Game Chat – Melbourne v Carlton

Written by Father Dougal on May 16 2021

Where and When: 3:20pm today at the MCG

What it means for the Demons: Staying undefeated. Top of the ladder too I suppose. 

What it means for the Blues:   Well….a win puts them in the hunt to be just out of the eight. It is hard to see them making the eight, and if they somehow do, they probably won’t get far. But you never know.  They have been rebuilding literally as long as I have been following footy, so at some point they have to step up. Could be this year still, if the stars align. Which means winning this match as a start. Well, maybe winning the next match, since they are playing the 8-0 Demons this match. 

Supercoach Watch:

DemonsOliver and Petracca, Jordon. May, Lever. 

Blues : Cripps, Wlash, Docerty, Williams, Saad, Parks. 

Father Dougal’s Watch: Gawn, my not so reliable recently captain.  

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Undefeated Demons, Hmm, let’s see. Demons by 30.


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45 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Carlton”

  1. David Cuningham left knee injury early first quarter. Subbed out.
    Michael Gibbons on.


  2. Harry McKay shoulder being assessed in the rooms first quarter.

    Returned to sit on bench but short time later returned down to the rooms with the doctor.

    Has returned to ground with 3 mins to go in quarter.


  3. 1/4 Time and with Tom McDonald kicking a goal after the siren, the Demons lead the Blues by 7 points

    Steven May 43
    Christian Salem 40
    Clayton Oliver 35
    Tom McDonald 34
    Jake Lever 32
    Ed Langdon 28
    Jayden Hunt 28
    Christian Petracca 27
    Bayley Fritsch* 26
    Max Gawn 25
    Alex Neal-Bullen 24
    Michael Hibberd 24
    Sam Weideman 24
    Angus Brayshaw 21
    James Harmes 21
    Charlie Spargo 14
    James Jordon 13
    Ben Brown 10
    Harrison Petty 9
    Trent Rivers 6
    Kysaiah Pickett 3
    Jake Melksham 1
    Kade Chandler -4

    Marc Pittonet 42
    Sam Docherty 39
    Lachlan Fogarty 33
    Ed Curnow 32
    Patrick Cripps 29
    Adam Saad 28
    Eddie Betts 25
    Sam Walsh 23
    Matthew Owies 22
    Will Setterfield 17
    Zac Williams 17
    Nic Newman 13
    Levi Casboult 12
    Matthew Cottrell 11
    Liam Stocker 9
    Jacob Weitering 9
    Marc Murphy 9
    Luke Parks 7
    Liam Jones 3
    Harry McKay 3
    Michael Gibbons 2
    David Cuningham 1
    Lachlan Plowman -3


    1. yep, given the scoring system gives 5 points for a HO – they are basically saying not a single one of Gawn’s hitouts are to advantage …


      1. It’s non sense scoring for Gawn vs Pitt – the latter has been more effective with the ball and kicked a goal but that still doesn’t justify Gawn 38 and Pitt 57 at half time.


  4. …..and now that I’ve said that, does anyone know if clear hitouts go to an opposition player they are treated like kick/handball turnovers?



    1. THese are the advised scoring statistics this year … I think in past year there was minus one for a hitout to opposition, (but not sure) and there isn’t one of those stats this year … so for now and the argument, assume no loss of points and no points for the HO.

      For Gawn’s score (38 at HT), with 17 HO’s now, 4 kicks, 3HB’s, 2 marks, 2 tackles, 5CP’s and 3 frees for and 1 against and somehow 4 clangers, 1 of which is the free, … he’s been scored pretty damn harshly … even if you give him only 5 hitouts to advantage, that’s a starting score of 25 … to only be on 38 is BS …

      Stat Awarded/Deducted
      Effective kick 4 Points
      Ineffective kick 0 Points
      Clanger kick -4 Points
      Effective Handball 1.5 Points
      Ineffective handball 0 Points
      Handball clanger -4 Points
      Handball receive 1.5 Point
      Hardball get 4.5 Points
      Loose-ball get 4.5 Points
      Goal 8 Points
      Behind 1 Point
      Mark uncontested (maintaining possession) 2 Points
      Mark contested (maintaining possession) 6 Points
      Mark uncontested (from opposition) 4 Points
      Mark contested (from opposition) 8 Points
      Tackles 4 Points
      Free kick for 4 Points
      Free kick against -4 Points
      Hitout to Advantage 5 Points
      Gather from Hitout 2 Points


      1. Not sure if this is correct, but I have been told before that sharked hitouts score negative points

        -edit: sorry Macca, just saw you already said that


        1. yeah, there was definitely a minus 1 point last year in the official scoring stats on the SC site … but it’s not there this year, which is interesting … not sure if it’s still in existence … based on how Maxxy was scored at half time … you would have to assume that he has been losing points for his taps … otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense for his scores … and again, this is just stats as recorded … which doesn’t necessarily equate to what has actually happened on the field!!


  5. Feeling like I should have taken Grundy’s 109 VC Score…

    Half Time and its the Dees 13 points in front of Carlton with Harry McKay clearly struggling with a shoulder injury and I’m considering Tom McDonald a forward option

    Melb 8.6.54 to Carl 6.5.41

    Tom McDonald 90
    Clayton Oliver 69
    Christian Salem 64
    Steven May 56
    Ed Langdon 52
    Jake Lever 51
    James Harmes 47
    Jayden Hunt 46
    Christian Petracca 45
    Michael Hibberd 42
    Max Gawn 38
    Bayley Fritsch* 38
    Sam Weideman 33
    Angus Brayshaw 31
    Alex Neal-Bullen 31
    James Jordon 29
    Trent Rivers 29
    Charlie Spargo 27
    Ben Brown 20
    Harrison Petty 18
    Kysaiah Pickett 16
    Jake Melksham 1
    Kade Chandler -1

    Sam Docherty 70
    Sam Walsh 60
    Marc Pittonet 56
    Patrick Cripps 55
    Marc Murphy 54
    Lachlan Fogarty 51
    Ed Curnow 50
    Will Setterfield 44
    Eddie Betts 43
    Levi Casboult 39
    Nic Newman 38
    Zac Williams 37
    Matthew Cottrell 31
    Matthew Owies 30
    Liam Stocker 29
    Harry McKay 25
    Adam Saad 23
    Jacob Weitering 21
    Lachlan Plowman 19
    Michael Gibbons 17
    Luke Parks 17
    Liam Jones 13
    David Cuningham 1


  6. Biggest quesiton is. With no Marshall now, am I crazy for looking at Mcdonald. Who else do i upgrade this week in the forward line. Ive got zorko dusty ziebell. Do i go hall? I have no idea and all the options are not appealing in the slightest… sigh


    1. With arguably the 2 most common VCs this week not firing (Macrae and Grundy) most people similar to me ran the risk of Gawn today in the hope that he could deliver.


  7. So, here’s an early poll question for the week (and feel free to answer here folks with the T/U or T/D’s :
    is Docherty a must have in the top 6 defenders??


    1. I think hes close macca but not a must have and not a certainty for top 6. If there was no cash limit Id have the below ahead of him in no particular order.

      Similar to Docherty for same who will be close to top 6 but not top 6

      Just my two cents but would be an interesting poll for sure.


    1. Yes – IMHO – especially at half time … he’s gone up about 50 this quarter … but his HT score was BS …


      1. Was watching the third quarter, and Maxy’s contested hitouts went down the throats of contesting receivers who then maintained possession with perfect passes to receivers.
        The judgement scoring was working well for him…….


      2. Just before half time gawn got upscaled in a big jump from 28 to 40, no extra possessions, no extra hitouts. Then got upscaled during half time to 48.

        Then by the 4 minute mark of Q3 got up to 58 – he may have actually got a couple of hitouts in those 4 minutes so I will reserve judgement on that.

        Then another 13 more points in upscaling after the final siren.

        I’ve got him, but it certainly doesn’t look right or fair. It looks like 30 odd points given to him because of no other reason than Champion Data wanted to.


  8. 3/4 Time and the Dees stretch their lead to 26 points

    Tom McDonald 118
    Clayton Oliver 103
    Christian Salem 92
    Max Gawn 84
    Ed Langdon 84
    Steven May 81
    James Jordon 78
    Christian Petracca 76
    Jake Lever 70
    Jayden Hunt 64
    Bayley Fritsch* 61
    Alex Neal-Bullen 60
    James Harmes 59
    Sam Weideman 44
    Michael Hibberd 43
    Trent Rivers 43
    Angus Brayshaw 42
    Charlie Spargo 39
    Kysaiah Pickett 38
    Harrison Petty 37
    Ben Brown 37
    Jake Melksham 1
    Kade Chandler -2

    Sam Docherty 96
    Sam Walsh 87
    Ed Curnow 79
    Marc Pittonet 77
    Patrick Cripps 76
    Zac Williams 68
    Marc Murphy 63
    Harry McKay 60
    Adam Saad 58
    Lachlan Fogarty 56
    Will Setterfield 55
    Matthew Cottrell 47
    Liam Stocker 46
    Nic Newman 46
    Matthew Owies 46
    Levi Casboult 44
    Eddie Betts 40
    Jacob Weitering 36
    Michael Gibbons 28
    Luke Parks 25
    Liam Jones 20
    Lachlan Plowman 17
    David Cuningham 1


  9. Petracca hurting me every week for picking him up a couple weeks ago over bont or lyons 🙁 Should of backed lyons like I did all of last year.


  10. Full Time and the Demons unbeaten run continues as they run out 26 point winners over the Blues

    Clayton Oliver 126
    Tom McDonald 126
    Christian Salem 109
    Max Gawn 104
    Ed Langdon 99
    Steven May 92
    Christian Petracca 88
    James Jordon 83
    Jake Lever 82
    Alex Neal-Bullen 74
    James Harmes 74
    Jayden Hunt 69
    Bayley Fritsch* 66
    Angus Brayshaw 56
    Charlie Spargo 56
    Michael Hibberd 54
    Trent Rivers 53
    Kysaiah Pickett 50
    Sam Weideman 50
    Harrison Petty 47
    Ben Brown 44
    Kade Chandler 7
    Jake Melksham

    Sam Docherty 112
    Sam Walsh 103
    Ed Curnow 95
    Patrick Cripps 94
    Marc Pittonet 93
    Marc Murphy 83
    Adam Saad 77
    Zac Williams 77
    Lachlan Fogarty 69
    Will Setterfield 69
    Harry McKay 67
    Nic Newman 66
    Matthew Cottrell 53
    Matthew Owies 53
    Levi Casboult 53
    Eddie Betts 47
    Liam Stocker 47
    Michael Gibbons 45
    Jacob Weitering 41
    Luke Parks 26
    Lachlan Plowman 24
    Liam Jones 23
    David Cuningham 0


    1. some big adjustments to key players –
      Gawn up to 117,
      Jordan up to 96,
      TRacca up to 101
      Satan up to 140!
      Doc uo to 120
      Walsh to 111
      Cripps – nahdah … stayed the same


      1. It is making a mockery of the “final scores” as the variation finally posted is so far different that you can only shake your head and wonder how?

        I have four players that gained out of those six (Gawn, Walsh, Oliver and Jordan) so personally I benefitted but it is a worrying trend that doesn’t give the game’s scoring much creditability.


      2. It’s the special “champion data favourites” award.

        Watching points ACTUALLY get taken off players after the game ends so they can give it to their mates absolutely disgusts me.


        1. He’s not a favourite but t.greene has been scaled down the last 2 weeks with everyone around him going up.


          1. They did that to Jesse Hogan and Tim Taranto as well. Even while scaling up people who got far far less raw score.


  11. James Jordon

    Rd 9 Price $326k
    2021 Scores: 78/82/49/24/76/82/91/85
    Rd9 BE 18

    Rd 9 Score 96
    Rd 9 : $326k->$361k (+$35k)
    Rd10 BE 34

    Projected Score 80
    Rd 10 : $361k->$381k (+$20k)
    Rd11 : $381k->$394k (+$13k)
    Rd 12 : $394k->$396k (+$2k)
    Rd 13 : $396k->$397k (+$1k)
    Rd 14 : BYE


  12. I needed Petracca to get 28 touches to win a multi and I swear he got it but they didn’t add it on. Could someone please explain to me the process of this do they review it ? If so when is the final count down? Thanks for the help guys.


    1. Don’t worry about it
      Win today , gone tomorrow
      Gamblers always loose
      More certain than death & taxes


      1. This is just a stupid & irrelevant comment. Thanks for being mature about it or is this your normal self?



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