Game Chat – St Kilda vs West Coast

Written by Thommo on April 10 2021

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Saturday 10th April at 4:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: Rd 17, 2020: West Coast 9.11 (65) def St Kilda 6.14 (50) at the Gabba.

This was not a pretty game for three quarters! West Coast slowly ground their way to a 2 goal lead at three-quarter time despite missing Sheed, Redden, Shuey and Yeo and also losing McLovin at half-time. However, things were looking grim for the Eagles when StKilda sprang to life in the fourth quarter, kicking the first three goals and taking the lead but the Eagles steadied, piling on the final four goals of the game to lock down their position in the final 8. Tim Kelly starred with 29 possessions and a late goal.

Match Preview: Many footy fans missed how well the Eagles were playing before they dismantled the Power in WA last week. They were unlucky to lose to the Bulldogs at Marvel two weeks ago and are deserved favourites to win this match at the same venue. Not that the Eagles need to do much to defeat the Saints, who have been disappointing.

After a strong pre-season, St Kilda started well with a win against the Giants but they have been horrible since. They look slow and clumsy against the Bombers last week and are in for a shocking season if they don’t lift soon.

Thommo Watch:

St Kilda

Jack Steele is one we don’t own but will want to own soon enough. The Saint I want to see out there is Highmore who seemed very unlucky to be omitted given how rubbish the Saints played without him.

West Coast

Again I don’t own any Eagles but it was nice to see Gaff racking up some cheapies last week. That’s the Gaff we all know and love! With Shuey out again this week, Gaff and Kelly will be super important to the Eagles’s chances.

Thommo’s Tip (The Kiss of Death): West Coast by 12 points (This is getting embarrassing – record 3 from 9)


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25 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda vs West Coast”

    1. Isiah Winder
      #57,2020 National Draft
      2020 Colts season he averaged 28 disposals, five tackles and three inside 50s per game.
      Kicked 5 goals for WCE reserves in WAFL last weekend


  1. I own Steele Thommo. 😉

    I went him over Oliver. I wanted another V/C option.
    I was tempted to use it this game. Against lesser opposition I would,
    West Coast is a different story.

    I decided to stick with Grundy.

    I think your tip is pretty safe today.


  2. C on highmore…

    Macraes VC 137 the only good result so far for me this week…

    let’s hope Steele can come up with a big score !


  3. Dad is in a bad way. He has kept draper because of other issues. He left C on him by mistake, then switched Flynn E to Marshall who is now his C.
    Dad has taken the cellar keys from Mum. I’m worried about him.
    He was mumbling about not taking English instead of marshall


    1. It doesn’t work that way. If he had C on Draper then will get Double the VC score instead (Gawn). Marshall will come back on and will get his E score.


    1. I also had trouble but refreshed page and scores now came up, but can’t get them for previous games…


  4. My VC Dunkley isn’t enough for a Captain score so need to decide between

    TU: Grundy (tonight at MCG vs GWS – Mumford )
    TD : Gawn tomorrow at the MCG Vs Geelong


  5. Half Time – WCE 10.3.63 lead St Kilda 5.5.35
    Brad Crouch 72
    Jack Steele 71
    Max King 55
    Bradley Hill 47
    Hunter Clark 47
    Jimmy Webster 44
    Jack Sinclair 43
    Jack Bytel 42
    Daniel McKenzie 39
    Josh Battle 39
    Callum Wilkie 37
    Tim Membrey 35
    Jack Higgins 32
    Jack Billings 32
    Zak Jones 30
    Jack Lonie 30
    Seb Ross 29
    Dougal Howard 28
    Jake Carlisle 24
    Daniel Butler 19
    Nicholas Coffield 14
    Rowan Marshall 13
    Ben Long 1

    Jack Petruccelle 69
    Oscar Allen 62
    Jeremy McGovern 58
    Tom Cole 52
    Nic Naitanui 48
    Dom Sheed 47
    Jarrod Brander 45
    Jack Darling* 45
    Liam Duggan 40
    Brad Sheppard 40
    Josh Rotham 39
    Jackson Nelson 38
    Josh J. Kennedy 36
    Liam Ryan 36
    Andrew Gaff 34
    Tom Barrass 34
    Tim Kelly 28
    Jack Redden 27
    Isiah Winder 25
    Jamie Cripps 22
    Jake Waterman 19
    Jamaine Jones 19
    Shannon Hurn 7


  6. Half time


    Player SC
    Brad Crouch 72
    Jack Steele 72
    Max King 53
    Bradley Hill 48
    Hunter Clark 47
    Jimmy Webster 44
    Jack Sinclair 43
    Jack Bytel 43
    Josh Battle 39
    Daniel McKenzie 38
    Callum Wilkie 38
    Tim Membrey 36
    Jack Higgins 33
    Jack Billings 32
    Zak Jones 30
    Jack Lonie 30
    Seb Ross 29
    Dougal Howard 28
    Jake Carlisle 24
    Daniel Butler 19
    Nicholas Coffield 14
    Rowan Marshall 13
    Ben Long 1


    Jack Petruccelle 61
    Oscar Allen 47
    Jeremy McGovern 47
    Tom Cole 42
    Nic Naitanui 50
    Dom Sheed 42
    Jarrod Brander 41
    Jack Darling* 29
    Liam Duggan 46
    Brad Sheppard 39
    Josh Rotham 38
    Jackson Nelson 47
    Liam Ryan 27
    Josh J. Kennedy 38
    Andrew Gaff 31
    Tom Barrass 26
    Tim Kelly 41
    Jack Redden 30
    Isiah Winder 17
    Jamie Cripps 24
    Jake Waterman 28
    Jamaine Jones 24
    Shannon Hurn 6


  7. Saints win 15.12.102 to Eagles 13.4.82

    Jack Steele 150
    Brad Crouch 137
    Tim Membrey 125
    Jack Billings 120
    Max King 116
    Hunter Clark 108
    Zak Jones 101
    Josh Battle 96
    Daniel McKenzie 91
    Jack Bytel 89
    Bradley Hill 83
    Jimmy Webster 81
    Daniel Butler 75
    Dougal Howard 73
    Jack Higgins 68
    Jack Sinclair 66
    Callum Wilkie 66
    Jake Carlisle 55
    Seb Ross 51
    Rowan Marshall 50
    Jack Lonie 43
    Nicholas Coffield 27
    Ben Long

    Nic Naitanui 110
    Jeremy McGovern 100
    Oscar Allen 88
    Tom Barrass 85
    Jack Petruccelle 83
    Brad Sheppard 82
    Jack Redden 79
    Andrew Gaff 78
    Liam Duggan 74
    Josh Rotham 66
    Dom Sheed 65
    Jarrod Brander 64
    Jackson Nelson 59
    Jamie Cripps 57
    Tim Kelly 55
    Tom Cole 55
    Liam Ryan 53
    Josh J. Kennedy 47
    Jack Darling* 45
    Isiah Winder 31
    Jake Waterman 29
    Jamaine Jones 19
    Shannon Hurn 6



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