20 thoughts on “Last Minute Questions – Round 14”

  1. Its really spooky…

    Does anyone else feel that they personnally are holding the welfare and well being of AFL players in their hands…

    I feel I can take a work horse superstar or a first game hopeful… bring them into my supercoach side…

    AND WHAM!!!

    4 to 6 weeks on the sidelines… season ender… out of favour with the coach… you name it…

    I pick em… they are gone…

    And Im sure Im not the only one that feels this…

    In fact I considered sending my stats to a few clubs in the off chance they would pay me not to pick their players…

    AFL VOODOO is real…


  2. Trades last week (Wilson, H.Garcia & Clohesy > W.Dawson, Moore, Fisher)
    DEF: Ryan, Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, NWM, Fisher (W.Dawson, Z.Reid)
    MID: Bont, Butters, Serong, LDU, Steele, Walsh, Green, Sullivan (Freijah, Rogers, Mannagh)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    FWDS: Flanders, Zorko, Moore, T.Powell, Sexton, Harrison, (S.Darcy, Nyoun)
    $26,700 ITB, 14 trades left, 2 boosts.
    Thinking of going Rogers, Darcy & Sullivan to Dowling, Kreuger & Gulden.
    TU – Yay
    TD – Nah, other suggestions


  3. 11 trades left with 3 upgrades still to make.

    Do I trade out NWM for Houston or Whitfield with him missing next two weeks?


  4. Currently looking at Rogers and Darcy to Rankine and Dowling. I want to get Comben out this week as well but have 450k to spend on a defender which doesn’t leave me with a lot of options. If I go Fisher instead of Rankine, it becomes 482k, but still a similar spot. I am not concerned about Rankine having the bye next week either.

    TU: Rankine
    TD: Fisher


  5. Playing to win money league which has no games over the byes.
    Who is the best option for the rest of the season.

    T/U Merrett

    T/D Gulden


    1. Hey LG , I reckon that if my lions continue to improve then Zorks will see attention. Gulden on the other hand most likely won’t as he’s a mid and Heeney and Warner need simmering down first. FWIW I took Gulden over Zorko this week for those reasons…


      1. I ended up bringing both in … went early on Sexton and upgraded McKay. Happy with the choice so far … VC Zorko


  6. T/U – Dunkley this week, Rankine Rd 16
    T/D – Rankine this week, Zerrett next

    Think Rankine may struggle with Swans the. giants after bye, but he’s the next best of the forwards


  7. This is a luxury as I’ve got a solid team line-up this week, but I can just manage to straight swap T. Green to Zerrett. Green’s current breakeven means I probably won’t have the same chance next week. TU/TD?


  8. Most of my opponents have Zorko’s good score from last night. I don’t have Zorko as thought I’d wait with his high BE. So yes he will drop a bit in price but I’ve still missed a 140+ score. Now second guessing my trade this week. Traded out Petracca for Heeney instead of Serong due to Serong’s high BE and plan to get him next week.
    TU – Keep the Heeney trade in, and 22 players. Get Serong next week when cheaper.
    TD – Just get Serong this week and Heeney can be another week (or Zorko or Rankine) – forward line needs improving. Will have 21 players this week.


  9. Current forwards are


    Next upgrade should be

    Thumbs up- Rankine
    Thumbs down- Moore
    Comment – Jackson

    Want 2 out of these 3 to finish my foward line


  10. Who is the better trade out for butters this round? Need points this week for overall rank. Miller obviously a better scorer but a bit out of form. But Sexton has low breakeven still and is currently scoring well as an F6. Worried about his job security and scoring when Powell is back though.

    TU: Sexton
    TD: Touk Miller



  11. I still need a captain from today’s games. Comes down to Daicos or Butters. Wasn’t going consider Daicos with his sore leg, but look what Bont managed to do when he hadn’t trained all week.
    TU – Captain Daicos
    TD – Captain Butters.



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