25 thoughts on “Game Chat – West Coast v Sydney”

  1. Need to trade out one of Hough or Stephens. Would want to keep whoever is most likely to come back given the low break evens but I feel like it’s a 50:50

    TU trade Hough
    TD trade Stephens

    Thanks all!


  2. Want to trade out one – whichever one is more likely to get a game next, so I can trade in O’Driscoll – would appreciate the votes

    TU : Stephens
    TD : Gibcus


  3. No late changes
    Medical Substitutes:
    West Coast Eagles – Jake Waterman
    Sydney – Josh Kennedy


  4. I have Horne-Francis as emergency with Hough on the field.

    TU: Take Horne-Francis’ score of 43
    TD: Swap Hough to the bench and start Ward or MacDonald


  5. What’s everyone doing with Cripps – getting worried they will err on the side of caution and he will miss 2-3 weeks

    TU: Have him and trading him this week
    TD: Have him and holding


  6. If I’m set on going Grundy out next week, not that I don’t think he’s still a top ruck, but for the cash/aggressive move as I’ve got 33 trades and the ability of Preuss to provide great cover for the following weeks (or even Xerri), do you guys think it’s worth making the Stephens to Preuss trade this week (Fielding Rachele over Ward), slowing me to go Grundy down to Sam Hayes next week and make two upgrades.

    I know that’s wordy sorry but let me know what you guys think!


  7. Half Time scores (if anyone interested in this game) – Sydney totally in control 70 to 12. How did this WCE team beat Collingwood last week?

    Hayden McLean* 86
    Jake Lloyd 65
    James Rowbottom 63
    Logan McDonald 62
    Peter Ladhams 61
    Sam Reid 56
    Luke Parker 55
    Justin McInerney 54
    Ben Ronke 54
    Callum Mills 53
    Braeden Campbell 51
    Isaac Heeney 49
    Chad Warner 47
    Paddy McCartin 44
    Tom McCartin 36
    Will Hayward 33
    Oliver Florent 32
    Errol Gulden 26
    Nick Blakey 25
    James Bell 23
    Harry Cunningham 21
    Dane Rampe 16
    Josh P. Kennedy 1

    Alex Witherden 81
    Patrick Naish 50
    Tim Kelly 42
    Shannon Hurn 41
    Jack Redden 40
    Luke Foley 35
    Luke Shuey 35
    Hugh Dixon 33
    Harry Edwards 33
    Josh Rotham 32
    Liam Duggan 30
    Elliot Yeo 30
    Jackson Nelson 26
    Jamie Cripps 25
    Zac Langdon 25
    Jamaine Jones 22
    Tom Barrass 20
    Liam Ryan 19
    Josh J. Kennedy 19
    Jack Darling 18
    B. J. Williams 14
    Willie Rioli 12
    Jake Waterman 1


  8. anybody else think that senior players, after a layoff, shouldn’t just expect to walk back in? OR the establishment shouldn’t be expecting them to? I feel that good players who performed last week for the eagles were dropped for senior players who aren’t ready?

    or am i just mad?


    1. Players???……..Commodities……..

      …..and I hope the thumbs up is agreeing with, and not that you’re mad……..


  9. Heeney acting as a vulture and claiming many points right at the end of the game after not really having a big influence at the start



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