Injuries Rd 24

Written by Chaos Theory on August 22 2023


Rory Sloane (eye) test

Kieran Strachan (wrist) test

Andrew McPherson (quad) TBC

Shane McAdam (cheekbone) season

Elliott Himmelberg (hamstring) season

Nick Murray (knee) season

Tom Doedee (knee) season

Jordon Butts (foot) season

Chayce Jones (foot) season

Zac Taylor (foot) season


Linc McCarthy – calf (one week)

Jack Gunston – knee (TBC)

Daniel Rich – hamstring (three weeks)

Noah Answerth – shoulder (season)

Carter Michael – quad (TBC)

James Madden – shoulder (season)

Will Ashcroft – knee (season)


Adam Cerra  Hamstring  Test
 Matthew Kennedy  Knee  Test
 Alex Mirkov  Heart  Season
 Mitch McGovern  Hamstring  Test
 Jack Silvagni  Knee  TBC
 Sam Walsh  Hamstring  Test
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Jordan De Goey will be available for selection following the glute complaint that kept him out of Friday night’s game against Brisbane. De Goey trained over the weekend and returned to full speed training.

Bobby Hill will be available for selection on Friday night should he get through training this week. Scans have shown there is no damage to his hamstring that kept him out of the game against Brisbane.

Jakob Ryan is under the concussion protocols following an incident early in Friday night’s clash against Brisbane. Ryan is in the early phase of protocols and will progress to the next phase once he is symptom free.

Nathan Murphy received two knocks during Friday’s clash, one in the second quarter and one in the last term. The knocks have left Murphy with multiple corks in his back and glute region. The defender will be assessed ahead of Round 24.

In the VFL against Southport on Saturday, Nathan Kreuger suffered an impact injury to his shoulder which saw him unable to complete the game. The forward had surgery to the same shoulder preseason this year, however scans have fortunately cleared him of any damage. Kreuger will also be assessed ahead of this weekend’s VFL Wildcard Round match.

Will Kelly was close to playing in Saturday’s VFL clash against Southport following his recovery from an ankle injury. The 23-year-old will be available for selection this weekend after clearing key agility markers in his recovery.

Darcy Moore is making strong progress in his recovery from a hamstring injury sustained during the side’s Round 22 match against Geelong. The Captain is back to around 80-85 per cent running speed and could participate in match simulation in the BYE week before finals. Moore is on track to be available for selection for the first week of finals.

Nick Daicos is off crutches ahead of schedule in his knee injury rehab. The young midfielder has started bike, gym, and pool-based exercises and is expected to start running in the next fortnight. A  further update on his return to play timeline will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Charlie Dean has returned to full training and match sim – an exciting milestone in his recovery from a season ending foot injury that has seen him on the long-term injury list.


Massimo D’Ambrosio  Knee  Season
 Jayden Davey  Knee  Season
 Matt Guelfi  Hamstring  TBC
 Jaiden Hunter  Back  Season
 Harrison Jones  Ankle  Season
 Zach Reid  Hamstring  2-3 weeks
 Jordan Ridley  Quad  2-3 weeks
 Dylan Shiel  Foot  Test
 Tex Wanganeen  Foot  Season


Bailey Banfield  AC joint  TBC
 Heath Chapman  Shoulder  Season
 Sean Darcy  Ankle  Season
 Nat Fyfe  Foot  Season
 Ethan Hughes  Ankle  Season
 Sebit Kuek  Knee  Season
 Jaeger O’Meara  Calf  TBC
 Brandon Walker  Knee  Season


Mark Blicavs  Hamstring  Season
 Jeremy Cameron  AC joint  Season
 Brad Close  Ankle  Season
 Jhye Clark  Foot  Season
 Tom Hawkins  Hamstring  Season
 Jack Henry  Foot  Season
 Flynn Kroeger  Knee  Season
 Esava Ratugolea  Hamstring  Season
 Gary Rohan  Ankle  Season
 Rhys Stanley  Hip/Adductor  Test


Ben King (knee), Jack Lukosius (achilles) and Bailey Humphrey (finger) will all miss round 24.

Joel Jeffrey Foot 1 week
Bodhi Uwland Hamstring 1 week
Ben King Knee 1 week
Jack Lukosius Achilles 1 week
Lachie Weller Knee Season
Wil Powell Ankle Season
Nick Holman Knee Season
Bailey Humphrey Finger Season
Tom Berry Shoulder Season


 Leek Aleer  Toe  Season
 Finn Callaghan  Achilles  Test
 Max Gruzewski  Foot  Season
 Cooper Hamilton  Foot  Season
 Nick Haynes  Illness  Test
 Darcy Jones  Knee  Season
 Adam Kennedy  Knee  Season
 Xavier O’Halloran  Thumb  Test


Jai Newcombe Hamstring Test

Mitch Lewis Foot Test

Brandon Ryan Illness Test

Chad Wingard Achilles Unavailable Season

Sam Frost Foot Unavailable Season

Changkuoth Jiath Groin Unavailable Season

Jack O’Sullivan Groin TBC

Fionn O’Hara Knee Unavailable Season


Ben Brown  Knee  Test
 Bayley Fritsch  Foot  Test
 Blake Howes  Hand  Season
 Harrison Petty  Foot  Season
 Oliver Sestan  Elbow  Season


Callum Coleman-Jones  Concussion  Season
 Charlie Comben  Ankle  Season
 Luke Davies-Uniacke  Foot  TBC
 Hamish Free  Shoulder  Season
 Brayden George  Knee  Season
 Cooper Harvey  Shoulder  Season
 Griffin Logue  Knee  Season
 Jack Mahony  Shoulder  Season
 Luke McDonald  Hamstring  TBC
 Liam Shiels  Calf  Test
 Jaidyn Stephenson  Thumb  Season
 George Wardlaw  Hamstring  Season
 Cam Zurhaar  Ankle  Season


Ryan Burton  Knee  TBC
 Tom Clurey  Back  Season
 Charlie Dixon  Foot  2 weeks
 Mitch Georgiades  Knee  Season
 Scott Lycett  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Trent McKenzie  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Josh Sinn  Hamstring  3-5 weeks


 Seth Campbell  Ankle  1-3 weeks
 Judson Clarke  Shoulder  Season
 Mate Colina  Back  Season
 Matt Coulthard  Shoulder  Test
 Noah Cumberland  Concussion  Test
 Josh Gibcus  Hamstring  Season
 Steely Green  Appendix  1-3 weeks
 Tom Lynch  Foot  Season
 Kaleb Smith  Ankle  Season
 Tyler Sonsie  VFL suspension  TBC


Dougal Howard Wrist 1-2 weeks
Seb Ross Hamstring 2 weeks
Anthony Caminiti Concussion TBC
Zak Jones Calf TBC
Dan McKenzie Calf TBC
James Van Es Ankle Season


Joel Amartey  Hamstring  Test
 Jack Buller  TBC  TBC
 Tom McCartin  Suspension  Finals week 2
 Justin McInerney  Calf  1 week
 Tom Papley  Hamstring  Test
 Sam Reid  Hamstring  Season
 Marc Sheather  Foot  Season
 Angus Sheldrick  Ankle  Season
 Cooper Vickery  Foot  TBC


Tom Barrass  Back  Season
 Coby Burgiel  Hamstring  Season
 Jai Culley  Knee  Season
 Harry Edwards  Groin  Season
 Reuben Ginbey  Hamstring  Season
 Shannon Hurn  Achilles  Test
 Liam Ryan  Hamstring  Season
 Dom Sheed  Foot  Season
 Luke Shuey  Hamstring  Test
 Jake Waterman  Illness  Season
 Connor West  Knee  Season
 Elliot Yeo  Hamstring  Season


Jack Macrae (Concussion): TBC
Tom Liberatore (Concussion): Test
Robbie McComb (Concussion): Test
Jason Johannisen (Calf): 1-2 weeks
Sam Darcy (Quad haematoma): 1-2 weeks
Roarke Smith (hamstring): 2-3 weeks
Arthur Jones (Shoulder): Indefinite
Dominic Bedendo (Groin): Indefinite
Josh Bruce (Knee ACL): Indefinite
Mitch Hannan (Achilles rupture): Indefinite





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10 thoughts on “Injuries Rd 24”

  1. Good luck to everyone who made a Supercoach Final(s)

    Another year coming to a close.

    Next year, Clubs are to present more accurate timeframes, not misleading short term, medium term and long terms. A welcome improvement.
    Hopefully more clubs will post a more detailed injury lists and promptly.

    Aspiration for 2024.
    No more misleading reports. ##### is out for 3 weeks plus but makes a miraculous recovery and returns the week after!!!

    I will return next year with the Injury lists.

    All the best and stay safe.



    1. Thanks for your contribution for the season CT and making it easier to track the pain of which of premium needed to be traded each week from my team as the season went on


    2. Thanks to Chaos Theory and many other regular all make the season more enjoyable with advice and general banter..will the afl also get rid of taggers who are usually less abilities than the players they tag..would Nick daicos be on the injury list if he wasn’t tagged so hard..let these massively talented players run free ..we pay good money to watch these brilliant footballers shine..


      1. Remove defensive tactics further?
        If you notice not many taggers that are used by coaches have actually been good. It takes skill to make an effective tag.
        If you want a player to show their talent, they need to use it to know how to break a tag


        1. What skills are required to hold on to opponents by the jumper,arms,blocking, straggling.. none whatsoever..just another blight on the game.


          1. You can’t close down space and make them tough to get the ball to without being under a lot of pressure to get tackled? It’s to stop them making it easy to get the ball to and easy to distribute the ball.
            It is just applied pressure on a player and not actually physically holding them otherwise they would be giving away free kicks.

            Might need to remove key defenders then and the spoil. The are stopping marking contests and players scoring more goals. Too defensive for the game.


            1. Danny Frawley would be turning in his grave – The Golden Fist would become obsolete.
              Except for a ‘hanger’ there is not much better than seeing a big defensive fist smashing the ball out of play.


  2. I wonder how many teams missing the finals might rest a player or 2.
    Geelong have already signalled a long list – including Cameron and Hawkins. I hope Stewart doesn’t get added to that list.
    Adelaide will be worth keeping an eye on. A bit worried that Laird is a bit banged up.
    Full power to those who kept a trade or two for such an event. I’m out and will be relying on cover


  3. Copped a doughnut for late out LDU, which cost me 4 finals. Including my main league by less than 50.
    Hoping I don’t cop another blow for the 1 GF I scraped into this week.



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