11 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Collingwood”

  1. No Late Changes Richmond

    No Late Changes Collingwood

    Richmond Sub: Sydney Stack
    Collingwood Sub: Jack Madgen


  2. Who to field -no loophole opportunity

    TU Gibcus
    TD Daicos – better average but had the flu during the week


  3. Wrestling with some interesting permutations here folks … and perhaps the best way to put it is:
    T/U – Do I keep Gresham on field or take McCombs E score (73), which means playing Daicos and not taking NODs E score (61); OR

    T/D – take NOD’s 61 and play Gresham over taking McCombs 73 … and bench Daicos

    Gresham’s scores have dropped the last two weeks … so has his role changed?

    I’m guessing the answer is take NODs score and bank on Gresham to score above MCComb as well – there is the added unknown of Daicos supposedly sick with flu … and also matching key opponents that are playing Daicos, but not many with Gresham …

    nice problems to have I guess! Pity NOD didn’t get over 70 and Macrae as VC didn’t hit 160!!


  4. Tom Lynch is the biggest spud at kicking from within 10m. The amount of shots he has missed from that range in the past few games is unbelievable!



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