Game Chat – Hawthorn v West Coast

Written by Motts on June 29 2019

Where and when: MCG, Saturday 29 June, 1.45pm AEST

What it means for Hawthorn: Its season is quickly spiralling out of control. Three straight losses have seen the Hawks fall two clear games out of the eight, making finals footy look a distant possibility. Victory is essential on Saturday.

What it means for West Coast: The scoreline might not have reflected the Eagles’ dominance last week, but they looked as though they were getting back to their best. A game clear inside the top four, they can consolidate that position this weekend.

The stat: The Eagles will be looking to maintain their unbeaten record at the MCG since the start of 2018. A win on Saturday will make it five straight at the ground.

The match-up: Ricky Henderson v Andrew Gaff

Two of the best runners in the game, this pair will be looking to get on top on the outside this weekend. Henderson is enjoying a career-best season, averaging 27.4 disposals per game, while Gaff continues to win the footy at will and is averaging 32.2 disposals himself.

It’s a big week for: James Sicily (Hawthorn)

The big question for Sicily remains where he will play. Having started forward over the last fortnight, his impact has been seriously diminished. Now, Alastair Clarkson must consider whether it’s an experiment worth persisting with. Expect him to push back into defence.

Big call: Kennedy’s still king, as JJK kicks a big bag of five at the MCG.

Mottsy’s Tip: West Coast by 20 points

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81 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v West Coast”

  1. No late changes.
    It is pi55ing down and gusting big time, for those not in Melbourne. Could be a big day for the likes of Yeo, methinks!


  2. Praying that the rain negates the weagles big boy talls and our smalls can wreak a havoc. Go hawkers!

    Now quick question, I couldn’t afford the upgrade to Gawn and had to get rid of Lobb so went to nicnat.

    TU interesting pod and not a bad idea
    TD you’re crazy and should of traded down others to get Gawn


  3. bucketing down here @ the G
    very windy
    should help get hurns price down
    kennedy & darling might struggle too
    go hawks


  4. Players coming out onto field now – I’m on Fox – if they show where Sicily is with (ie forwards group) I’ll try to post in time!


  5. Tight one so far …

    Hawthorn Hawks: 3.3.21
    James Worpel 35
    Luke Breust 33
    Conor Nash 33
    Liam Shiels 31
    Jaeger O’Meara 31
    Jack Gunston 24
    Daniel Howe 24
    Ben McEvoy 23
    Tim O’Brien 22
    Blake Hardwick 20
    Oliver Hanrahan 20
    Tom Scully 19
    Isaac Smith 17
    Conor Glass 17
    James Sicily 17
    James Frawley 16
    Paul Puopolo 14
    Jonathon Ceglar 14
    Dylan Moore 13
    Jarman Impey 12
    Ricky Henderson 12
    Shaun Burgoyne 10

    West Coast Eagles: 3.5.23
    Jack Darling* 50
    Jamie Cripps 34
    Mark Hutchings 32
    Dom Sheed 31
    Shannon Hurn 30
    Brad Sheppard 26
    Chris Masten 25
    Elliot Yeo 22
    Nic Naitanui 22
    Tom Hickey 18
    Jack Redden 18
    Lewis Jetta 17
    Luke Shuey 15
    Jackson Nelson 15
    Josh J. Kennedy 13
    Willie Rioli 13
    Andrew Gaff 9
    Will Schofield 9
    Jarrod Cameron 5
    Oscar Allen 4
    Liam Ryan 2
    Liam Duggan 2


  6. oh man, Sicily proving useless in defence as well it seems – he should have become Hurn today it seems … Hurn just racking up the points …


    1. he just looks disinterested … he’s does ‘look’ switched on … if that makes sense??

      This Hawks team look very unorganised … very un-Hawks like … last week’s swapping players around by Clarko has upset their structures I think and they are all scrambling … just my thoughts …


      1. Macca how close were you to benching sicily, I gave it some thought but reckoned he would bounce back a bit this week. A bit sad when you are hoping a “premo “makes it to 70 odd.


        1. had my finger on the “S” button mate – if he lined up in the Fwds he was straight to the bench … but looks like he should have been anyway *sad* … was seriously also considering trading him to Hurn … sadly holding onto the SC rule “don’t trade your premos unless LTI …” not sure he is in premo quality ATM though … something not right at the Hawks and last weeks coaching rubbish by Clarko hasn’t helped them … or us SC coaches it seems *wink*!!!


      1. Sorry mate. He may well be priced under $350k the following week and at this rate am not sure I’ll even bother!


        1. yeah – Ryan was the man to have this year it seems … *sad face* – Clarkson has a lot to answer for …


  7. Weagles well in front at the half …

    West Coast Eagles: 6.8.44
    Jack Darling* 67
    Jamie Cripps 65
    Dom Sheed 59
    Andrew Gaff 56
    Brad Sheppard 53
    Mark Hutchings 53
    Shannon Hurn 52
    Jack Redden 51
    Nic Naitanui 45
    Liam Ryan 44
    Tom Hickey 37
    Elliot Yeo 36
    Lewis Jetta 34
    Luke Shuey 31
    Chris Masten 31
    Jackson Nelson 30
    Jarrod Cameron 28
    Willie Rioli 26
    Josh J. Kennedy 20
    Will Schofield 18
    Liam Duggan 9
    Oscar Allen 8

    Hawthorn Hawks: 3.6.24
    Jack Darling* 67
    Jamie Cripps 65
    Dom Sheed 59
    Andrew Gaff 56
    Brad Sheppard 53
    Mark Hutchings 53
    Shannon Hurn 52
    Jack Redden 51
    Nic Naitanui 45
    Liam Ryan 44
    Tom Hickey 37
    Elliot Yeo 36
    Lewis Jetta 34
    Luke Shuey 31
    Chris Masten 31
    Jackson Nelson 30
    Jarrod Cameron 28
    Willie Rioli 26
    Josh J. Kennedy 20
    Will Schofield 18
    Liam Duggan 9
    Oscar Allen 8


    1. oops!!

      Hawthorn Hawks: 3.6.24
      Jaeger O’Meara 69
      Paul Puopolo 57
      Liam Shiels 53
      Luke Breust 52
      James Worpel 50
      Tom Scully 48
      Tim O’Brien 47
      Jonathon Ceglar 44
      Isaac Smith 37
      Conor Nash 37
      Ben McEvoy 36
      Conor Glass 34
      James Sicily 34
      Jack Gunston 33
      Ricky Henderson 33
      Shaun Burgoyne 31
      Blake Hardwick 30
      Daniel Howe 30
      Jarman Impey 29
      James Frawley 22
      Oliver Hanrahan 19
      Dylan Moore 16

      sorry all!! Thanks AS!!


    1. Ankle sprain only. He was interviewed on 9 saying max. two weeks.
      Surely can’t be Rocky part ii?!


        1. haha…there is my love for bombers……
          …then there is sc……its like which of your children do you love most !!


  8. Great quarter by the Hawks – coming back – they must have been reading these SC pages … SCTalk has a lot of power!!

    Hawthorn Hawks: 7.13.55
    James Worpel 99
    Jaeger O’Meara 97
    Paul Puopolo 78
    Luke Breust 77
    Liam Shiels 73
    James Sicily 69
    Shaun Burgoyne 67
    Isaac Smith 62
    Ricky Henderson 59
    Tom Scully 58
    Jarman Impey 56
    Ben McEvoy 56
    Tim O’Brien 54
    Conor Nash 54
    Conor Glass 50
    Blake Hardwick 49
    Jack Gunston 48
    Oliver Hanrahan 43
    Jonathon Ceglar 40
    Daniel Howe 37
    James Frawley 36
    Dylan Moore 28

    West Coast Eagles: 7.8.50
    Luke Shuey 89
    Shannon Hurn 89
    Andrew Gaff 87
    Dom Sheed 75
    Jack Darling* 75
    Jackson Nelson 73
    Jack Redden 72
    Jamie Cripps 68
    Brad Sheppard 64
    Nic Naitanui 63
    Tom Hickey 61
    Elliot Yeo 61
    Chris Masten 53
    Liam Ryan 49
    Mark Hutchings 46
    Will Schofield 44
    Lewis Jetta 43
    Willie Rioli 27
    Josh J. Kennedy 27
    Jarrod Cameron 26
    Liam Duggan 22
    Oscar Allen 14

    That said, the scoring on FF is all over the place with both Worpel and Omeara up in the 100s at one stage and Hurn mid 90’s …


        1. Lo vs the dozen bs free kicks Hawthorn got. Commentators struck dumb by them….
          free kick hawthorn…….


  9. Worpel has a long way to go to become a premo mid – goes missing far too much in games …. not even seen thus far in this quarter …


  10. Worpel went from a certain ton, to a 4th quarter score of -8 to finish on 91. The most frustrating player I can remember owning.


    1. Shades of Cogs last year. 80-odd at HT and would barely ton-up!
      They’ll both be better next year:)


  11. Pretty cruel against the Hawks … they should have had that …and WTF was Worpel doing not being played in that last quarter? Is he injured??

    West Coast Eagles: 11.11.77
    Luke Shuey 127
    Jack Redden 125
    Jack Darling* 124
    Shannon Hurn 104
    Tom Hickey 93
    Jamie Cripps 93
    Nic Naitanui 92
    Dom Sheed 91
    Elliot Yeo 90
    Andrew Gaff 89
    Jackson Nelson 84
    Brad Sheppard 84
    Lewis Jetta 70
    Liam Ryan 60
    Oscar Allen 52
    Chris Masten 46
    Willie Rioli 46
    Will Schofield 44
    Mark Hutchings 40
    Josh J. Kennedy 37
    Liam Duggan 33
    Jarrod Cameron 26

    Hawthorn Hawks: 9.17.71
    Jarman Impey 118
    Jaeger O’Meara 112
    James Worpel 91
    Liam Shiels 88
    Luke Breust 88
    Paul Puopolo 85
    Blake Hardwick 83
    James Sicily 83
    Shaun Burgoyne 80
    Isaac Smith 79
    Ben McEvoy 79
    Daniel Howe 76
    Ricky Henderson 67
    Jack Gunston 65
    Tom Scully 63
    Jonathon Ceglar 62
    Conor Glass 58
    Tim O’Brien 55
    Dylan Moore 50
    Conor Nash 49
    Oliver Hanrahan 44
    James Frawley 42

    harsh scaling back on a few players, Worpel included …


  12. Next week: Hurn and maybe Ryan, but more likely Sicily after that second-half.
    That’ll be me done with some $$s for Whitfield in a single trade if I go Sicily I hope!



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