43 thoughts on “Last Minute Questions – Round 16”

  1. Really want to get rozee in but can only do so by downgrading rowell – is it worth the swap or keep Rowell for hopefully a good game at home?


  2. If you are playing for leagues Merrett’s SC prelim and GF games opponents are Sydney & Brisbane plus he has a possible StK and Melb tag coming up?


  3. Insane to bet against Bont rest of the season?

    Back issue, not yet cleared to play.

    Has a potential slew of tags coming up.

    Part of me wants to jump ship to try and get an edge. Realize he’s Bont and is absolutely off tap though.


  4. Already full premo and already done Oliver to Rozee. Should I use my second trade (leaving 6 trades remaining) to:
    TU: Trade W Dawson to Schoenmakers to provide def cover
    TD: trade LJ to Curnow at F6


    1. If it were me – I’d wait on Schoenmakers … he may score OK this week … or may not.
      BUT – its only his second match, and he could get injured … or be replaced next week by returning players … then you are stuck with a non playing player and a burnt trade …

      Still, go with your gut …


    2. If you have Fisher in the fwd line, Dawson provides the opportunity to provide cover in defence. Personally, I think its a wasted trade.


  5. Imagine paying 600k for rozee Rd1, holding him through all the bad scores and injuries and watching everyone buy him for 400k as a. 23rd premium LOL

    This is painful


    1. who averages the most on the run Home?

      TU: Sinclair – juicey marvel run & back at HB
      TD: Zerrett – always a post bye specialist
      CMNT: W.Day – ultimate POD & can score big


  6. Need to get one early – will sit on bench. Better JS
    TU: Arie SCHOENMAKER STK $117,300
    TD: Logan EVANS PTA $102,400


  7. What does everyone think – will Gawn get or get near to his BE?? Likely to be a lower score and thus lose cash??

    I’m still tossing up flicking Oliver for either him, or replace Oliver with Rozee …

    Unless Gawn loses a fair bit of cash, either way I will need about $150K next week to get the other … decisions decisions …


  8. Currently 323rd playing for overall. Need to make up 800 or so points for rest of season so need some huge pods and more importantly some huge anti pods..
    Laird is confirmed to be back in his backline role and 4.9% of the top 1 % of supercoachs have him. On the other hand Luke Ryan is owned by 88.2% of the top 1% and I think he’s going to struggle rest of season with lack of key backs and coach calling him out for stat padding.

    Thoughts are
    Ryan> laird via DPP
    Allowing me to get Luke Jackson (63.8%) up to Rankine (25.3%)

    TU – gotta take risks and this is a good risk
    TD – you’re insane


  9. TU : Field tholstrups 58
    TD : field Krueger, may have the Sam Collins matchup and not confident he’ll be able to get near a 58


  10. Have accidentally left the E on McKercher in the midfield and he is locked out.

    If I wanted to loop Rowell could I put the E on him and still get his score if needed? ie. in this scenario will McKercher being injured mean that the app will take the E from the player that actually plays, rather than the lowest.

    Hopefully have explained that ok – brain not moving this arvo (hence mckercher mess up) !



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