Game Chat – Gold Coast v St Kilda

Written by Motts on May 8 2021

Where and when: Metricon Stadium, 2:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R10, 2020: Gold Coast 11.8 (74) DEF BY St Kilda 12.6 (78) at Carrara.

After Ben King kicked his third goal early in the final term, the Suns led by nine points, but it wasn’t enough as Dan Butler produced two pieces of magic to re-take the lead for the final time. Jack Billings (27 disposals) and Jack Steele (21 and two goals) were exceptional in the midfield, while Hunter Clark (19) continued a fine season. Hugh Greenwood (22 disposals) led a strong midfield, while Sam Collins continued to push his case for an All Australian squad berth with another fantastic performance from full-back.

Match Preview: Stewie Dew’s men have hit a purple patch knocking off Sydney and Collingwood over the last 2 weeks. They’ll need to be on their games against St Kilda who dominated the Hawks in Tassie last week. I reckon the Saints are a better team but playing their 3rd away game in 3 weeks will give The Suns the advantage.

Motts Watch: 

Gold Coast
Greenwood and Rankine

St Kilda
Marshall and Billings

Mottsy’s Tip: Suns by 10 (tipping record 15/21).

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18 thoughts on “Game Chat – Gold Coast v St Kilda”

    Gold Coast: Nil
    St Kilda: Seb Ross replaced in selected side by Mason Wood

    Gold Coast: Alex Sexton
    St Kilda: Jack Lonie


    1. SEB Ross is a late out for St Kilda’s clash against Gold Coast on Saturday after his wife gave birth to twins on Friday … on his 28th birthday.


        1. ……before I read who the subs were after that GD, you, me and a gazillion others went into overdrive……but of course Ross is not a defender……


    1. Named him as the second smoky in the captaincy article this week, Wighty.

      You clearly didn’t read it lol, so here it is again:

      MARSHALL v Suns

      L3 v Suns: 143, 122 (133 av.)
      L3 @ MS: 105, 143, 76 (108 av.)

      Suns announced they’re going to stick with their ruck set up of Burgess and Graham this week, who managed 13 HOs to Grundy and Cameron’s 50 the other day. Irrespective of how the game goes, Ryder and RoMo will just have a field day in the ruck contests. Marshall’s got a juicy albeit limited record v Suns, looked really limber and in sync with Ryder last week and will have those lucrative F50 HOs to feast on. Will go 120 at a minimum, with a chance to go large depending on the outcome of the game.


      1. GD…I do recall that now….so much to read…..can’t retain it all. Ryder my only concern,


  2. Hunter Clark – 11 touches 5 marks 1 tackle and sits on 16 points at HT. Is he butchering it or?! Wow


  3. Wondering why Lukosius scoring has plummeted since about the second round.
    To me he doesn’t seem to really get involved and just wanders around picking up the occasional possession.
    I would have been better fielding Koschitzke at this rate.


    1. pretty sure he has had a role change Shaggi and its obvious he’s not comfortable in the role


      1. Yep…two tons in first three rds playing back, then on the wing since….not happy Jan !!


  4. Steele just butchers the ball doesn’t he?? 22 possies thus far, with 15 kicks 5 tackles and 9 CP’s … but only 54DE is killing his scoring …

    AND just typical Marshall scoring well when we needed him to be shy of his BE to drop a little more and allow him to be grabbed for the FWDS in a week or two … bad bye as well …


  5. Saints get away with it late …

    St Kilda Saints: 8.15.63
    Jack Billings 120
    Rowan Marshall 103
    Callum Wilkie 95
    Jack Steele 93
    Hunter Clark 87
    Dougal Howard 87
    Zak Jones 86
    Brad Crouch 79
    Jack Higgins 76
    Bradley Hill 74
    Jimmy Webster 72
    Max King 70
    Josh Battle 67
    Jack Sinclair 65
    Daniel Butler 57
    Ryan Byrnes 54
    Patrick Ryder 52
    Nicholas Coffield 47
    Darragh Joyce 46
    Jack Bytel 31
    Tim Membrey 27
    Mason Wood 21
    Jack Lonie

    Gold Coast Suns: 7.12.54
    Wil Powell 116
    Touk Miller 101
    David Swallow 91
    Lachlan Weller 90
    Hugh Greenwood 84
    Oleg Markov 77
    Jack Bowes 76
    Nick Holman 76
    Brandon Ellis 75
    Jack Lukosius 64
    Samuel Collins 64
    Noah Anderson 56
    Ben King* 56
    Sean Lemmens 52
    Jy Farrar 48
    Izak Rankine 47
    Caleb Graham 43
    Sam Flanders 42
    Charlie Ballard 41
    Josh Corbett 37
    Chris Burgess 30
    Ben Ainsworth 28
    Alex Sexton

    Still almost 400 points to be allocated … WOW … what are the scorers doing??? Going to be some big changes here …


    1. and as expected, significant changes to lots of players … compare them here:

      The most SC relevant are:
      Steele – 93 to 110
      B Crouch – 79 – 107!!??
      Bowes – 76 to 93

      St Kilda Saints: 8.15.63
      Jack Billings 130
      Jack Steele 110
      Brad Crouch 108
      Rowan Marshall 107
      Callum Wilkie 104
      Zak Jones 98
      Hunter Clark 95
      Dougal Howard 95
      Patrick Ryder 95
      Jack Higgins 84
      Jimmy Webster 79
      Bradley Hill 75
      Jack Sinclair 70
      Josh Battle 68
      Max King 65
      Ryan Byrnes 62
      Daniel Butler 60
      Nicholas Coffield 51
      Darragh Joyce 51
      Tim Membrey 43
      Jack Bytel 40
      Mason Wood 22
      Jack Lonie

      Gold Coast Suns: 7.12.54
      Wil Powell 122
      Touk Miller 115
      Oleg Markov 113
      David Swallow 107
      Nick Holman 96
      Lachlan Weller 94
      Jack Bowes 93
      Hugh Greenwood 92
      Brandon Ellis 80
      Samuel Collins 72
      Jy Farrar 66
      Jack Lukosius 64
      Sean Lemmens 63
      Noah Anderson 62
      Ben King* 62
      Izak Rankine 50
      Caleb Graham 45
      Sam Flanders 42
      Josh Corbett 41
      Ben Ainsworth 37
      Charlie Ballard 37
      Chris Burgess 33
      Alex Sexton


      1. Good system, don’t pay blokes when they earn them then give them to whoever you want at the end.



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