Game Chat – Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Written by Thommo on August 6 2020

Where and When: Metricon Stadium, Thursday 6 August at 8:10pm AEST

Last time they met: Rd 13, 2019: St Kilda 11.14 (80) def Gold Coast 11.10 (76) in Townsville

What it means for Gold Coast: The improvement of the Suns appears to be real and they are truly in contention for their first finals berth. Defeating the in-form Saints will go a long way to locking them in for September (or October) action.

What it means for St Kilda: In the “bad days” of St Kilda football club (ie. until last year) the Saints couldn’t string games together and would drop games like these. If Ratts’ soldiers are destined for glory in 2020 they will ice this game and continue the streak.

Supercoach Watch: The #ManofSteel is enjoying his break-out year the year after I predicted it. Typical! Is there anyone else in this game that is truly SC relevant?

Thommo’s Watch: I don’t have a single player in this match but it should be a cracker of a match. Fancy that, calling a Suns vs Saints match a cracker!

Thommo’s Tip: Saints by 12 points.


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26 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast vs St Kilda”

  1. Inspired by FT, I’ve got Ryder as a cheeky POD here. Hoping he and RoMo do a number on Witts!


        1. Ahaha. Np, FT. Win some and lose some.

          Plays Cats, Dons and Lions after this. Should hopefully ton against those undermanned ruck stocks and perhaps not give away 4 free kicks in a half lol.


          1. Just thought of you mentioning bringing in Ryder last week and I wanted to check on this chat whether you did in the end, hope it’s just a one off! I would say Witt’s is one of the ‘harder’ rucks to score well against so I’d hold onto him as a sneaky POD


  2. Half Time – Suns by 3 points

    Samuel Collins 74
    Hugh Greenwood 69
    Sam Day 54
    Brandon Ellis 53
    Jack Lukosius 53
    Touk Miller 52
    Jarrod Witts 52
    Ben Ainsworth 49
    Lachlan Weller 46
    David Swallow 40
    Izak Rankine 35
    Wil Powell* 33
    Sean Lemmens 29
    Ben King 29
    Nick Holman 29
    Alex Sexton 27
    Jarrod Harbrow 24
    Noah Anderson 23
    Charlie Ballard 21
    Connor Budarick 21
    Jeremy Sharp 21
    Jack Bowes 12

    Rowan Marshall 69
    Ben Paton 57
    Bradley Hill 53
    Jade Gresham 52
    Jack Billings 51
    Jack Steele 50
    Dean Kent 48
    Ed Phillips 46
    Hunter Clark 46
    Nicholas Coffield 43
    Nick Hind 42
    Jake Carlisle 39
    Jack Sinclair 38
    Tim Membrey 34
    Daniel Butler 33
    Max King 33
    Dougal Howard 30
    Callum Wilkie 24
    Zak Jones 14
    Patrick Ryder 14
    Ben Long 11
    Josh Battle 8


  3. Greenwood did little that quarter but Rankine covered for him and has done well. Will be getting another nice cash rise from Rankine for the next couple weeks after today’s score


    1. And of course Rankine disappears the final quarter and goes backwards in score due to the close game………
      And as I typed that he kicks a goal with 2 minutes to play hahaha


  4. Bringing in Touk Miller a month ago was a huge mistake. Thought he was going to be a great POD but he’s back into that tagging role it looks like.


      1. He was lucky to get that. Miller was ghosting Gresham and another Saints mid a lot in the first half and only seemed to run free once those 2 were moved into the fwd 50 (presumably to break the Touk tag). Also the 2 goals helped a lot and if he didn’t kick those he would have been looking at a sub 90 score for the second week in a row.


  5. I’m feeling happy that I traded out Weller for Williams, as he just doesn’t have the scoring. 17 disposals and only on 55sc with 8 mins to go. Is getting many CBA’s but just doesn’t score from it. Barely scored this 2nd half.
    He hasn’t scored 80-90 this season it is either <70 or 100.
    Here comes another <70 score


  6. Full Time – Saints home by 4 points, 12.6.78 to 11.8.74

    Brandon Ellis 111
    Touk Miller 108
    Jarrod Witts 106
    Jack Lukosius 96
    Wil Powell* 93
    Samuel Collins 93
    Hugh Greenwood 92
    Ben Ainsworth 89
    Jarrod Harbrow 79
    Izak Rankine 78
    David Swallow 74
    Sam Day 73
    Noah Anderson 59
    Lachlan Weller 57
    Nick Holman 57
    Ben King 56
    Connor Budarick 52
    Alex Sexton 51
    Jack Bowes 51
    Sean Lemmens 47
    Jeremy Sharp 34
    Charlie Ballard 28

    Rowan Marshall 143
    Jack Steele 124
    Daniel Butler 114
    Jack Billings 103
    Hunter Clark 103
    Callum Wilkie 95
    Nick Hind 93
    Nicholas Coffield 85
    Jake Carlisle 83
    Bradley Hill 72
    Josh Battle 71
    Dean Kent 69
    Dougal Howard 69
    Patrick Ryder 67
    Ed Phillips 59
    Jade Gresham 59
    Jack Sinclair 59
    Zak Jones 58
    Ben Paton 55
    Max King 55
    Tim Membrey 53
    Ben Long 12


  7. Should I get Rowan Marshall next week? Great Pod?
    Oris it a trap?! As Ryder will take much of his scores


  8. i told you all, in trade talk round 10 i got 17 dislikes when i said keep rankine because he’ll beat his breakeven, and what do you know, pay day for me fellas


    1. I also hung onto him just because he’s so fun to watch. Gave King the flick instead. Coin toss really but it’s just fun having Izak on my team.


    2. Yep you were spot on, thankful I kept him for another week just to make a bit more cash, good call



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