Hawks v Dockers

Written by Motts on September 26 2013

BBQ at a mates place or a few frothies at the pub? Personally, I’ll be having a few over to mine to enjoy the afternoon. Maybe a kick of the footy in the park across the road at half time. Perfect.

Give us your predictions for the afternoon.


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20 thoughts on “Hawks v Dockers”

  1. Dockers to strangle Hawks with pressure.

    Hawks rely on their kicking efficiency and accuracy to win games and are dam good at doing it, under pressure that falls very quickly. Dockers are the best pressure team in the AFL and they will bring that same pressure with are harder intensity killing all the Brown and yellows chances.

    Dockers by 4 goals, Mundy Norm Smith


  2. Brian lake to miss the first 6 weeks of 2014 after Ko’ing ballentyne, an all in brawl to follow. Buddy to kick the winner in a dead set thriller!


  3. In case anyone doing sc finals

    Backs: Stratton Lake Guerra
    Half-backs: Burgoyne Gibson Birchall
    Centres: Smith Mitchell Lewis
    Half-forwards: Breust Franklin Rioli
    Forwards: Puopolo Roughead Hale
    Followers: Bailey Sewell Hodge
    Interchange: Hill Gunston Simpkin Shiels
    Emergencies: Spangher Savage Duryea
    In: Simpkin
    Out: Whitecross (knee)

    Backs: Johnson Dawson Duffield
    Half-backs: Spurr McPharlin D Pearce
    Centres: Mundy Crowley Mzungu
    Half-forwards: Sutcliffe Mayne Fyfe
    Forwards: Clarke Pavlich Walters
    Followers: Sandilands de Boer Hill
    Interchange: Ballantyne Suban Barlow Neale
    Emergencies: Sheridan Hannath Silvagni
    In: Nil
    Out: Nil


  4. Me at Soi 33 Bangkok watching with about another 200 Aussies in Bangkok.

    Everyone welcome to join.

    Then sit back and enjoy the Hawks get up for about 4 Goals.


  5. Cheering on the Hawks from a pub in Munich… 7am kick off then on to Oktoberfest. Big day of celebrations. Hawks by 10, Cyril Norm Smith.


  6. For me, hosting a BBQ at my place with friends, family and whoever else turns up. Really looking forward to the game.

    Speaking of which, I’ll throw out a few Fox Footy-esque pre-game predictions that will probably end up being way off the mark:

    – The teams will combine for less than 130 points;
    – All the talk of violence, especially relating to Crowley, is just a smoke screen and won’t transpire;
    – Multiple players will record 10 or more tackles;
    – Mundy to win the Norm Smith after being the best inside midfielder in a tough, tight game;
    – Walters and Ballantyne to outdo Cyril and Breust combined with Pavlich and Mayne to outdo Buddy and Roughy (by outdo, I don’t necessarily mean score more, I just mean they will play better and have a bigger influence on the game) all of which will just get the Dockers over the line;

    And most importantly:

    – At least three of the five above predictions to be way off the mark and make me regret writing them down!


  7. Hey fellow SCT coaches,

    All the best for your GF celebrations over the week-end & me until Tuesday/Wednesday after a thrilling come from behind win in the 2nd 1/2 for the Hawks to win by 19 points 🙂

    Mitchell to have a shocker, thanks to the Creepy Crowley tag, Sewell to have 7 centre clearances, Roughie (70 goals in 2013), Buddy (59), Gunstan (42), Breust (39), Hale (20) & Burgoyne (18) being the top 6 goal scorers this season for the Hawks to influence the scoreboard greater than Walters (44), Mayne (36), Ballantyne (34), Pavlich (22), Fyfe (18) & Suban (16).

    Burgoyne to absolutely bamboozle Ballentyne with silky skills out of the defensive 50 leaving him with head spins (Scarlo style) & go close to the Norm Smith but the general himself Hodgey to stand up & have a cracking game amassing 25 plus touches (15 contested), 7 tackles, several score involvements & a couple of goals himself!

    Congrats to Freo & FURL for making the GF, but the Hawks GF loss of 2012, finals experience ( all players picked for the GF ) & efficient ball use will show thru as the big stage will prove way to much of a burden for several Freo players.

    Go the Mighty Hawks………that’s what I’m talkin aboutttttttttt!


  8. Ballentyne and Crowley to kick 4 between them from frustration frees given by the tired/angry Hawks.

    This is the second year that the Hawks have had a tougher prelim, and it will show in the 2nd half. Freo had a relatively soft prelim, where they did all the tackling and won comfortable, only a few junk time goals saved the Swans from a big finals loss.

    Hawks to jump out of the blocks but Freo to get it back by the end of the 3rd quarter and win with manic pressure. The hawks have silky skills, but that doesn’t always count for a lot when you have less than a second to release the ball and you are always kicking to 2 on 5 contests.

    Hawks-Hawks-Freo-Freo is my bet for the match. Carn that Purple Haze!!!


  9. Fun facts which has won me a kind bit of coin in the past few years.
    – 3 times in the last 5 years the team that has led at quarter time has lost. It is a fun bet to place, and in the scheme of odds, usually they have blown out by then. I put $100 on the Swans at quarter time last year and got $5.25 odds for the win. Risky but fun. Risky because about 5 of the last 10 grand finals, the team that has led at the end of the 1st quarter has led at the end of every quarter. Hmmm


  10. I remember 1991 pretty well when the experienced Hawks spoiled the party for the GF first timers. All I could think was Dear oh Dear.

    But this is not the Hawks of 1991. If Freo’s eyes don’t glaze over from the occasion it will be a lot closer than that although I still think Hawthorn will get over the line.


  11. I’ll be continuing the tradition of getting together with my dad. I’ll be taking a radio into ICU and propping it up on his pillow and hoping that he is conscious enough to at least enjoy part of it.



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