10 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Collingwood”

  1. Daicos absolutely locked down by the Maginness tag.
    Had 3 disposals at half time.
    Was expecting this more through the year


  2. Daicos has come off and appears to be out for the game.
    Claims say it is a leg injury, others say it is a fake after having a shocker


  3. I am so angry at myself for for trading in T.Mitchell weeks ago.
    Basically he has been a supercoach season destroyer.
    He has let me down just about every week.
    I think it is even doubtful that he is in Collingwoods best 22


    1. I also stupidly traded him into my side in R15 and watched him crack the ton only once since then and with 3 scores under 50. No idea what I was thinking. Before then, he had 10/13 tons – I’ve lost quite a few games as a result. I might be better off running Wilmot on field instead. Very angry.



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