Game Chat – Richmond v Fremantle

Written by Motts on September 2 2020

Where and when: Metricon, 7:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R8 2019, Fremantle 12.14 (86) DEF BY Richmond 17.9 (111)

What it means for Freo: The Dockers are a mathematical chance of making the 8 so need to win to keep their hopes alive.

What it means for The Tigers: After displacing The Eagles in the Top 4 last week, the Tiges will want to maintain the blowtorch of pressure on the Power, Cats and Lions with another win.

Motts Watch: Dusty
Mottsy’s Tip: Richmond by 30

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39 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v Fremantle”

  1. So ladies and gents quick query – who is the best option for last def spot out of these two:

    T/U – Houli
    T/D – Haynes

    I have all the other ‘most considered’options
    Thanks in advance and any thoughts greatly appreciated!!


    1. that moment when you are cooking dinner, the missus is late home and you’re trying to do something nice for her, you finished work late so your time is less (made apricot chicken and naughty potatoes) … the countdown clock is ticking, you are making trades for her Tech team (leading team, so crucial to get them right!!), you lock in her trades, she walks in the door, you open the door to let her in … the clocks ticking, you begin making trades for your own side (you have three Geelong players on the mid bench – Simpson, Duncan and Close) … you trade out the Geelong player you were always trading this week … Simpson … right … it comes up and you think gee you’re a slack accountant, you’ve got more money left than you thought … times almost up … you get the warning message do you want to trade, you dont look closely, the missus is shouting something about dinner … you hit trade …

      And realise when your team comes back up that Simpson is still sitting on your bench … and ….. you know who I hit trade on by mistake don’t you …

      *sigh* – I was over this season back in round 3 debacle … can it now be over soon please!!!


      1. Whenever that happens to me I think I higher power is guiding me in a better direction
        Duncan will have get rested next week & have the flu the week after
        & Simpson & close will ton up


      2. I feel your pain Macca but I must admit I’m much more interested in knowing about your “naughty potatoes”….fascinated in the why they are naughty? Is it the carbs or some other cooking fetish you’d like to share?


      1. Funny, I was tossing up between Walters and Petracca, knew I had made the wrong decision after Walters wasn’t going to feature in my best 18 score, Turns out Petracca wouldn’t have either, in Hindsight should’ve saved the trade.


  2. Got him cheap around R10
    Was loopholing him in the fwd line
    Been my R2 last week & this week after i traded McInerney out
    110 last week
    Going ok again tonight
    Happy with him so far
    Hoping Gawn has a shocker this week to get him cheap
    Then Balta becomes F6/7


  3. So my starting f1, f2 this year were dusty and sonny, can anyone fill me in as to why I am going so badly. I can’t work it out.


  4. Lacklustre win by Richmond. Just went through the motions and only step up when Freo got close. Cruised to victory and the bye next week. They were either tired or just wanting to get the win as easy as they could. Freshen up next week and then make their assault on the flag.
    Damn they are going to be hard to beat again.
    Please say that I am wrong.


  5. I feel like it’s a bad week for me.
    Was projected to score 2197.
    Now predicted score is 2091.

    Naitanui (reduced TOG), Shuey, Dusty, Brayshaw (reduced TOG), Walters failed.

    TU: Is it a bad week just for me
    TD: No, all of us are on struggle street.

    What are everyone’s predicted score?


  6. Plenty of carnage for the front runners of coaches in the Top 1k with Martin owned by 789 teams , Brayshaw 401 teams and Walters 137 teams inside the top 1,000.

    I gather some own 2 out of the 3 with a few all 3.


          1. Thanks Mate but you may have traded in a Walters or Brayshaw this round as this week’s trade ins of those 3 carnage players is not taken into account.

            Yep I just checked your team and you must have traded in Walters this round.



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