Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn

Written by Chaos Theory on May 5 2024


Sunday May 5, 4pm at Marvel Stadium


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26 thoughts on “Game Chat – Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn”

    1. Oh look at me I benched Fyfe!!! Some of us didn’t have that option thanks Lisa! lol all jokes. I had sharp and Clark on bench but at least their cash gen won’t go down. I’m still up and about from beating blues! How good?! Hope your team is doing better than mine


  1. I feel as though both teams are playing with 17 men onfield.

    Both Darcy and D’Ambrosio who I both have onfield are doing bugger all.


  2. I’d sack Bevo this week. Credit to Hawks fighting a good fight but the fact this game is remotely competitive with the difference in lists in galling.

    Bont, Libba, English, Dale, Macrae, Jones, Williams, Treloar, Richards, Naughton, Darcy, JUH. What more does this fool want?

    Doesn’t even matter if Dogs come back. Ridiculous. Has to go.


  3. D’ambrosio spent almost all the last quarter on the bench even though he seemed fit to come on.
    Hard to score points from there.
    Darcy also spent significant portions of the last quarter on the bench as well.


    1. Time on ground %’s

      D’Ambrosio – 62%

      Sam Darcy – 70%

      Not sure what Sam Mitchell has against D’Ambrosio, but he seems to leave him off for large periods of the game (despite him playing well whilst he is on the park)

      And Mitchell often leaves him on the pine when the game is on the line – his last quarter TOG %’s are really low

      Really thought that D’Ambrosio might put out a 85 – 90 average this year (potential D6), but his avergae has fallen to 76, and sadly I think he needs to go (especially with the low TOG in recent weeks)



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