13 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v West Coast”

  1. Not relevant to this game, but need to make this decision before this game starts as trading out Ginbey is part of it.

    TU – Trading in T Miller this week means sacrificing Chandler and bringing in S Mitchell or Cincotta, OR
    TD – Trading in Lloyd this week means holding Chandler, sacrificing Long and bringing in Roberts

    Trying to tell myself that Miller isn’t a MUST this week, although he would make an ideal replacement for Green on on the bench. But it seems risky to be trading in either Mitchell or Cincotta, but that’s the only way I can afford Miller.



  2. Mitchell has better JS coz when Saad and Doch come back he might be out. I’d go for Miller. Class player and great draw coming up plus good bye round


  3. Dylan Williams getting a little lucky. Subbed on at the end of the 2nd term due to a concussion for Todd Marshall



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