6 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v North Melbourne”

  1. RoMo already feeding Xerri. 2 free kicks lol.

    Xerri does look assertive and mobile though, I’ll grant him that.


  2. Simpkin likely to be out for the game after a high bump from Webster.
    Looks like 4+ weeks suspension

    Fisher on fire with 50 points at 1/4 time


    1. If SPP got 4 weeks for his bump, Webster will get 8-10.

      That’s the exact act the AFL are trying to rub out.


  3. My boy Wilson lighting it up.

    “Who’s Wilson, GD?” commented on all my RMT drafts. Ha.

    Looks like Fisher has to come in.

    McKercher tricky. In a good role on paper but lacking the confidence and awareness to insert himself with Fisher and Sheezel bopping around.

    Lazzaro’s score not bad but he hasn’t impressed. Kicked him up to Fisher rn.

    RoMo 7% ownership. I’m sticking with him.



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