How Did You Go? – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 15 2018

How many people are loving Nathan Jones right now? Those who took Dusty’s score got a nice little advantage over their rivals. How did you end up?

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59 thoughts on “How Did You Go? – Rd4”

  1. 2040 / Mitchell

    Tough week where no one other than Dusty went big. Got a few issues i.e. Hibberd, Billings and Goldstein.

    Hoping Holman and Doedee can bounce back next week.


  2. 2045/Titch

    Absolutely disgraceful effort. Barely any positives this week. Not one of my players went over 115 apart from Laird, and only 8 players tonned up. Zorko is scaring the bejesus out of me, he’s in some shocking form. A lot of my premos also scored in the low to mid 90’s when they should be smashing out tons (Cripps, Witts, Buddy etc.) I also had a few of my players tagged out of their respective games, most noticeably Smith and Titch. I’m embarrassed to say the least. A week to forget.

    HEROES: Laird, Mclean, Finlayson, Gawn, Sicily.

    SPUDS: Zorko, Cripps, Simmo, C. Curnow, Smith, Holman.


  3. 2084/Danger

    Painful week. Ryan on debut, Zorko, Billings and rookies henry and holman were all worse than expected. Also no good captain scores this week only laird’s 129 which I should have VC’d!


  4. Around 2000 / Titch

    Brought Henry and Richards in this week. I hope they score better next week as I am banking on them becoming healthy cows


    1. Monster score this round mate. Well done. You will definitely move up the overall rankings this week!


  5. My last minute decision to remove vc from dusty due to the weather really backfired. Only scored 2,066 with mitchell as captain after fyfes poor score as vc.


      1. It was a rough round, especially for people that had the top-end guys that were overall pretty quiet. I know I’m scared to look…


  6. 2056/Danger

    Worst week ever ! So many crap scores from so called “premos”

    Was ranked 4,000 but im expected to drop a tonne :/

    Picking Danger over dusty has cost me and was nothing but stupidity and looking through my cats glasses as i look back. FFS!


  7. 2052 this week , basically same team for four weeks, 2350,2350,2180, 2050 in round figures,. Hard game this, did make SCT cup , but will need to lift my game to stay in it.


  8. 2141/Dusty/ Prev 22k

    Week started off well but Sunday once again killed a great round.

    Stars: Laird, Martin, Heeney, Finlayson, Mclean, Murray and Christensen.
    All produced better than projected, especially Christensen after getting smashed by Richmond he almost pulled out a ton.

    Spuds: Billings, Titch, Danger, Henry, Holman, Doedee.
    Billings butchered the ball again with 56% efficiency also kicking 2 behinds. Danger was on 70 at half time and then did nothing which is making me regret starting him. Titch i will cut some slack after copping a heavy tag in wet conditions, same goes with Doedee and Henry. Holman i hope picks his for up again as it hurts having 30s on the field.


  9. 2149 | Had VC on Laird but risked it for Dusty

    Laird, Dusty, Yeo, Oliver, Heeney, Gawn

    Billings, Holman, Doedee, Henry, Hibberd

    Finlayson, Buddy, Fyfe.

    Disappointing considering I had some good individual scores into the 100s, but looks like I’ve done ok for a down week, especially considering J Kelly was out and I had to play Banfield.

    Not happy with Henry as my new replacement for Ryan, and my forward line woes continue. Outside of Buddy and Heeney – Billings, Fritsch, Garlett, Henry and Fogarty as cover feels very week. I’ve been very disappointed with Billings.

    Yeo bounced back big time which was nice. Laird continues to look good. Hibberd pathetic, he can join Billings in my two biggest disappointments. Doedee down week. I love Finlayson and Murray’s game. Good to see Naughton have a good showing on my bench for some defensive depth.

    Titch had a down game after copping the tag. Dusty looks in top form. Oliver had his first solid game for me after I brought him in for Crouch, hope those numbers can continue. Fyfe average. Cripps ok considering tag. T Kelly continues to deliver. Holman had a shocker. Banfield did well as cover for J Kelly.

    Happy with Gawn and Stef’s games considering they both tried hard and scored ok despite their teams getting pumped.


  10. 2178/Mitchell/ was ranked 134

    Looking at the scores it seems my score was reasonable.

    Was happy to let captaincy ride with Mitchell even though i was certain he would be tagged. Dangerfield only just cracking the 100 was a bonus.

    Looks like I have won all 9 of my leagues.

    I still have 28 trades by will contemplate Barry to Coffield if Barry not named.

    Maybe a couple of onfield changes – Banfield for Holman and Murray for Doedee.
    Further investigation required first though.


  11. 2148 / Dusty.
    Now, I don’t normally come on here to spruke my good work, because I’ve been average of late, but when you have a solid, solid victory against your arch enemy its worth a mention. Captains choise coming down to it in the end, Catta. Unlucky mate


  12. 2101 / Dusty
    Feeling fortunate I had the Dusty loophole after Titchells down game. Not so fortunate I have Billings.
    How do I check if I made the ScT cup?


  13. 2189/Buddy

    Oh wait… That was my technical team 🙂


    Happy with those in what seems to be a low scoring week


  14. 2164/Dusty/was around the 500 mark
    Seems like a par score this week, with no real highlights apart from McGovern finally coming to play. Billings looks like a player without confidence and purpose on the field and hasn’t turned out to be the ‘safe’ pick that I had expected. Holman was due for a low score, but I think the majority of top ranked teams would have had him playing on field, so most people in the same boat there.

    Had a great game against Chillo in SCT2 and managed to scrape over the line by a paltry 4 points! Was a close one and a terrific battle mate.

    2250+ looks like a great score this week and congrats to anyone that got close to that.


    1. Well played mate. Poor captaincy choice cost me a few league wins this weekend, but overall my score doesn’t seem too bad.
      That SCT2 is a tough league!


    2. Wow..season ranking went up to 391. Very surprised that I moved up the rankings, but I’ll take it. Thanks mate, was a great game and looks like a tough league this year ☺


  15. 2143/Dusty

    Round was looking real promising till last night, Billings I’ve had enough with he’s gawn also likely to downgrade Brayshaw to Coffield and open up dpp links with Finalyson.

    Gawn ( 66 hitouts was he robbed for a 112?)

    Henry (On Debut too :()
    Billings (cya mate gawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)


  16. Just got to look on the bright side. Can now pick up Merrett for around $493,000 this week and probably $10,000 cheaper the week after and Dangerfield could be around the $620,000 in three weeks. Plenty of bargains abound next three weeks with risk attached.


  17. 2099 T Mitchell
    Worst score so far, swapping my VC from Dusty to Fyfe due to the wind & rain in Melb was a risk that didn’t pay off unfortunately. Won only 4 of 9 leagues, and lost the ones I care about the most – LoEC3 amongst others. Was ranked 756 so will drop back a bit.
    Billings, Hibberd were disappointing again, I can see Hibberd being my H Shaw of last season. But at least I’ve only used 1 trade to date. Might be goodbye Billings & Brayshaw next round.


    1. 2126/ Mitch/ rank dropped 200 odd to 1756
      It was close all round Lisa, very surprised I got over the line.
      It started going south when I didn’t take Banfields score over Holman 37 pts there and not taking Gawn as C over Mitchell another 24 odd point’s there, just thought the weather was more conducive to the smaller fellas, those 2 decisions probably cost a fall in the rankings.


  18. 2212/Dusty/36k
    Captain score saved also using Ryan for Stevenson score. Holman almost sunk me but overall pretty happy with most of my team. Bombers won too so pretty good weekend..!


  19. 2094/Dusty VC/3983 (dropped 1100 odd spots)

    Cogs in for Armo. Henry for Ryan
    J Kelly on the bench. Naughton outscoring Doedee and Holman (FFS!) on field cost me a win in my main league.


  20. 2165/ Dusty/ 5815 (went up about 2,500)

    J Kelly on the bench. Smith (weirdly tagged at stages today), Billings and Walters were my biggest disappointments. McLean looks like the gift that keeps on giving and Sicily reconciled himself for the game he missed last week. Dusty, Laird, Hurley and Heeney were all also very good.

    This was the 1st week when not having Titch and having an underperforming Zerrett didn’t hurt me (he was turned into Cogs and I don’t regret the decision because I think he will be tagged in just over 50% of games and averages 87 off 7 games when tagged).

    I’ve already used 5 trades, 3 on injuries and 2 on corrections (Naughton to Bonner 🙁 and Zerrett to Cogs) so I will probably only go Brayshaw to Coffield this week. Tempted to use the 140k I have in the bank to turn Billings into Buddy or Gray but will probably refrain because I don’t want to run out.


  21. 2107/Mitchell

    Tough one. 2 iffy weeks in a row. Rank went up 368, so I guess I was just above par for the week. Top 24% for the week and 13% (Rank 8765) overall.

    Hard to stomach when holds of Lambert + Merrett finally fired. Chased Fyfe as the VC this week and that didn’t work out, so I have misfired on the C option 2 weeks straight. The team was looking quite solid until the Sunday games happened!

    Will be planning to trade a bit more aggressively having only made 2 trades so far. Hanging in there, but need to kick it up a notch to reach some personal goals this year.


  22. 2084/titch /801
    Most disappointed with myself for not looping in Dusty’s score when coming home from local footy half cut and having a snooze on couch before West Coast game.
    Was 260 overall


  23. 2165/Dusty VC – moved up 4000-ish places to 15k.

    After the last few weeks of 160’s, was sooo tempted to hold out, but knew I’d just kick myself for not taking VC scores the size of Dusty’s and laird’s if Titch dudded up, luckily logic took over…
    J Kelly on bench, but probably still would have fielded Holman over Banfield anyway, even if Kelly played. Held Ryan to take Steph’s E score, which meant missing out on Crowden.

    Studs: Stephenson, Coffield and Rayner got me over the line in a couple of leagues (didn’t end up doing Rayner to Taranto a couple of weeks ago, will see how wise or unwise that was in the long run).

    Duds: Hibbo and Billings. Sticking fat with both – for now.


  24. 2084/Mitchell/ 8800th approx

    Hibberd & Billings wtf????

    Although Titch only got 90 ( no doubt disappointed a lot of us SC coaches today ) & potentially lost me 3 close $$$$ league wins, gee he still had a cracker of a game!

    24 touches ( including 17 contested ) @ 75%de
    13 clearances
    5 inside 50’s
    5 tackles
    4 frees for

    So after watching this fella be worn like an extra jumper by Jones all day without cracking the sads once, I bow to the brilliant player you’ve become Tommy, you’re an absolute gun!


  25. 2155/Dusty/192

    Expected to drop in rank. Did drop in rank. By one place (!) Best bad news I’ve had in a while. Probably good news.

    Macrae in for Kelly was 34 points this week, feeling good with that still. English on the pitch remains an unexpected happy thing.

    All my Blues let me down. Simpson (Still better than Hibberd, just) Cripps, and Fisher. Walters had a rough match. Holman hurt us all. Mitchell hurt most of us. I suspect my not having him as captain helped my rank. Feel like there is a good chance of the poor performers bouncing back. No moves expected this week. Of course no moves were expected last week either….


  26. Score: 2029
    Weekly Rank: 84,328
    Overall Rank: 39,147 (30,896)
    Heroes: Laird, McGovern, Sicily, Finlayson, Murray, Martin, Kelly
    Villains: Holman, Billings, Petracca
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Liam Ryan, Daniel Venables and Andrew Brayshaw are all on the chopping block.

    Surely I have to trade, as this is now easily the longest I’ve even gone into a season without trading. The biggest disappointment is probably Billings – should have listened to Rowsus, as usual, but I took him over Heeney, thinking Heeney’s injury in the pre-season would slow him down. I tried to avoid doubling up on premiums in the same team as much as possible, and so I picked Kelly over Coniglio, which has been a mistake. Not trading Brayshaw to Coniglio last week seems to be another error, as I had planned to wait and grab a Curnow type this week and didn’t end up doing it. Zorko’s had a disappointing start to the year, but since he’s effectively M6, there’s not much value in ‘upgrading him’, and he is my favorite player, so I’ll definitely be keeping him. I’m having a terrible start to the year, rankings wise, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the road ahead.

    Defence: 8/10

    Only Doedee didn’t show up, and I missed out on 19 points playing him ahead of Naughton, but based on prior performance, I can’t beat myself up over it. McGovern turned the corner to deliver a good score, and Sicily returned from suspension to post a handy ton.

    Midfield: 3.5/10

    Got the VC wrong when choosing between Fyfe, Martin and Zorko (Kelly was also under consideration), but at least I didn’t put it on Mitchell or Dangerfield. Holman delivered a very poor score after three weeks of great service. Banfield was serviceable, covering Josh Kelly, and Tim Kelly performed admirably, but aside from Dustin Martin, the rest of my ‘Elite Midfield’ were either poor or below par. They need to improve.

    Rucks: 6/10

    Nailed the Captaincy decision with Max Gawn from my Sunday options – although that’s not saying much. Nic Nat continues to perform with little time, and English ticked along nicely on the bench.

    Forwards: 3/10

    When Devon Smith’s 82 is the best score, I am in a heap of trouble. Decided not to trade Ryan to Curnow, instead opting to switch Venables on field for Ryan when Garlett was on 2ish at 1/4 time. In the end I lost out on 10 points, but the big issues was the ‘Premiums’, as Billings, Smith and Petracca served up some very unimpressive scores. The forward line is probably where I need to strengthen the most – but it’s hard to find the best way to do that.

    Overall: 5/10

    The most obvious trade-out pair to me, is Brayshaw and Ryan. Ryan has a very low B/E, but I envisage that I could use him as a late-season downgrade anyway.

    Trading both will give me a budget of $679,900, effectively $508,600 (Coffield), $562,600 (Giles-Langdon) or $577,500 (Mirra).

    I could trade in Crowden too, but I’m not too eager on that option. Problem is, $508k doesn’t get me to a Heeney or Robbie Gray or even Toby Greene type, and it’s $700 away from a Yeo down back too. Zac Merrett is an option, but he can potentially wait a week.

    I’ll probably grab Coffield, unless Giles-Langdon is fit to play, and work around that, trying to fit a Defence or Forward premium in.


  27. DANGERous@SCT
    801 up from 855.
    Well what a season in having. I’m so stoked to still be top 1000!! While I want to give a massive shout out to everyone involved with the site for helping me get here, I have to give a special mention to Father Dougal and his last minute How to pick a SC Team article. Because of that article I made many last minute changes and picked the best rookies rather than the best premiums. Huge week to come for me, after only making the 1 trade so far I feel this week’s a double. Hibberd, Billings & Brayshaw on the chopping block and Venables is awaiting injury news.


  28. 2299/ Dusty via loophole.

    Made a couple mistakes fielding rookies but went from 4.5K to 700 overall!


  29. 2230 / Dusty (via Ryan loophole) / 226 overall

    Holman and Doedee on field hurt, however I did trade Billings for McLean which turned out to be a good choice. Thanks again to everyone who suggested Stephenson over Fogarty on Friday, that earned me a +71 !



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