Macca’s UPDATED Bye Planner

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on May 20 2022

Byes?Who cares with all the injuries you say?!  Well, it is culling season, so these files will help your choices!

Here’s the latest versions of the Bye Planner files for your enjoyment / use / research folks, with data complete and accurate as of completion of round 9. There’s a couple of newbie rookies like Florenca now included on the site and here.

Bye Planning Words – Round 10

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – DOLLAR$ = Gun – Rnd9

SCT 2022 AFL Bye Planner – AVERAGE = Gun – Rnd9

Your key tabs on the file(s) are the “Planner tab”, “Player Data tab” and for your ease, there are separate tabs listing out all the players in each position and rookies. I have also updated the Season Draw tab and updated the grid reference looking at clubs who are best to hold an NPR from, for looping – though with all the injuries that may not be an issue!

Yes folks, if you haven’t used these files before, you do need Microsoft Excel – sorry if you don’t have it. If you haven’t used the files before, refer to the attached Word document for some instructions. I have listed the players with negative BE’s in red and also those having played 2 games in red. HINT – you can check these out on the Player Data & other tabs by using the filters at the top of each column to check whatever stat you want. I will update these files again at least once more before the byes so that you have as much current data on all players in the weeks I update them.

Has everyone’s strategy changed now with all the injuries / outs? Will you be aiming to get to full premo by the end of the bye rounds … or holding rookies beyond the byes? Who on earth qualify as “guns” now in the FWD line – I’m looking at you Butters and Cogs!?

Help out the community with your thoughts folks and generate a discussion on the thread below!

And just a word of caution from myself after last weeks disastrous trade in of Rioli – after all of these many years of SC it appears that I still have not learnt some basic things – so take heed with your trade choices coming up:

When choosing rookies, no matter how good their BE’s are and first two scores … always consider carefully if their role is SMALL FORWARDAND they are making an appearance mid-season. They are not first choice (they would have started Rnd1!) and that role is traditionally a poor scoring role … particularly in a strong team like Tigers

I knew this myself and picked Hamilton as my main choice (he had lots of other factors better too!)  … but before the match started, and with over 51,000 trading in Rioli I asked for comments and a thumbs poll … and reversed Hamilton – DUH! It cost me dollars, and Rioli will not earn money … or maybe even play again … he was that pathetic if you didn’t watch the game!

So – by all means, ask for thoughts or thumbs, read all of our articles on the site – there are some great minds and writers, who put all of their time in for free!

BUT – at the end of the day do two things: 1. Go with you gut!! Your first choice is usually right I have learnt! 2. Make the decision yourself, regardless of the advice you chase … and refer to the first point!! (and don’t trade in small forwards!!!)

Cheers all



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5 thoughts on “Macca’s UPDATED Bye Planner”

    1. Yes, I wrote the article Monday night and worked on the files until about 3am that night … the team just haven’t had a chance to get the thread up until now … just so much content to get out to you all!!
      Funny how short a week is in footy … and in SC coaching!!


  1. When I finished OR 590? in 2019, this bye-planner was a major reason for it (along with my ridiculous punt on RowMo)

    Cheers for all the work with this Macca, incredibly useful tool.


  2. Great advice Macca! And thanks for the update, one of the most valuable resources out there – thumbs up really do only get you so far and doing some of your only plan does separate a lot of coaches. Cheers


  3. Howdy all!
    Some extra thoughts to hold for Bye Planning (and we are getting a bit too tight now as they are close) is to also try and ensure that you target getting rookies (and ones that are not performing too well – ie Rosas, McDonald, Rachelle etc) off of the field first, BEFORE targeting the likes of the “poor performing” Cogs, Butters, Rowell’s that you may have in your team. These latter three will still provide (hopefully!) serviceable scores for a few more weeks.

    You may want to consider this with also looking at replacing Steele this week. If you still have a poor scoring rookie on one of your other lines (whilst still having a serviceable Clark, or Daicos or Martin to cover Steele), then you are better off trading to clear that person, then replacing Steele – unless you can use a DPP swap to address that situation by using Steele to fix a FOR or DEF role … remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

    We are fortunate in that some of our better performing rookies (Daicos, NOD sadly injured too soon, JHF) all have the R14 bye – so hold them as coverage in the first two weeks – they should be your last trade outs … you may also consider holding N Martin across all of the bye rounds, even though playing first bye, as he gives valuable coverage on 13 and 14 and scores well enough (as long as Rutten puts him back in the midfield role and not park him up forward …sheesh!)

    OK, and outside of that, Chips Ahoy had some valuable advice to a community member on the CBA & kick in thread … but here it is below:

    You want the most playing rookies (Daicos, MacDonald etc.) or mid-prices (Cameron, Goldstein) from R14. They’ll play through the first two byes, then you trade them, meaning you always have an active player.

    R13 rookies (McCartin, SDK, Clarke) serve a similar function provided you can upgrade them to R12 players who have already had their bye.

    R12 rookies (Rioli, Carrol, Hamilton) or mid-pricers ( Cogs, Butters) offer little utility, because you’re only trading into a future bye.

    Essentially load up on or hold players you can trade out from R14 first, then R13. Keepers you don’t intend to trade need to be evenly distributed across each line (ideally two per line) for each bye.



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