Game Chat – Melbourne v Brisbane

Written by Motts on June 4 2021

Where and when: Not TIO Traeger Park, Giants Stadium, 7:50pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R8 2020: Melbourne 7.7 (49) DEF BY Brisbane 7.11 (53) at Metricon.

Brisbane led by 18 points at three-quarter time and looked the winners, but goals to Jack Viney, Nathan Jones and Jake Melksham set up a grandstand finish. After an even first quarter the Lions put the foot down, using a big advantage around the contest to kick three goals to one and open up a decisive 14-point lead in slippery conditions. Lachie Neale (33 disposals and seven clearances) again had a huge influence, while his midfield mates Jarryd Lyons (23 and nine tackles) and Hugh McCluggage (22 and three goal assists) were also prominent. Charlie Cameron kicked two third-quarter goals that proved important.

Match Preview: I wrote the Dees off last week and they made me look stupid. After reclaiming top spot on the ladder, this week they take on the third placed Lions who haven’t dropped a game since Round 4. No Neale? No worries!

Motts Watch: 

Gawn, Oliver, and Petracca.

Robinson, McCluggage, and Lyons.

Mottsy’s Tip: Melbourne by 10 (tipping record 24/33).

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71 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Brisbane”

  1. Really keen to see how Neale looks after having a few weeks off to deal with the ankle injury but also the mystery ‘back’ complaint that saw him hemorrhage cash/value.

    Also keeping an eye on Harmes as a post-bye POD.


    1. IMO…..Robinson to take Satan, Harmes to take on Neale and Gawny will give his junior more hitouts………

      Ps I also have tomorrow’s tattslotto numbers if anyone is interested……


  2. Tossing between Neale and Steele (similar price and BE)

    See greater upside and a higher ceiling with Neale, but also more questions (injury recovery, likelihood to be tagged, how he fits into the Lions after they performed do well in his absence).

    Then there’s Steele who has less decent teammates to steal his points, and surely teams don’t bother tagging a bloke when his team can’t buy a win (although I admittedly haven’t watched any saints games this year).

    Appreciate your insights and of course votes below…

    TU: Neale
    TD: Steele


      1. Lachie Neale $578.7k BE 94
        Projected Score 116
        Rd 12: $579k->$589k(+$10k) New BE 141
        Rd 13: BYE
        Rd 14: $589k->$577k($-12k) New BE 116
        Rd 15: $577k->$577k($0k) New BE 117


        1. Lachie Neale
          Rd12 BE 94
          Rd 12 Score 84

          Rd 12:$579k->$574k($-4k)
          Rd 13 BE 165

          Projected Score 112
          Rd13: BYE
          Rd14: $574k->$551k($-24k)New BE 136
          Rd15: $551k->$540k($-11k)New BE 102
          Rd16: $540k->$544k($4k)New BE 106


      2. Only looking to fill one midfield spot unfortunately or I would.

        Rest of midfield is MacRae, Jelly, Oliver, Merrett, Titch, Cripps and Taranto


      1. 130 each and not a problem. V on Clarry. Just been a bit worried about Maxy not getting those HTA’s since Jackson in the team.


      1. Hi GD, I just saw a stat, that Gawn has scored 156 and 185 in his two games at Giants Stadium in 2020. Any idea who the opposition was?


        1. Evening, CT.

          The 185 was against the Hawks and the 153 was against the Suns, so McEvoy & Ceglar and Witts.

          Think Gawn can go large tonight, but he’s running that 2:1 ruck split with Jackson and been dropping a lotta marks.



          1. Thank you GD.
            So very impressive how you get the information so quickly.

            Yeah, I am undecided too.


  3. Atkins has a 3 Rd AVG of 64 and 5 Rd AVG of 68 he’s been horrible. Do I move him on too a bottomed out Heeney who may go 85+ for the rest of the year…

    TU : go for it Heeney is far superior
    TD : Atkins will come good

    Plenty of trades remaining


    1. 18k have no idea 😉

      I’m personally holding .
      Best 18 makes it that tad less painful. But fingers crossed he is back R15 or the trade may be the move if the injury lingers


  4. Big Max gets the deluxe start to the game! Free kick 20 seconds in and then picks up the loose pill in the fwd line and snaps a goal! ( Probably lucky it wasn’t a set shot lol)

    How many went Max with the VC?

    I’m on Clarry this week…


  5. I’d like to thank everyone on here for saying put v on Clarry not Gawn. Fortunately my major oppts did too.


    1. I mustn’t be a “Major” opponent then 😉

      I went Max 🙂

      Long way to go though.


          1. Nice VC pick up FT – I switched it back and forth with Maxy and Oliver many times with the last switch 5 seconds before kick off … to Oliver

            As with a few posters … I think I have barely hit a VC all year. Sucks!


            1. Ah bad luck Macca.

              Oliver has been so good lately, I don’t blame you.

              I actually don’t have Oliver 🙁

              He’s been killing me for the last few weeks.

              Seems your not alone with the VC on Oliver.

              7-8 of my opponents this week have Oliver VC.

              Who are you thinking for the C ?

              I was looking at Laird V Crows.

              Best of luck whoever you choose.


              1. Yep the vast majority went Oliver from what I could see across my leagues.

                Those with Gawn have a good jump thus far.

                Thinking it probs has to be Macrae.

                I’m also thinking like you of bringing in Whitfield for CJ a week early to help with next two weeks – Grundy out the other omissions and injuries has not helped!

                Good luck mate and smash that Wighty fella in Donkeys league while I watch on!! I’ll follow up and pummel him next week in his sledgers league!! Haha


                1. Ha ha.

                  Could be close with Wighty.

                  I have Grundy out and..

                  He has ROB and an extra playing.

                  At least getting Gawn VC right is a good start.

                  I’m not really sold on Macrae as C.

                  His last 3 scores v my mob are 85 / 153 / 85.
                  (two in 2019 ) Optus and Marvel and the other on the Gold Coast ( 2020 )

                  Longmire has stated he may put work into Bont or Macrae. It could just be a smoke screen . I think Serong may go to Libba. It worked for Melb.

                  For me , Fyfe goes head to head with Bont at stoppage as they both spend time forward.

                  I think Cerra will end up on Macrea.
                  Brayshaw named on a wing, may get Hunter / B Smith.

                  I think Darcy should win a heap of taps for us and we should hold our own at stoppage.

                  I still the Doggies win very comfortably. We can’t kick straight to save our lives.

                  Have you considered Laird v the Pies.

                  Pendles looks cooked, and with no Grundy, Adams or Mayne . I think the Pies are an easy kill this weekend.

                  Add to this all the off field stuff, and the fact Laird scored 185 last time they played. (at Adelaide oval).

                  Short legged players are all the rage at the moment look at Zorko and Bailey last night.

                  Get on the Laird for Captain Train.


                  1. Hmmmm – not sure … Macrae is a beast at possessions … I think a lot of coaches think he doesn’t hurt on the scoreboard, so leave him alone … but he racks up points in SC … ghard to go past!

                    I have you in round 16 in your league and Wighty in round 17 … I’m putting myself down for two easy wins there…. hahahahaha #wishfulthinking … well, Wighty will be easy at least!!


                    1. He he .

                      I maybe out of trades by then 🙁

                      Macrae will probably kill it.

                      Last week I doubted him v the Dee”s

                      He went 145

                      He should smoke Freo.


  6. I knew Oliver wouldn’t get to his 160+ projected but didn’t want to miss out in case he got near it. Oh well time to find a captain….


    1. The week I VC Satan he chooses to eat ass lol.

      Looks like Laird’s gonna step up to the plate – truth be told, I kinda wanted to give him a run!


  7. HALF TIME – and is an upset on the cards – Lions with a 20 point lead. Many coaches keen to see how Neale performs in his 1st game back…

    Max Gawn 76
    Christian Petracca 63
    Luke Jackson 56
    Steven May 52
    Angus Brayshaw 49
    James Harmes 40
    Tom Sparrow 38
    Bayley Fritsch* 37
    Clayton Oliver 33
    Charlie Spargo 33
    James Jordon 32
    Michael Hibberd 32
    Tom McDonald 31
    Christian Salem 30
    Jake Lever 30
    Trent Rivers 22
    Harrison Petty 19
    Kysaiah Pickett 16
    Jayden Hunt 14
    Jake Melksham 12
    Sam Weideman 9
    Alex Neal-Bullen 6
    Oskar Baker 1

    Zac Bailey 78
    Eric Hipwood 73
    Daniel Rich 63
    Harris Andrews 63
    Joe Daniher 62
    Dayne Zorko 56
    Jarryd Lyons 54
    Mitch Robinson 54
    Lachie Neale 49
    Deven Robertson 45
    Lincoln McCarthy 44
    Charlie Cameron 41
    Hugh McCluggage 40
    Keidean Coleman 39
    Jaxon Prior 37
    Oscar McInerney 36
    Grant Birchall 35
    Callum Ah Chee 31
    Brandon Starcevich 25
    Daniel McStay 18
    Marcus Adams 15
    Ryan Lester 9
    Rhys Mathieson 1


  8. Had VC on Oliver all week. After my last reverse of trades I forgot to reset VC and C so it reverted to my settings last week…VC now on Gawn…happy mistake so far


  9. Announced tonight by Tom Brown at half time that the Melb-Coll R13 Big Freeze match will be held at the SCG, as Melb’s home game, with the big slide still happening at the MCG. Hoping thousands more fundraising dollars are raised for this effort at taming the MND beast so give generously.


    1. Based on the recent tribunal pattern, McDonald isn’t in hospital so Zorko should get off.


  10. Big 3rd Qtr from the Dees has this game in the balance as they now lead by a point
    10.9.69 to the Lions 10.8.68

    Max Gawn 110
    Christian Petracca 96
    Steven May 83
    Tom McDonald 82
    Clayton Oliver 71
    Angus Brayshaw 64
    James Jordon 63
    James Harmes 61
    Luke Jackson 60
    Charlie Spargo 58
    Tom Sparrow 55
    Bayley Fritsch* 51
    Kysaiah Pickett 50
    Michael Hibberd 50
    Christian Salem 48
    Alex Neal-Bullen 37
    Trent Rivers 34
    Jake Lever 32
    Jayden Hunt 27
    Harrison Petty 26
    Sam Weideman 24
    Jake Melksham 13
    Oskar Baker 1

    Jarryd Lyons 107
    Dayne Zorko 100
    Zac Bailey 95
    Joe Daniher 81
    Harris Andrews 77
    Daniel Rich 76
    Deven Robertson 72
    Grant Birchall 67
    Eric Hipwood 67
    Lachie Neale 60
    Keidean Coleman 59
    Mitch Robinson 57
    Hugh McCluggage 54
    Callum Ah Chee 53
    Brandon Starcevich 46
    Lincoln McCarthy 45
    Jaxon Prior 45
    Oscar McInerney 39
    Charlie Cameron 35
    Daniel McStay 31
    Marcus Adams 29
    Ryan Lester 20
    Rhys Mathieson 1


  11. I threw the VC on Oliver – checked all 10 leagues I’m in, and so did every other coach – not one with gawn surprisingly.


  12. Dees with another impressive win – 22 points over the Lions. Lester subbed out in the last qtr with a recurrence of his hamstring injury.

    Max Gawn 147
    Christian Petracca 122
    Tom McDonald 110
    Steven May 106
    Clayton Oliver 95
    Charlie Spargo 88
    James Harmes 84
    James Jordon 82
    Tom Sparrow 78
    Angus Brayshaw 72
    Trent Rivers 72
    Kysaiah Pickett 71
    Alex Neal-Bullen 70
    Christian Salem 64
    Michael Hibberd 62
    Bayley Fritsch* 59
    Luke Jackson 59
    Harrison Petty 53
    Jake Lever 44
    Sam Weideman 35
    Jayden Hunt 34
    Jake Melksham 27
    Oskar Baker 0

    Harris Andrews 124
    Dayne Zorko 122
    Jarryd Lyons 122
    Zac Bailey 103
    Daniel Rich 98
    Joe Daniher 88
    Hugh McCluggage 86
    Lachie Neale 84
    Brandon Starcevich 77
    Deven Robertson 76
    Grant Birchall 68
    Eric Hipwood 67
    Mitch Robinson 64
    Callum Ah Chee 63
    Jaxon Prior 61
    Marcus Adams 61
    Oscar McInerney 56
    Charlie Cameron 53
    Keidean Coleman 53
    Ryan Lester 51
    Lincoln McCarthy 48
    Daniel McStay 36
    Rhys Mathieson 5


  13. If Zorko gets suspended for 1 week does that mean he misses round 14? As in the bye doesn’t count?


    1. He won’t get suspended, just a fine.

      If he did cop a week it couldn’t be served on a bye, no. Would have to actually miss a match.

      Again, dw. Fine only.


  14. Feel like a few players were a touch underscored. Maybe Sal or Macca can shed some light?

    Petracca: 26 touches, 16 contested, 17 kicks, 9 clearances, 4 free kicks for, 2 goals and 4 tackles for 122.

    I get 61% DE, but those CP numbers should have seen him power through a 135~ surely?

    Lyons: 28 touches, 18 contested, 18 kicks, 6 clerances 4 free kicks for and 7 tackles for 122.

    Same deal as Racca.

    Neale: 25 touches, 14 contested, 9 clearances, 3 free kicks for.

    Looked a little flat but surely a ton?

    Too many players on 60s and 70s imo.


        1. Yeah, also dodgy.

          Eh, not to worry. Just annoying when you see a player pop off then check their SC and they’ve barely moved lol.


      1. Zorko: 22 touches, 5 contested, 13 kicks, 10 tackles, 2 free kicks for, 1 goal for 122.

        That might be okay on low CP ratio, idk?


    1. Yeah GD I get frustrated as you know and it does my head in. The key thing is also in watching the match and the scoring – they always “seem” to adjust the stats to balance out the scoring on papers- which is not necessarily what a player did or didn’t do.

      I’ve noticed the last couple of games Lyons seems to be getting scored more harshly and Tracca to. For Tracca it may be his history of poor DE that is counting against him with scorers.

      Think Zork was very lucky / generous in his score last night as well and at times didn’t touch the ball for most of whole quarters.

      I actually think Neale got a quite generous score last night and particularly in that last quarter I swear he was given stats of other players.

      As usual with CD – “interesting” to say the least!



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