Game Chat -Western Bulldogs v Sydney

Written by Father Dougal on July 11 2021

Where and When:  3:20pm at Marvel Stadium

What it means for the Bulldogs: A win and they are in still in first by %. A loss means a 2-3 points tie for second, which they probably win by %.  

What it means for the Swans:   Aside from the confidence that beting the Dogs would give them, they would be in 6th by a match or more and not out of the question for 4th. Losing means they are part of a pack hovering around 6-8th. 


Supercoach Watch: 

Bulldogs: Macrae, The Bont, The Helmet, Bailey Smith, Dale and Weightman. 

Swans: Lloyd, Warner, Mills,  and  Heeny


Father Dougal’s Watch:  Weightman! Again! So much fun to watch and this week I have him on field, again!

Father Dougal’s Tip: Pretty hard to go against the Dogs at Marvel, so the WBs by 10.   Which makes sense since Warner Brothers are owned by Disney, who owns Marvel.


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9 thoughts on “Game Chat -Western Bulldogs v Sydney”

  1. Do we know the sub for the pies yet?
    I wanna take Laird’s VC but the only way too is by using fin macrae as the loophole. I have 20 minutes to know before dogs start and bonts my C


      1. Na I’m after the pies game. Was hoping they’d list there sub before this match started In 10 minutes



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