Game Chat – Carlton v Collingwood

Written by Motts on May 11 2019

Where and when: MCG, Saturday May 11, 1.45pm AEST

Last time they met: MCG, round 14, 2018: Collingwood 11.13 (79) defeated Carlton 9.5 (59)

The Blues were within 14 points at the final change, only for Scott Pendlebury to eventually lead the Pies to an extremely lucky victory. Patrick Cripps and Charlie Curnow combined for six goals as a young Carlton outfit gave Collingwood all it had, only to be stymied by 4 umpires who were clearly on the Collingwood payroll.

What it means for Carlton: After a horror show against North Melbourne last weekend, Carlton will make a statement against the old enemy. All the pressure on coach Brendon Bolton will dissipate after a 10 goal victory.

What it means for Collingwood: Four straight wins have Collingwood within touching distance of top spot. But the team to beat this season will revive memories of the late 1990’s by succumbing to a team they simply should have overcome.

How Carlton wins: By getting its hands on the footy. North Melbourne had 128 more disposals than Carlton last Sunday. That was pure a*se and you can’t expect that it will happen again. The mighty Blues midfield will feel like it has a point to prove.

How Collingwood wins: By paying off the umpires once again.

The stat: By offering the umpires a post match drink at his place, Scott Pendlebury has won more Brownlow votes against Carlton (21) than any other side. He got three more the last time they met and I’m told the party at his place that night was out of control.

The match-up: Harry McKay v Darcy Moore

Moore has conquered some of the game’s best forwards this season and faces one of the game’s most promising youngsters on Saturday. McKay has proved himself as one of the League’s best contested marks will be at his best as he clunks plenty and slots 7 this weekend.

It’s a big week for: Jacob Weitering (Carlton)

With fellow key defender Liam Jones likely to be unavailable due to concussion, Weitering will handle the additional pressure down back with aplomb. He’s set to take on Jordan De Goey who’s going to wish he hadn’t gotten out of bed this morning.

Big call: Nathan Buckley texts Mick Malthouse at 3/4 time with the Pies down by 45 points asking what he would do.

Mottsy’s Prediction: Carlton by 60 points.


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52 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Collingwood”

  1. Hey guys, does anyone know how Grundy scores in the wet? Currently have him as VC, but thinking the weather might favour Cripps. Who to chuck the VC on?
    TU: Grundy
    TD: Cripps


  2. Interested to see how Walsh goes against the Pies. Expecting the Blues to get smashed this week and next (vs GWS), and against two of the best midfields in the comp, he might find it tougher going. If he throws up a 60-70 today, there’ll be lots of coaches looking to trade him next week.



    Carlton: Liam Stocker, Charlie Curnow, Michael Gibbons, Will Setterfield
    Collingwood: Tom Langdon, Callum Brown, Will Hoskin-Elliott, Rupert Wills


    1. Gibbons!

      He’s named as a follower, not in the forwardline. Decent score incoming.


  4. Love the write-up Motts, couldn’t agree more mate!

    Although personally I reckon McKay will kick a lazy 10 today.


  5. Half time – scores level!!

    Carlton Blues: 5.6.36
    Matthew Kreuzer 57
    Caleb Marchbank 54
    Jack Silvagni 54
    Dale Thomas 48
    Charlie Curnow 48
    Will Setterfield 46
    Marc Murphy 45
    Jacob Weitering 45
    Sam Walsh 42
    Ed Curnow 40
    Tom Williamson 40
    Zac Fisher 40
    Michael Gibbons 39
    Patrick Cripps 38
    Mitch McGovern 37
    Paddy Dow 30
    David Cuningham 28
    Harry McKay 26
    Lachlan Plowman 23
    Levi Casboult 18
    S. Petrevski-Seton 17
    Liam Stocker 17

    Collingwood Magpies: 5.6.36
    Brodie Grundy 74
    Tom Phillips 63
    Scott Pendlebury 57
    Jeremy Howe 52
    Jordan Roughead 51
    Callum Brown 49
    Jaidyn Stephenson* 48
    Jordan De Goey 45
    Chris Mayne 45
    Steele Sidebottom 44
    Darcy Moore 40
    Jack Crisp 36
    Brayden Maynard +4 35
    Josh Thomas 34
    Jamie Elliott 31
    Ben Reid 28
    Levi Greenwood 27
    Adam Treloar 27
    Brody Mihocek 27
    Tom Langdon 22
    Rupert Wills 18
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 5

    Hoskin elliott a ghost out there!


  6. How the f*** does setters have more than Cripps with 10 less touches???? Only 2 kicks as well


  7. bombers robbed again…..climbing goal posts is a free kick ffs !!!
    there….I feel better now


    1. But is it? 17.11 only mentions *intentionally* shaking the post, not the post being shaken as an unintentional side-effect of another, legal action.

      Unless there is another rule that explicitly prohibits players from climbing the post, there was no free kick.


      1. I doubt there’s a rule that explicitly states a player isn’t allowed to bring a chainsaw onto the field and remove a post, but should that happen, I imagine, at the least, it would be a free kick.


        1. My point is that McLachlan is a dictator, rather than arguing the validity of climbing a post during a football match.


  8. Take Grundy VC score or change to Gawn?

    I’ll have to decide by 3Q time most likely due to other commitments


  9. Can someone please find me a doctor…….as a bombers fan, I’m actually barracking for blues !!


  10. Cripps fighting back – hard tag dropped …. blues really taking it to the pies!!

    Carlton Blues: 10.8.68
    Patrick Cripps 94
    Marc Murphy 83
    Ed Curnow 74
    Matthew Kreuzer 73
    Dale Thomas 65
    Mitch McGovern 65
    David Cuningham 63
    Will Setterfield 63
    Jacob Weitering 62
    Caleb Marchbank 61
    Michael Gibbons 60
    Charlie Curnow 60
    Jack Silvagni 58
    Zac Fisher 56
    Sam Walsh 53
    Paddy Dow 43
    Harry McKay 41
    Levi Casboult 40
    S. Petrevski-Seton 39
    Liam Stocker 38
    Tom Williamson 37
    Lachlan Plowman 34

    Collingwood Magpies: 9.9.63
    Jordan De Goey 91
    Callum Brown 89
    Brodie Grundy 86
    Steele Sidebottom 78
    Scott Pendlebury 78
    Tom Phillips 73
    Jeremy Howe 70
    Darcy Moore 60
    Jaidyn Stephenson* 57
    Adam Treloar 56
    Brayden Maynard 56
    Jordan Roughead 56
    Levi Greenwood 51
    Jamie Elliott 48
    Jack Crisp 48
    Chris Mayne 48
    Brody Mihocek 46
    Josh Thomas 39
    Tom Langdon 37
    Ben Reid 30
    Rupert Wills 29
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 26


    1. yeah and Cripps now back at 84 … can’t trust these sites! last quarter has started …

      Grundy completely stopped in third quarter … if yu have him as VC maybe shift to Gawn as C??


  11. Righto folks – someone else will have to take over the scoring – I’m off to the flicks to see the Avengers – Gold Class here I come!!



    before scaling

    P. Cripps 122
    B. Grundy 141
    D. Cuningham 111
    C. Brown 131
    M. Kreuzer 106
    A. Treloar 108
    C. Marchbank 85
    J. De Goey 101
    E. Curnow 81
    S. Sidebottom 94
    M. McGovern 81
    J. Stephenson 90
    M. Murphy 80
    J. Crisp 84
    D. Thomas 75
    J. Howe 83
    L. Casboult 74
    S. Pendlebury 81
    L. Plowman 71
    B. Mihocek 72
    J. Weitering 69
    B. Maynard 69
    S. Walsh 67
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 68
    W. Setterfield 66
    D. Moore 67
    M. Gibbons 65
    T. Phillips 64
    S. Petrevski-Seton 63
    L. Greenwood 62
    L. Stocker 57
    J. Elliott 61
    Z. Fisher 56
    J. Roughead 60
    C. Curnow 56
    J. Thomas 53
    J. Silvagni 55
    C. Mayne 45
    P. Dow 53
    B. Reid 44
    T. Williamson 52
    T. Langdon 41
    H. McKay 45
    R. Wills 35


      1. Farts!
        Last I checked Grundy was on about 103 with five-ten minutes to go….. Put the C on Gawn thinking Grundy would only get a low 100…. Check back afterwards Grundy 141…..

        Go Gawn go you magnificent bearded beast!


  13. Tom Phillips kicked the game winner – had 34 and kicked 2.2 and has 64 points!! Champion Data is farked- the con is on


  14. Post-scaling

    Carlton 13.9.87 were hard done by Collingwood 16.10.106

    Patrick Cripps 120
    Matthew Kreuzer 109
    David Cuningham 108
    Caleb Marchbank 92
    Marc Murphy 82
    Ed Curnow 80
    Mitch McGovern 79
    Levi Casboult 76
    Dale Thomas 74
    Sam Walsh 70
    Lachlan Plowman 69
    Will Setterfield 67
    Jacob Weitering 67
    S. Petrevski-Seton 61
    Michael Gibbons 61
    Charlie Curnow 57
    Liam Stocker 57
    Paddy Dow 56
    Zac Fisher 55
    Jack Silvagni 54
    Tom Williamson 51
    Harry McKay 44

    Brodie Grundy 141
    Callum Brown 126
    Jordan De Goey 114
    Adam Treloar 109
    Steele Sidebottom 100
    Jack Crisp 88
    Jaidyn Stephenson* 87
    Scott Pendlebury 85
    Jeremy Howe 82
    Tom Phillips 81
    Brody Mihocek 78
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 76
    Brayden Maynard 67
    Darcy Moore 66
    Levi Greenwood 65
    Jamie Elliott 60
    Jordan Roughead 58
    Josh Thomas 57
    Ben Reid 53
    Chris Mayne 44
    Tom Langdon 39
    Rupert Wills 36


    1. how long do players get to dispose of the ball .The ever changing rules are stuffing up our once great game.


  15. do the umps know the rules.When a player gathers the ball he is given reasonable time/opp to dispose of it correctly and if players take the second option or take the game on and are tackled its holding the f…….ing ball .common umps fix this issue



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