Game Chat – Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney

Written by Father Dougal on May 26 2019

Where and when: MCG, Sunday May 26, 1.10pm AEST

Last time they met: MCG, round 23, 2018: Melbourne 15.12 (102) defeated Greater Western Sydney 8.9 (57)

A five-goal third term sealed a vital top-eight scalp for Melbourne as it hurtled towards its first finals series in 12 years. Ruckman Max Gawn set the tone for the Dees, while Stephen Coniglio, who spent time forward, was the Giants’ best.

What it means for Melbourne: A clear signal that Melbourne’s season is back on track. The Demons showed signs against West Coast they were returning to their exciting 2018 form but couldn’t quite get over the line.

What it means for GWS: A rare win at the MCG. Leon Cameron acknowledged the Giants’ abysmal record at the ground Grand Finals are played at, and a win just two weeks later will help.

How Melbourne wins: Employing the strong defensive pressure and discipline shown against the Eagles, as well as improving their skill execution, particularly in front of goal.

How GWS wins: Shutting down James Harmes. The hard-running midfielder has been highly influential in the Demons’ past three matches and is capable of breaking the game open with a goal or two.

The stat: Nathan Jones enjoys playing the Giants. The Melbourne co-captain averages 27 disposals a game against GWS, his highest average against all sides in the competition.

The match-up: Max Gawn v Shane Mumford

They’re two of the most influential ruckmen in the competition, who are more than capable of dominating a match at their peak. Gawn is currently ranked first in the AFL Player Ratings, with Mumford 361st overall.

It’s a big week for: A Giant MCG hoodoo

Hot off a comprehensive 93-point win over Carlton, GWS will have its confidence up, but will be facing its bogey ground. The Giants have played 16 games at the MCG over its 7.5 years in the AFL for just two wins.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Giants by 3 points.

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85 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Greater Western Sydney”

  1. I tipped the Dees. But then I also tipped PTA and WBD so GWS will prolly break their MCG hoodoo.
    Good call FD!


  2. Ina league match and I’m desperate for the win otherwise two games outta the eight
    It becomes
    ME Answorth Neale Cripps Parker
    97 pts Whitfield young

    If I loose I’m two games outta the eight. – that my main concern
    I could trade Williams to Whitfield
    Then it becomes
    Answorth Cripps Neale Parker
    149 + young

    TU back my team in
    TD do the trade


    1. The trade makes it look like an almost certain win. But you should be fine regardless I’d say. If you plan on bringing in Whitfield anyway, and you’re desperate for a win, you might as well pull the trigger to be safe


  3. If anyone can shake the De Boer tag I think it’s Satan Oliver, will be wrapped with a 90 from him.


    1. And yes I’m still calling him Satan Oliver- it’ll catch on, trust me.

      …still salty I started him over Neale.


  4. Would be nice to see Oskar Baker post a score today. Seems like a good kid.
    Plus, I need a downgrade option next week!


    1. Probably cos they tagged him last time. Expecting a big last QTR from him when he can run them off their feet.
      Fingers crossed!



    Q time
    Melb 1.1.7 – 2.5.17

    M. Gawn 47
    S. Taylor 43
    M. Hore 46
    J. Kelly 41
    J. Harmes 25
    H. Perryman 36
    J. Viney 22
    J. Hopper 35
    J. Wagner 21
    S. Reid 33
    J. Hunt 20
    T. Taranto 30
    S. Frost 19
    J. Cameron 26
    T. Smith 19
    T. Greene 25
    H. Petty 18
    M. de Boer 24
    B. Stretch 17
    J. Finlayson 23
    A. Brayshaw 16
    S. Coniglio 23
    C. Oliver 14
    N. Haynes 18
    N. Jones 13
    B. Deledio 18
    B. Fritsch 13
    L. Whitfield 15
    O. McDonald 12
    I. Cumming 15
    O. Baker 9
    P. Davis 14
    T. McDonald 8
    A. Tomlinson 13
    C. Petracca 7
    H. Shaw 11
    C. Spargo 7
    B. Daniels 10
    J. Garlett 4
    A. Kennedy 6
    C. Wagner 4
    H. Himmelberg 6
    J. Lockhart -1
    S. Mumford -7


        1. Don’t put the khyber on him mate!
          BULC said he’d be back in the guts a fair bit. I’m saying nothing 😉


            1. Think we should also go with HURL instead of FURL … HATE (though I don’t much like that word)

              Kinda apt tho’


  6. traded in boak 3 weeks ago @ top dollar averaging 122 ,
    3 round average of about 90 since then
    traded in whitfield & mundy @ top dollar this week ,
    might have put the moz on them too


  7. the D’s should trade petracca ,
    average mid , average fwd , average mark & kick
    doesn’t play defence
    for some reason the D’s think he’s the bees knees


    1. Annoying how much everyone rates him. Potential? Sure. But as of right now he’s nothing more than average- which is a generous assessment given his last couple of weeks.


  8. smart coaching from GWS
    whitfield fwd , greene midfield , davis & haynes @ 1/2 back

    D’s coaching , predictable



    1/2 time
    Melb 1.3.9 – 6.8.44

    M. Gawn 86
    J. Kelly 70
    M. Hore 72
    H. Perryman 66
    J. Harmes 54
    H. Himmelberg 61
    N. Jones 41
    S. Taylor 59
    J. Viney 36
    J. Hopper 58
    J. Wagner 32
    N. Haynes 57
    S. Frost 31
    T. Taranto 55
    C. Oliver 31
    J. Cameron 54
    A. Brayshaw 29
    T. Greene 51
    B. Stretch 28
    M. de Boer 47
    H. Petty 27
    L. Whitfield 45
    T. Smith 27
    J. Finlayson 43
    O. McDonald 26
    S. Reid 37
    B. Fritsch 26
    S. Coniglio 36
    J. Hunt 21
    H. Shaw 33
    C. Petracca 16
    B. Deledio 28
    C. Wagner 15
    A. Tomlinson 27
    T. McDonald 13
    P. Davis 26
    C. Spargo 13
    I. Cumming 24
    J. Garlett 8
    A. Kennedy 23
    J. Lockhart 7
    B. Daniels 20
    O. Baker 6
    S. Mumford 16


    1. If he’s gonna be that ineffective, maybe he should go and block De Boer and give Clarry a go?!?


      1. He is several years older than Doedee, so more likely to not tire badly at the end of the season


    1. Just started watching on the AFL App. Their forward entries are appalling. Seems the difference in what looks very open watching the last 10mins.


      1. Yeah, add to that poor positioning and repeatedly being opened up by a classy GWS midfield.


  10. Oh how I wish that Phil Kelly had played an extra 36 games for North so we could have picked up Josh Kelly as a father-son
    Surely he wins a Brownlow eventually.


    1. i recon scott was right
      nth need to trade out brown , higgins etc
      & rebuild , getting some more top rookie pics
      cant see their current list winning them a flag



    3/4 time
    Melb 3.6.24 – 12.9.81

    M. Gawn 103
    J. Kelly 118
    M. Hore 93
    H. Himmelberg 108
    J. Harmes 82
    T. Taranto 100
    J. Viney 59
    L. Whitfield 88
    N. Jones 58
    N. Haynes 82
    J. Wagner 57
    H. Perryman 81
    A. Brayshaw 49
    S. Taylor 77
    B. Stretch 48
    J. Cameron 75
    B. Fritsch 48
    J. Hopper 71
    T. Smith 47
    T. Greene 70
    J. Hunt 44
    S. Coniglio 68
    S. Frost 42
    M. de Boer 66
    O. McDonald 40
    J. Finlayson 65
    C. Oliver 37
    H. Shaw 56
    C. Petracca 35
    P. Davis 53
    H. Petty 30
    S. Reid 51
    T. McDonald 29
    S. Mumford 51
    O. Baker 26
    A. Tomlinson 51
    C. Wagner 26
    B. Deledio 40
    C. Spargo 23
    A. Kennedy 33
    J. Garlett 18
    I. Cumming 31
    J. Lockhart 16
    B. Daniels 29


  12. watching this game ,
    it’s obvious why hately cant get into the team
    they’re just too strong



    Melb 10.8.68 – 14.10.94

    before scaling

    M. Gawn 142
    J. Kelly 144
    M. Hore 116
    H. Himmelberg 130
    J. Harmes 101
    T. Taranto 128
    J. Viney 79
    L. Whitfield 118
    B. Stretch 77
    H. Perryman 95
    C. Petracca 74
    S. Taylor 94
    N. Jones 73
    J. Cameron 94
    B. Fritsch 73
    N. Haynes 91
    J. Wagner 67
    J. Hopper 89
    A. Brayshaw 66
    H. Shaw 86
    T. Smith 64
    T. Greene 85
    O. Baker 56
    M. de Boer 82
    J. Hunt 53
    J. Finlayson 82
    T. McDonald 53
    A. Tomlinson 78
    C. Oliver 52
    S. Coniglio 76
    S. Frost 51
    P. Davis 68
    O. McDonald 46
    S. Reid 66
    C. Spargo 38
    S. Mumford 61
    H. Petty 36
    B. Deledio 55
    J. Lockhart 32
    I. Cumming 48
    C. Wagner 32
    B. Daniels 44
    J. Garlett 26
    A. Kennedy 43



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