Game Chat – Melbourne vs Sydney

Written by Thommo on May 8 2021

Where and when: MCG, Saturday 8th May, 7:25pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 15, 2020: Sydney 10.7 (67) def Melbourne 6.10 (46) at the Cazaly’s Stadium, Cairns.

The Demons were another victim of the Swans’ kiddies late in 2020. They started well but missed some gettable goals in the first quarter before Sydney steamrolled them in the second quarter with 5 unanswered goals. Melbourne then wasted opportunities late to catch up but they chose disappointment instead.

Match Preview: The Swans have a shockingly good record at the MCG and don’t mind ruining the afternoon of Demons’ fans, meaning they are the perfect team to end Melbourne’s unbeaten run.

That said, Melbourne’s list is too good to drop a game to the young Swans and if they are true contenders, they will win comfortably today.

Thommo Watch: 

Can big Maxy find time for a nap before today’s match and get back to his dominant ways?

The kids in Warner and Gulden have slowed down a lot but we need one or two more big scores to hold their values…

Thommo’s Tip: Melbourne by 6 points (tipping record 10/21).

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33 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne vs Sydney”

  1. Thought I had a loophole to vc Gawn but unfortunately didn’t check properly. Who is the better captain choice?

    Tu: Gawn
    Td: Macrae


  2. So, as Po has above – is Grundy score too low for the VC take up?

    How does everyone think Gawn will go this game?? Had a shocker last week and Jackson hurting him?? Thoughts everyone??


      1. you were spot on Willy – pity that CD can’t get the scores right before the match starts … same happened last week.


  3. Who should I field:
    Like comment: Bruhn’s 53
    Dislike Comment: Errol Gulden
    Pls give ur opinion urgently as I have to choose in next 10


      1. ahh
        cheers Macca
        saw the scores were green
        thought that signified that they were finalized
        went with Gawn when i saw the green numbers
        go Maxy


              1. i’m a bit luckier than you guys as these pre bye rounds are not that important to me outside of cash generation
                Just building my team for after the byes
                just as well when i see that i put berry on field & benched scott
                doh 😉
                must admit , its a very enjoyable game when your not in a league or competing for rank


  4. this is already looking bad for Gawn … same as last week. Jackson in the side is a killer for his role and his scores …


      1. Daisy, should have said then, in the side and playing more of a ruck role … that’s what I get for typing too quickly.

        Gawn / coach has been allowing him to take more ruck contests and they have been moving Gawn forward a lot – both of which is a hinderance to Gawn’s scoring.

        If Jackson does not play, or plays permanently forward, then Gawn plays his more conventional role, attending the majority of the ruck contests and sitting in behind the play to take intercepts etc in defence.

        The emergence of Jackson into the side and his role is forcing Gawn into a role that is limiting his scoring, compared to past years.

        I think whilst this continues, he can no longer be considered as a C option … VC at best if he plays early games …


  5. So CD are basically saying that every one of Hickeys 5 HO’s are to advantage and his score is double that of Gawn’s?? Gawn has 10 HO’s … but only 2 handballs at 100%DE. Hickey is running at 40% … I guess they have hickey down as 6 CP’s …

    I really hate this stuff sometimes … and the subjectiveness of some of the scoring …


    1. I’ve been watching the match and FF scores … over the last few minutes, Gawn kept getting plus 1, plus 2 multiple times against his name, his HO count kept going up to move from 37 to 44 … and his score went backwards from 111 to 108 … I give up on CD scoring … and edit – now dropped back further to 106 …


  6. What ever happened to contact below the knees?Trac could have had his leg broken in the last seconds.


    1. Yeah, corkie at the end there for Petracca.

      Said in post game interview he was fine and it was “just a corkie”, but limped away to the huddle afterwards.

      Hopefully he’s alright.



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