Game Chat – Port v Hawthorn

Written by Motts on August 22 2020

Where and when: Adelaide Oval, 4:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R10 2019, Hawthorn 12.8 (80) DEF Port 6.13 (49)

What it means for Port: Port will want to win and win well to maintain their spot at the top of the ladder and gain some percentage in the process.

What it means for Hawthorn: If Season 2020 wasn’t over before the Sicily injury, it is now. The Hawks will be playing for pride only I’m afraid.

Motts Watch: Charlie Dixon. He’s not in my team but the guy’s a monster.
Mottsy’s Tip: Port by 35.

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31 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v Hawthorn”

  1. Sicily and Houston out for me this week
    Which 2 of the following should I bring in, really struggling with the decision


    1. Ridley and Haynes, LL.

      Don’t trust Williams’ body in a condensed fixture, Freo are leaving Perth and Ryan is terrible interstate and Saad averaging under 100.


  2. Nick Riewoldt just said the Hawks have been crying out for a tall forward since Buddy left. We won 2 premierships without him and had Roughead. Moron.

    That said, we are going to get destroyed today!


    1. They put up a good fight today Thommo, will probably be more than I can say for the bombers tonight. If we lose by under 10 goals I will be happy


  3. that’s 3 of ports 1st 6 goals coming from umps that wouldn’t have happened on any other ground in the country
    & they want to host the GF


  4. Great to see my boys having a crack. If wingard could just lift that’d be great . Really exciting to see players like cj scrimshaw day develop down back


  5. Commentators saying Wingard has had 1 possession in first half. I suppose I should be grateful he is on 24 points.
    I can only hope he has a total of 10 possessions cause he should score 240 points – right? (sarcasm intended).


  6. with the way scoring has been inflated and accelerated this year, how is Mitchell only on 81???
    17 possessions – 6 kicks, 6 tackles, 1 free for, 7 CP’s at 88% DE??? … Any other game this year, those stats at 3/4 time he’s on well over 100 at this stage …


  7. and geogiades gets 2 points for the posesseion, 9 points for the goal to go to 21 …. then a couple minutes later jumps from 21 to 39 … just for that goal … with still almost 10 minutes left on the clock …


  8. c’mon Hawks – I don’t support you but love an underdog! (strange referring to the Hawks as an underdog!!) – will be a great win if they can pull this off!!


  9. Full Time -Power by 10 points – sorry for the delay in posting scores, been busy drinking a bottle of red wine whilst on a zoom call to my friends…

    Travis Boak 133
    Scott Lycett 127
    Tom Rockliff 122
    Sam Powell-Pepper 110
    Ollie Wines 104
    Robbie Gray 91
    Karl Amon 84
    Tom Clurey 84
    Zak Butters 81
    Brad Ebert 80
    Jarrod Lienert 74
    Tom Jonas 69
    Trent McKenzie 67
    Darcy Byrne-Jones 66
    Hamish Hartlett 64
    Charlie Dixon 59
    Boyd Woodcock 58
    Sam Mayes 56
    Riley Bonner 56
    Mitch Georgiades 45
    Justin Westhoff 41
    Steven Motlop 27

    Ben McEvoy 143
    Tom Mitchell 123
    Jack Scrimshaw 90
    Luke Breust 84
    James Worpel 83
    Michael Hartley 75
    Liam Shiels 65
    Oliver Hanrahan 64
    Changkuoth Jiath 62
    Daniel Howe 62
    Chad Wingard* 60
    James Cousins 56
    Blake Hardwick 56
    Shaun Burgoyne 55
    Will Day 55
    Jonathon Patton 49
    Tom Scully 45
    Ben Stratton 42
    Conor Glass 40
    Jarman Impey 39
    Sam Frost 36
    Tim O’Brien 21


  10. disgraceful umpiring
    ports last goal
    pepper powell grabs mitchell
    drags him out of the contest & its play on for a goal
    just another port win in adelaide


  11. Look not unhappy with the hawkers. Had a real crack and the youngsters really had a go. Frustrating to lose but much better than most this year. Scrimshaw looks like he’s taken Sicily’s role and looks great in it


    1. that was the big question, who would get it.
      Gunston was a candidate but he was out hurt

      you think they’ll stick with Scrimshaw for the rest of the season?


      1. Yeah we need Gunston up front. Scrimshaw is our best kick of the ball and that’s the role Sicily plays hitting targets off halfback. If scrimshaw stays in Sicily’s role for the rest of the year I’m gonna start him next year


  12. Hey macca , was watching days score keep dropping, free against ! The guns don’t seem to drop like the rookies.



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