Game Chat – West Coast v GWS

Written by Father Dougal on August 23 2020

Where and When: Optus Stadium, Sunday 23 August at 6:10pm (AEST)
Last time they met: West Coast 16.8 (102) def GWS 7.10 (52) Round 2, 2019.

What does it mean for West Coast: Winning meamns a shot at the top 2. Loseing leaves them in the 8 but also in the pack.
What does it mean for GWS: A win should get them into the 8. A loss would make final pretty dodgy, and while not out they would have a hill to climb.

Supercoach Watch Eagles:  Nic Nat! Gaff, Shuey, and a few other random blokes.
Supercoach Watch GWS:   Again I am too lazy to list the entire team. GWS is loaded with SC relevant players.
Father Dougal Watch:  Greene – Who else? GWS are a different team with him than without.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Eagles still find a way to pull it out. West Coast by 5


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29 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v GWS”

  1. No late changes, thank f*ck.

    Got 6 players in this game: Nic Nat, Shuey, Hurn, Haynes, Whitfield, Jelly. Solid scores from all of them and an Eagles win may be asking too much lol.


    1. Ill do you a trade GD. Eagles win but Haynes Whitfield and Nic Nat all score 150 but Shuey Hurn Jelly all score sub 100. You taking it?


      1. Ooof, Tom. Nah, Eagles over SC every day of the week for me.

        Should be a high octane game with GWS fighting for finals. The 6 players I’ve got are all experienced campaigners, should all step up hopefully – Shuey, in particular, turns on the jets when we need him.

        We’ll see.


  2. It would be appreciated if you would spend some time on the bench Nicnat, especially as you are c for my cash league oppt.


  3. 1/4 Time – WCE 4.3.27 to GWS 0.1.1

    Nic Naitanui 60
    Jack Darling* 41
    Brad Sheppard 33
    Tim Kelly 33
    Jarrod Brander 32
    Andrew Gaff 28
    Jeremy McGovern 28
    Josh J. Kennedy 27
    Luke Shuey 17
    Tom Cole 16
    Dom Sheed 15
    Xavier O’Neill 14
    Liam Ryan 14
    Jamie Cripps 13
    Oscar Allen 12
    Liam Duggan 12
    Shannon Hurn 11
    Jackson Nelson 9
    Nic Reid 7
    Brendon Ah Chee 6
    Tom Barrass 6
    Josh Rotham 5

    Lachlan Keeffe 36
    Nick Haynes 33
    Josh Kelly 33
    Lachie Whitfield +3 32
    Harry Perryman 29
    Tim Taranto 26
    Zac Williams 26
    Shane Mumford +1 26
    Jye Caldwell 26
    H. Himmelberg 24
    Adam Kennedy +2 21
    Jacob Hopper +2 21
    Ian Hill 21
    Daniel Lloyd +3 18
    Brent Daniels 17
    Toby Greene 12
    Heath Shaw 12
    Callan Ward 10
    Jeremy Cameron 7
    Stephen Coniglio +2 6
    Jake Riccardi 4
    Aidan Corr 4


  4. At this rate I’m going to be beaten by my Tech team backing in Nic Nat as captain whereas my main team goes with the standard Neale………
    If Cripps just scored 2 more points he would have gotten over the line for VC loophole……….
    Just going to be one of those weeks


      1. It has only happened once for me. Not sure if it is more due to a poor Tech team or a great main team


  5. Giants are more and more just a team that finished 6th and got hot at the right time in the finals last year.

    They looked cooked.


  6. HALF TIME – Eagles 5.4.34 lead Giants 1.6.12

    Nic Naitanui 106
    Brad Sheppard 65
    Jeremy McGovern 59
    Andrew Gaff 58
    Jack Darling* 51
    Luke Shuey 49
    Jarrod Brander 43
    Tim Kelly 42
    Josh J. Kennedy 42
    Shannon Hurn 34
    Liam Duggan 33
    Tom Cole 32
    Jamie Cripps 31
    Dom Sheed 29
    Xavier O’Neill 26
    Liam Ryan 23
    Josh Rotham 22
    Jackson Nelson 21
    Tom Barrass 17
    Brendon Ah Chee 17
    Oscar Allen 13
    Nic Reid 12

    Zac Williams 63
    Lachie Whitfield 61
    Adam Kennedy 60
    Josh Kelly 60
    Lachlan Keeffe 54
    Nick Haynes 48
    H. Himmelberg 43
    Harry Perryman 42
    Heath Shaw 42
    Jye Caldwell 39
    Shane Mumford 39
    Ian Hill 38
    Brent Daniels 38
    Jake Riccardi 36
    Jacob Hopper 35
    Tim Taranto 33
    Jeremy Cameron 32
    Aidan Corr 31
    Daniel Lloyd 24
    Toby Greene 19
    Stephen Coniglio 18
    Callan Ward 14


  7. Coniglio looks like he might be making his way towards staying out of my 2021 starting side. He just seems to have these occasional games where he goes missing and scores shockers. Already had a 49 this year and looks like another is coming.
    I can deal with an occasional 80-90 but sub 50 is a strong deterrent


  8. I see both the richmond actors got fined. One incident cost bombers a goal, the other gave tigers a goal. Margin…12 pts.


    1. May well have won with 40 less I50’s apart from… point in mentioning it. Bad sign for tigers.
      Now lets see how gentleman Tom Lynch goes at the tribunal.


        1. Shows what could have been without you know who…………how on earth did bombers get so close ??
          12 less scoring shots…thats tigers fault not bombers.


    1. Not sure who’s on their list after Sauce and Mummy but based on the way the game is played now, they’re at a disadvantage with these less mobile ruckmen.



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