26 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – Rd1”

  1. 2256/Grundy for me

    Disappointed with Sicily, Houston and Brayshaw but otherwise happy with the team.


    1. Love ya work Hutta!

      We could all say what a waste of time this year has been … but being on the ‘inside’ this year, I have nothing to say but a huge thanks and what a privilege it has been, in some way, to contribute.
      To SCTers, the effort that Motts and the team put in is nothing short of insane. Coordination, effort and contribution. Personally, I can’t help myself 😉

      The AFL should have called it off at half-time in the lunchtime game today! They didn’t. And STK lost 🙁

      With schools closing this week, am thinking (illegally) of taking my boy and his two best mates camping for a week … I think we may have all already had it! We’re all pretty sporty. Who knows?

      I have my Mum in the UK aged 79 and the best in-laws on the planet. But all are old, and the ones over here are ill already.

      Do you what you need to do people … take care of yourselves and family … and don’t forget to thank Motts and the crew in the meantime 😉

      Big love and take care x


  2. 2104/Grundy

    Furious with this year’s crop of rookies. Not only did they score terribly (with Cavarra, Guthrie, Green and BZT onfield combing for 142), their elevated price tags deprived me of picking the premos I actually wanted. Eg. I so badly wanted Hurn at D2, not only because he’s my favorite player but he’s just a solid, consistent pick – but I was priced out. Same deal with Heeney.

    Seething anger aside, it appears none of this will matter. Hoping we can have a clean slate a couple months from now.

    Good work to everyone who put decent scores in what was a “not with a bang but a whimper” of a 2020 season opener.


  3. Grundy Gawn scored 266 and cost 1,403,000
    Jacobs Naismith scored 254 and cost 599,900
    Those 12 points cost you 803,100 or $66,925 p/point
    Don’t give me that “But Grundy was my Captain” crap I used the $803,100 to turn robertson into Neale and made him captain.
    Experts my arse 🙂


    1. You got lucky one week due to Gawn under performing.

      I went Natanui and Jacobs with Naismith on the bench, very tempted to turn Natanui into Jackson on Sunday to gain the points, however, the season is over for you and me.


    2. I was going to say something polite and pc , however you are a knob. Did you achieve the highest score of the round. Expert my arse..


    3. David you are angry and it is understandable. However you cannot take it on the community. No one is an expert here. We all just share data, advices and past wisdom. Most time we get it right but sometimes we get it wrong.
      Ultimately, you and only you are responsible for picking your team. Be kind to people who give their time and effort to keep the community going.


  4. Supercoach scoring is a joke .

    Scoring in the first 3 quarters aligns with the 825 per quarter then come the last quarter there is a deficit of say approximately 230 points to be allocated after the siren.


  5. Grundy captain and gawn plus (robertson if on field) =498
    Jacobs Naismith plus Neale as captain = 568


    1. Grundy (capt), Naismith totals 479 points. Any other mid field rookie just needs to get around the 70-80 mark plus they are making cash.

      False dawn.


  6. 2169 with Gawn double points. Didn’t have Grundy in the team! Would have got 2325 with Grundy instead.


  7. 2181/Grundy

    Tough week. Misfires on rookie starts (McInerney and Taylor on the pine).

    I’ll be backing Dunkley and Sicily to return to form, but big question marks on Brayshaw and Roberton.

    Looking forward to re-visiting this in 10 weeks.


  8. 2301/ Grundy.
    Studs: Neale, Grundy, Sauce, Viney
    Spuds: Dunkley, Houston, B.Smith, Macpherson, Brayshaw
    (Last minute change of Viney, Sauce and Macpherson for Oliver, Gawn and Heeney. Got 2 right, and stuffed one. All this to afford mid pricers who all were meh… )


  9. 2192/Grundy/15,079

    10 @ 100+, 9 players <80
    Studs: Grundy, Neale, Dusty, Naismith, Doc, DevSmith, Ceglar
    Duds: Dunkley, BSmith, Brayshaw, Green, Cavarra
    8 out of 10 league wins.
    Ranked #130 in SCT group.


  10. 2076/ Dusty

    Decided that early season form was not great in some cases (Grundy) so played safe and used the VC.

    Mid price was deemed the way to go so I got Roberton, Brayshaw, Lukosius and some expensive rooks to fill spots with limited success with Starcevich, Green and Cavarra all under 41. Taylor, Brander and McInerney on the pine also not good selections.

    Took FD’s advice and and found the the $39k from Sloane to Oliver and last minute swapped him to Viney to fund some more under priced players. Probably the only real positive for my one week wonder.

    Tech Team 2281, not bad for the All Stars, shame we won’t see any movement for a while in what would’ve been seriously good viewing.

    Stick around folks, keep up the interest on the site without too much fanaticism for a while, and look after yourselves and your loved ones.


  11. 2182 Grundy

    Lost 98 points in just 2 rookie selections (King 42 and Green 41 on the field V’s Sturt 100 and McInerney 81 on the pine) and got what I paid for on 2 risky midpricers in Aish and Brayshaw…

    But hey, I put in a total 25 minutes research (all on this site) this year and managed to outscore allSaints, so if this is “all she wrote” im calling it a successful year!


  12. 2319 – not Grundy 🙁 (Macrae instead)

    Pretty happy with my choices. My forward line saved me with Heeny, dusty, smith, Walters, zlangdon and Sturt. Was happy with the Naismith output. Will be interested to see how that plays out. I kind of gambled on the fact that Gawn will drop in value and Naismith will rise where there is only a 200k gap


    1. Well done . Good call on Heeney and Langdon. Now with the break, Gawn is going to recover totally and come back stronger and Make all of us who dropped him pay a high price. Good start all the same.


  13. 2174
    My backline of Houstan and B Smith, my midfield of the three Dogs and Coliver all dissapointed
    However Grundy as capitano, Naismith, and my forwards of Whifield, Dusty, Cegar, Petracca, and Smith saved me from assured destruction


  14. 2,217 – Grundy

    Studs: Howe!! Naismith, Grundy, Neale, cheeky shoutout to C.Taylor going from 2@HT to 79@FT.

    Duds: Roberton, Brayshaw, B.Smith, Dunks had an off week

    Selection regrets: Backed in Dunks and Dangerfield over Coniglio and Titch, and fielded Tom Green over Pickett (never again)

    Overall: Took me a long time last season to crack 2,200, so stoked that I was able to do so from the get go this round! Fingers crossed for some more footy in 2020 fellas.


  15. 2290/Grundy



    heaps of time to think about trades 😛


  16. 2,346 / Grundy
    Nailed most of my premiums and 2 x POD mid-pricers Viney/Ceglar.
    Starting rookies (Roberton, down) all under-performed, so still some upside.
    Gonna be a long 10 weeks 🙁



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