Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast

Written by Motts on April 17 2021

Where and when: Docklands Stadium, 4:35pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R8 2020: Gold Coast 6.10 (46) DEF BY Bulldogs 7.9 (51) at Metricon.

The match was an arm-wrestle all night, with the Bulldogs leading by two points at quarter, half and three-quarter time. Third-game whiz-kid Izak Rankine had a chance to level the scores late in the match but his around-the-corner set shot from the left forward pocket missed on the near side. Caleb Daniel (25 disposals) was terrific in the dry and then the rain, using the ball expertly, while Jack Macrae (29) and Bailey Smith (22) were also prominent. For Gold Coast, Jarrod Witts led from the front, outplaying boom young ruckman Tim English, while Touk Miller (28 touches) and Alex Sexton (three goals) were big contributors.

Match Preview: The Dogs sit atop the ladder on 4 wins, The Suns sit in 13th on 1. Devastated by injuries, the Suns look like an easy kill for Bevo’s boys and their odds (1.12) reflect that.

Motts Watch:

Western Bulldogs
Dunkley, Macrae, Daniels (is he playing?), Scott (if he plays), Bont (not that I’ve got him)

Gold Coast
Rankine (not that I’ve got him).

Mottsy’s Tip: Western Bulldogs by 60 (tipping record 9/12)

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39 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast”

  1. Laitham Vandermeer is OUT for the Dogs, replaced by Patrick Lipinski.

    Sam Flanders (GCS) and Ben Cavarra (WBD) the subs.


  2. Afternoon all.

    The Doggies seem pretty smart resting Stef Martin, as GC have no real Ruck. I expect a big game from English.

    Dunkley and Macrea always seem to go well. Both should easily go 130+

    For me..

    I’m hoping its Bont’s day. He’s due for a big one.

    Go the Bont!


    1. It’s a gamble considering how stacked the Dogs are and their coach addicted to moving guys around in different roles.


  3. Is it just me, i can see Macrae instead of Bont (Mid/Fwd role) tagged more by Greenwood today?

    TU : Mac Tag
    TD: Bont Tag

    Comment: Doesn’t matter which junkyard dog is tagged, the other’s run riot & GC might give up the tag role for the day.


    1. I’ve got vc on macrae and c on Gawn but if I was in your shoes I’d back Gawn to destroy my hawkers tomorrow 135+


  4. Those coaches with C Daniel last week, can you please vote on the following :

    TU: Holding him, parked on bench
    TD: Traded him out


    1. I kept Daniel , he is my captain this week for Grundy VC, as I believe last week should be forgotten as he is an elite kick. The very windy conditions didnt suit and long kick outs were used as oppose to Caleb’s precise kicking that was hindered by the wind. I put his low score down to just being one of those days. After all, footballers are human too and can have bad days!!!


  5. Hey Lisa, dont have Daniel but if I were you Id hold, hell come good and at worse case be okay d6. I think youve gotta save the trade and focus elsewhere. If you have no concerns and are very happy with your team then do it but I wouldn’t if I was you


  6. 1/4 Time – Bulldogs lead 4.1.25 to GCS 0.2.2

    Jack Macrae 48
    Josh Dunkley 48
    M. Bontempelli 43
    Adam Treloar 42
    Bailey Dale 36
    Bailey Smith 30
    Taylor Duryea 30
    Easton Wood* 25
    Alex Keath 25
    Jason Johannisen 22
    Jordon Sweet 21
    Lewis Young 20
    Tom Liberatore 15
    Lachie Hunter 14
    Lachlan McNeil 11
    Josh Bruce 11
    Bailey Williams 10
    Tim English 10
    Anthony Scott 10
    Patrick Lipinski 7
    Hayden Crozier 7
    Aaron Naughton 6
    Ben Cavarra 1

    Samuel Collins 51
    Oleg Markov 35
    Brandon Ellis 33
    Wil Powell 26
    Jack Bowes 24
    Hugh Greenwood 24
    Jy Farrar 21
    Touk Miller 21
    Jarrod Harbrow 19
    Lachlan Weller 17
    Jack Lukosius 17
    Izak Rankine 16
    Chris Burgess 13
    David Swallow 11
    Caleb Graham 11
    Noah Anderson 10
    Josh Corbett 8
    Nick Holman 7
    Ben King 7
    Alex Sexton 3
    Darcy MacPherson 3
    Ben Ainsworth 1
    Sam Flanders 1


  7. Should have stuck with macrae as C…

    Now I’m gonna be stressing on Gawn going big all weekend…

    Trading Neale to Macrae is so far my best trade decision yet.


    1. And… PCL, Hickey down, Mummy dominates and we lose the match in a heartbreaker.

      Season was looking so good for us too.


  8. As a Collingwood Supporter, I will never forgive them for the total balls up that was the trade period. Seeing Treloar in the Bulldogs colours kills me, plus knowing we got nothing in return AND are paying $300k per season to the dogs to have him play for them! I realize that it was obviously a major salary cap issue, and cash needed to be offloaded but I find that incredible and so disappointing and I’m so angry that the bean counters at the Collingwood Football Club made such a major blunder. And I don’t think anyone even lost their job over it – we just lost a premium midfielder and our midfield efforts so far this year as a result have been woeful.

    I can’t even watch this game. Treloar is killing it….


    1. Could not agree with you anymore Lisa. You have hit the nail on the head. It’s an absolute disgrace. I hope treloar is wearing a premiership medallion around his neck come end of season. I’m not forgetting about the other 3 we got rid of either. Needless to say, 1 was a rising star.


  9. Hard to take much from this game as it’s such a walloping but Bailey Dale and Taylor Duryea seem more than capable of sharing those distribution duties from out of defense. Potentially not good for Caleb Daniel owners.


  10. Half Time and what a scintillating display by the league ladders, in Bontempelli’s 150th game.
    Western Bulldogs – 11.4.70 lead the Gold Coast Suns 1.3.9

    Josh Dunkley 92
    Jack Macrae 82
    M. Bontempelli 81
    Adam Treloar 78
    Lachie Hunter 55
    Bailey Dale 55
    Taylor Duryea 52
    Bailey Smith 48
    Alex Keath 47
    Lewis Young 46
    Jordon Sweet 39
    Hayden Crozier 38
    Aaron Naughton 37
    Easton Wood* 35
    Patrick Lipinski 34
    Anthony Scott 33
    Jason Johannisen 32
    Bailey Williams 31
    Tim English 29
    Lachlan McNeil 27
    Tom Liberatore 27
    Josh Bruce 15
    Ben Cavarra 1

    Oleg Markov 61
    Touk Miller 59
    Samuel Collins 56
    Wil Powell 49
    Brandon Ellis 47
    Hugh Greenwood 40
    Lachlan Weller 39
    Jack Bowes 37
    Noah Anderson 34
    Jy Farrar 34
    Jack Lukosius 33
    Jarrod Harbrow 29
    Josh Corbett 26
    Izak Rankine 26
    Chris Burgess 25
    David Swallow 21
    Caleb Graham 21
    Nick Holman 17
    Ben Ainsworth 9
    Darcy MacPherson 8
    Ben King 7
    Alex Sexton 5


  11. Apologies to anyone who took my advice on picking gawn over macrae as C. I hope maxy goes big for all of you guys!


  12. I would like to thank danger for getting rubbed out and allowing me to trade to Dunks. Patrick, when you fall $100k, I might forgive you and maybe re draft you.


  13. J Clark OUT for the Cats tomorrow – jeez, avoided the donut with Kos named but back to a donut again with that omission.

    TU: Trade out Clark for Jiath
    TD: Trade out Clark for L Jones (helps the bank balance)

    Comment – take the donut


  14. 3/4 Time – and it’s the Dogs by 41 points as the Suns score 6 goals to the Doggies 2 goals in the third term

    Josh Dunkley 125
    Jack Macrae 119
    M. Bontempelli 111
    Adam Treloar 97
    Bailey Dale 76
    Lachie Hunter 74
    Taylor Duryea 71
    Bailey Smith 65
    Alex Keath 65
    Hayden Crozier 54
    Jordon Sweet 54
    Aaron Naughton 51
    Lewis Young 51
    Patrick Lipinski 50
    Tom Liberatore 49
    Tim English 47
    Jason Johannisen 47
    Easton Wood* 46
    Anthony Scott 42
    Bailey Williams 40
    Lachlan McNeil 39
    Josh Bruce 28
    Ben Cavarra 1

    Oleg Markov 86
    Brandon Ellis 84
    Wil Powell 77
    Samuel Collins 72
    Touk Miller 71
    Josh Corbett 70
    Jack Lukosius 70
    Lachlan Weller 62
    Hugh Greenwood 59
    Jy Farrar 57
    Izak Rankine 53
    Jack Bowes 48
    Noah Anderson 39
    Jarrod Harbrow 38
    Nick Holman 37
    Chris Burgess 35
    David Swallow 32
    Ben Ainsworth 31
    Caleb Graham 30
    Ben King 29
    Darcy MacPherson 22
    Alex Sexton 19
    Sam Flanders 1


  15. Full Time – Dogs easy winners 118 to 56

    Josh Dunkley 136
    Jack Macrae 132
    M. Bontempelli 128
    Bailey Dale 114
    Adam Treloar 110
    Lachie Hunter 92
    Taylor Duryea 85
    Alex Keath 84
    Bailey Smith 82
    Tom Liberatore 81
    Jordon Sweet 71
    Aaron Naughton 71
    Hayden Crozier 59
    Tim English 58
    Anthony Scott 58
    Patrick Lipinski 57
    Lewis Young 55
    Easton Wood* 52
    Jason Johannisen 51
    Bailey Williams 42
    Lachlan McNeil 41
    Josh Bruce 32
    Ben Cavarra 1

    Brandon Ellis 105
    Oleg Markov 90
    Touk Miller 87
    Jack Lukosius 85
    Wil Powell 85
    Samuel Collins 84
    Josh Corbett 74
    Jy Farrar 73
    Hugh Greenwood 71
    Lachlan Weller 68
    Jack Bowes 65
    Jarrod Harbrow 61
    Izak Rankine 60
    Nick Holman 52
    Noah Anderson 47
    Chris Burgess 39
    David Swallow 38
    Ben Ainsworth 37
    Darcy MacPherson 37
    Ben King 34
    Alex Sexton 32
    Caleb Graham 30
    Sam Flanders



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