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Mitch Hinge (hip) Test after being subbed out of the game in the third quarter after a direct blow his hip which also affected his abdominal area. Will be assessed at training on Wednesday.

“Mitch copped a pretty nasty blow to his hip and lateral abdominal area, and unfortunately he couldn’t continue the game,” Adelaide High Performance Manager Darren Burgess.

“He’s pulled up quite well. At this stage, he’ll be available. It was very much light duties today with him.” Matthew Nicks

Andrew McPherson (hamstring) Test after  pulled up sore after his return from a hamstring injury in the SANFL.

“He will have a scan, he’s really pretty positive about it but we will wait to see the results before knowing whether he’s available this weekend or not,” Adelaide High Performance Manager Darren Burgess

Zac Taylor (thumb) 3-4 weeks. Broke his thumb in the SANFL. “Zac unfortunately injured his thumb in a contest, there’s a small fracture there but it’s pretty well aligned and we don’t think at this stage it will need any surgery so we anticipate he’ll be three to four weeks away,” Adelaide High Performance Manager Darren Burgess

Paul Seedsman (concussion) Indefinite.


Brisbane :

Keidean Coleman (hamstring) 2-4 weeks

Eric Hipwood (knee) 6-8 weeks.



Jack Carroll (H&S protocols)Corey Durdin (H&S protocols), Jesse Motlop (H&S protocols) and  Tom Williamson (H&S protocols) are all available.

Marc Pittonet (back) Will continue to be assessed and will undergo a fitness test later in the week to determine his availability.

Oscar McDonald (back) Training this week and will undergo another fitness test to determine his availability to play football this weekend. 

Josh Honey (knee) Test. Has now returned to full training. He has entered a performance block of training and is a chance to return to play in the next fortnight.

Patrick Cripps (hamstring) one week. Underwent a scan and was assessed further at the Club today. He has been cleared of any significant damage and, at this stage, is likely to miss the one week.

Caleb Marchbank (knee) 1-3 weeks.

Ed Curnow (knee) 2-3 weeks. Curnow is into his running program and has returned to light skills training. At this stage, he is aiming for a return at approximately Round 7.

Mitch McGovern (hamstring) 2-3 weeks. Results of scans confirmed a grade one hamstring strain.

David Cuningham (knee) 9 – 13 weeks. Currently in a performance conditioning block prior to his return to skills training. When he has completed the required workload over the coming month, he will look to integrate back into the skills program.



Taylor Adams (H&S protocols) Available.

Nathan Kreuger (shoulder) Available.

Jordan Roughead (shoulder) Available after a successful return from shoulder surgery in the VFL last weekend

 Beau McCreery (hip) one week.

 Brody Mihocek (H&S protocols) one week.

Jack Ginnivan (soreness) one week.

Aiden Begg (concussion) one week.

Trey Ruscoe ( Plantaris) 1-2 weeks.

Nathan Murphy (ankle) 4-5 weeks.

Charlie Dean (foot) 5-6 weeks.

Ash Johnson (hamstring) 9 weeks.

Jamie Elliott (shoulder) 12 weeks.



Nik Cox (ankle),  Aaron Francis (knee)Harrison Jones (ankle) are all a test. Harrison Jones likely to return via VFL.

Will Snelling (Calf)“It was his first game back from that calf injury. He had that nice rehab program which was seamless. It happened early in the second quarter that re-injury of the calf, and now we’ll have to be conservative in this instance with his rehab plan and build him up again.” Head of high performance Sean Murphy

Zach Merrett (ankle) 4-6 weeks.

Kyle Langford (Hamstring) 5-7 weeks.

Michael Hurley (hip) Indefinite

Tom Cutler ( H&S protocols) TBC

James Stewart (Calf) TBC. “We got the scan and it came back with a disappointing result with that calf strain. He’ll have to enter that rehab plan now and miss a few weeks as well.” Head of high performance Sean Murphy

Jake Stringer (hamstring) TBC “Unfortunately, Jake sustained that hamstring in main training last week also,” “It’s low end at this point, so he’ll enter the rehab program and work through those processes over the next couple of weeks and hopefully we’ll see him back sooner rather than later.” Head of high performance Sean Murphy

Patrick Voss (foot stress) will enter a rehab program after sustaining a foot stress injury in Essendon VFL’s loss to Frankston.

“Voss has suffered a moderate foot stress injury,”

“We’ll be conservative with him being a first-year player. He’ll go into a moon boot to offload for the next couple of weeks and then we’ll reassess from there.” Head of high performance Sean Murphy



# James Aish tweaked his ankle against the Giants but isn’t on their injury list.

Darcy Tucker (concussion) and Caleb Serong (knee) are both tests but expected to play.

Alex Pearce (Ankle) Test.

Matthew Johnson (Foot/ankle) 4-5 weeks

Nat Fyfe (back) 4 weeks +


Geelong :

Tom Stewart (gastro) Available.

Sam Menegola (Concussion), Quinton Narkle (ankle), Esava Ratugolea (ankle) and Shaun Higgins (Concussion) are all tests for round 5.

Jon Ceglar (Foot)  8-12 weeks.

Gary Rohan ( Back and hip)  8-12 weeks.

Sam Simpson (concussion) TBC

James Willis (knee) TBC.

Flynn Kroeger (hip) TBC.

Toby Conway (hip) TBC.


Gold Coast:

Charlie Constable (concussion) Test.

Jy Farrar (hamstring) Test.

Jack Lukosius (knee) 1-2 weeks.

Jack Bowes (shoulder) 2-3 weeks.

Joel Jeffrey (groin)  3-4 weeks

Ben King (knee) Season.

Bodhi Uwland (back)  Indefinite



Nick Haynes (ankle) Test. He’ll need to get through main training to be considered for Saturday.

Braydon Preuss (Suspension) Round 6.

Conor Stone (hamstring) 1-3 weeks.  Is hoping to re-join the main training group next week

Zach Sproule (shoulder) 3 weeks

Brent Daniels (foot)  3-5 weeks

Daniel Lloyd (shoulder) 6-8 weeks

Jacob Hopper (knee) 8-12 weeks

Phil Davis (hamstring) 8-12 weeks

Jack Buckley (knee) 12-16 weeks

 Josh Fahey (shoulder) TBC



Chad Wingard (calf) Test. Will undergo another scan this week to determine the severity of the deep cork calf he suffered against Carlton in round three.

 Jacob Koschitzke (eye) Available.

Max Lynch (concussion) Test.

Lachie Bramble (Foot) one week.

Will Day (concussion) 1-2 weeks.

Ben McEvoy (neck) 10-12 weeks.



Joel Smith (H&S protocols) Available.

Ben Brown (Suspension) round 6.

Michael Hibberd (calf) 2 weeks.

Daniel Turner (foot) 3 – 5  weeks.

Christian Salem (knee)  4-6 weeks


North Melbourne:

Eddie Ford (H&S protocols) Available.

Charlie Lazzaro (Calf),  Tom Powell (Calf) and Will Phillips (Glandular fever) are all tests but expected to resume through the VFL.

Cameron Zurhaar (concussion) one week.

Tarryn Thomas (Internal bruising) 1-2 weeks.

Phoenix Spicer ( Hamstring) 3-4 weeks.

Jared Polec (foot) 6-7 weeks

Jed Anderson (conditioning) will return via VFL.


Port Adelaide:

Robbie Gray and Sam Skinner are available after being removed from the injury list

Ollie Wines (heart) TBC. has been diagnosed as atrial fibrillation and availability in coming weeks remains unclear but he has been cleared to resume light training.

Aliir Aliir (ankle) and Xavier Duursma (Neck/shoulder) are both tests.

Scott Lycett (shoulder) Test. Is in doubt after dislocating his shoulder.

Josh Sinn (groin) 3-4 weeks

Orazio Fantasia (knee) 5-7 weeks

Trent McKenzie (knee) TBC after an arthroscopic clean out of his knee

Charlie Dixon (Ankle) TBC.



Josh Caddy (soreness) Test.

 Nick Vlastuin (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks

Dylan Grimes (Hamstring) TBC

Dustin Martin (personal) TBC


St Kilda:

Jarryn Geary (concussion) Test.

Jack Higgins (concussion) Test.

Jack Billings (Hamstring) 1-2 weeks.

Hunter Clark (shoulder) 1-2 weeks.

 Dan Hannebery (calf) 6-8 weeks.

Nick Coffield (ACL) Season.

 Zak Jones (personal) TBC



Tom Papley ( Hamstring) 1-2 weeks. John Longmire saying the small forward will take his training to the “next level” this week

Lance Franklin (finger) 2 weeks.

Tom Hickey (knee) 5 weeks.

Sam Naismith (knee) Season.


West Coast:

Luke Shuey (H&S protocols), Tim Kelly( Hamstring) , Sam Petrevski Seton (calf), Elliot Yeo (calf) and Jamie Cripps (Pectoral)  all potentially available for  Good Friday

Elliot Yeo (calf) “Elliot played about 70 minutes in the WAFL and just feels like he’s played a game of football,” Head of Health Mark Finucane

Tim Kelly( Hamstring) “’TK’ at the end of last week ticked off his speed progressions with his hamstring and he’s just got a full week of training to be available for Friday.” Head of Health Mark Finucane

Sam Petrevski Seton (calf) “Samo was a little bit tight after the Derby but the calf has settled down really nicely at the back end of last week, and he’s just got to get through training this week to be available.” Head of Health Mark Finucane

“’Crippa’(Jamie Cripps (Pectoral)) and ‘Clarky’(Greg Clark (shoulder)) have gone really well through their shoulder progressions and they’re pushing hard to put their hand up for this week. Head of Health Mark Finucane

Willie Rioli(corked thigh)  “Willie copped a knock to the quad early in the game. It didn’t affect his function, but he was a bit stiff and sore on the flight on the way home,” Finucane said.

“He’ll have a lighter start to the week but will be fine for the game.

Greg Clark (shoulder) is also available.

Zane Trew (shin) one week. Likely via WAFL.

“Zane’s built his fitness, his running loads and his football loads,” Finucane said.

“He’ll have a big training session later in the week which will be a game-like prep and we’re hoping to see him back next week.”

Andrew Gaff (ankle) 1-2 weeks.

Oscar Allen (foot) 2 weeks.

“Oscar is building his running and football training with his foot and he’s had no issues with that,” Finucane said.

“He’s got another couple of weeks of that build before we’ll see him in a game.

Tom Joyce (ankle) 3-4 weeks.

Dom Sheed (ankle) 4 weeks.

“Dom and Tom have done their progressions through the Alter-G (treadmill) and they’re going to have their first run on-ground today.

“Both reported well off their initial weight-bearing running. They’ll do their straight-line build, then work through the progressions – change of direction, kicking and then their football progressions – from there.

“Both going well.”

 Nic Naitanui (knee) 8-12 weeks medial ligament knee injury.

Campbell Chesser (ankle) Inactive

Tom Cole (ankle) Inactive


Western Bulldogs:

Zaine Cordy (concussion) Available.

Mitch Hannan (illness) Test.

Anthony Scott (migraine symptoms) Test.

Jordon Sweet (concussion) one week.

Laith Vandermeer (hamstring)  2-3 weeks

Dominic Bedendo (hand) 2-3 weeks

Jason Johannisen (calf) 3-4 weeks.

Alex Keath (hamstring) 4-6 weeks

Sam Darcy (foot) 6-8 weeks.

Josh Bruce (knee)  8-12 weeks

Toby McLean (knee) 4-5 months




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  1. Collingwood: Nathan Kreuger
    “We brought young Kreuger in to play a role. He showed some really good signs and then hurt his shoulder, so he gets another opportunity this week. He’s back in the team,”
    Craig McRae


  2. GWS: Lachie Whitfield -“He’s fine. He trained today. Clearly he was a bit sore in that knee when it buckled in a tackle but he’s pulled up pretty well. He’s a bit banged up but he trained today and got through. He’ll be fine.” Leon Cameron


  3. WCE: Greg Clark to play footy this weekend, very likely WAFL but a AFL start has not been discounted as yet?



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