzie 46
    J. Lukosius 56
    N. Hind 43
    B. King 39
    N. Brown 39
    G. Horlin-Smith 16
    J. Bruce 28


  13. Underwhelming but brilliant to see that last 20min effort.
    This is fast becoming the HAWvGEE juel, except it’s of no significance unless you’re a fan. Lukosius may have cost the Suns the game today, skinny kid that he is, but his positional play was outstanding.
    Looking forward to seeing how he and OUR King develop over the next few years. Great footy ahead!

    On another point,
    Told ya Billings would be the biggest beneficiary of Steele OUT. 169 is beyond expectation but he SHOULD overdeliver on price for a while yet!

    Good luck all, as ever 🙂

    PS I think I’m drunk on the win. Only had a couple. Gonna have a couple more now 😉



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