Game Chat – Richmond v North

Written by Motts on March 21 2015

Richmond captain Trent Cotchin has shrugged off a hamstring complaint to be fit for the Tigers’ final practice match against North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium today.

As late as Monday, Cotchin was not sure if he would be able to take on the Kangaroos because of the injury.

But having missed Richmond’s first two NAB Challenge games, the star midfielder will head into the highly anticipated season opener against Carlton on April 2 with some competitive match practice under his belt.

Coach Damien Hardwick envisaged Cotchin would play three quarters against North Melbourne.

Joining Cotchin as inclusions in Richmond’s strong 27-man squad are Ben Griffiths and David Astbury, who will play his first official match since round nine last year, when he suffered a season-ending knee injury.

North Melbourne will also field a strong side, with senior players Daniel Wells, Nick Dal Santo and Shaun Higgins all returning after sitting out the Kangas’ clash with Hawthorn a fortnight ago.

Jarrad Waite will, however, be rested to allow North to continue tinkering with the forward setup. 

Coach Brad Scott said Waite had played the first two trial games and his absence provides another opportunity to assess 192 cms Mason Wood, who has played one AFL game.

“We’re trying to shuffle our forward line a little bit to work out the best mix. Most teams will probably treat this week as a bit of a dressing rehearsal and we’re no different in some regards, but we still need to manage loads,’’ Scott said.


2. Dylan Grimes, 3. Brett Deledio, 4. Dustin Martin, 5. Brandon Ellis, 6. Shaun Grigg, 8. Jack Riewoldt, 9. Trent Cotchin, 10. Shane Edwards, 11. Jake Batchelor, 12. David Astbury, 13. Ricky Pettard, 14. Bachar Houli, 18. Alex Rance, 20. Ivan Maric, 22. Nathan Gordon, 24. Ben Griffiths, 25. Troy Chaplin, 27. Sam Lloyd, 28. Taylor Hunt, 29. Tyrone Vickery, 30. Reece Conca, 31. Nick Vlastuin, 33. Kamdyn McIntosh, 35. Ben Lennon, 36. Matt McDonough, 38. Steven Morris, 48. Kane Lambert

North Melbourne

2. Brad McKenzie, 3. Ryan Bastinac, 4. Shaun Higgins, 5. Ben Jacobs, 7. Jack Ziebell, 8. Daniel Wells, 9. Andrew Swallow, 10. Ben Cunnington, 11. Michael Firrito,12. Lindsay Thomas, 13. Leigh Adams, 15. Nick Dal Santo, 16. Scott Thompson, 18. Shaun Atley, 19. Sam Wright, 20. Drew Petrie, 21. Luke McDonald, 22. Todd Goldstein, 25. Robbie Tarrant, 29. Brent Harvey, 32. Mason Wood, 34. Jamie MacMillan, 35. Aaron Black, 36. Joel Tippett, 40. Kayne Turner, 43. Sam Gibson, 50. Ben Brown


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13 thoughts on “Game Chat – Richmond v North”

  1. Lambert, Hunt, Dust, Maric and Lennon on my richmond watch list. Wells, Ziebell, Higgins, Macmillan and Swallow on my north watch.

    I can see places for 3 of the above. Maybe 4.


  2. 135 Todd Goldstein

    121 Jack Riewoldt

    115 Lindsay Thomas

    112 Ivan Maric

    111 Dustin Martin

    103 Brett Deledio

    101 Shaun Higgins

    100 Brent Harvey

    100 Ben Cunnington

    98 Brandon Ellis

    96 Andrew Swallow

    90 Daniel Wells

    89 Alex Rance

    85 Nick Dal Santo

    82 Trent Cotchin

    80 Michael Firrito

    77 Kamdyn McIntosh

    77 Shaun Grigg

    75 Bachar Houli

    74 Drew Petrie

    71 Steven Morris

    69 Scott Thompson

    69 Troy Chaplin

    69 Shane Edwards

    64 Luke McDonald

    64 Sam Gibson

    63 Shaun Atley

    61 Ryan Bastinac

    60 Ben Griffiths

    59 Joel Tippett

    59 Taylor Hunt

    59 Robbie Tarrant

    58 Reece Conca

    54 Ben Jacobs

    53 Mason Wood

    48 Ben Lennon

    45 Jack Ziebell

    44 Jamie Macmillan

    43 Ben Brown

    41 Kane Lambert

    41 Sam Wright

    39 Kayne Turner

    37 Nick Vlastuin

    30 Dylan Grimes

    28 David Astbury

    24 Sam Lloyd

    17 Ty Vickery

    11 Jake Batchelor


  3. Few things to take away from this game:
    * The new ruck scoring system doesn’t seem to have a negative effect. Goldy and Maric both solid.
    * Dusty and Lids are both viable options for your starting line-up. Lids moving fine.
    * He’ll always get knocked for his age but Brent Harvey still very much SC relevant. Despite the fact that I haven’t seen him in a single team on RMT thread.
    *Ziebell had a day to forget…….but it just seems to happen to him more often. Risky pick.
    * Lambert may very well be elevated soon but is he best 22? Not sold on him just yet.
    * Higgins looked good out there today……do you dare start with him?


  4. Not SC related, but god ty vickery does my head in.. showed nothing again today, it’s make or break for him this season



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